Best Scientific Calculators

If you are a student, you will not complete your college studies without purchasing a scientific calculator. The modern-day scientific calculators come loaded with numerous advanced features. These calculators simplify the calculations, and it will improve your efficiency and productivity at studies. These types of calculators are even great for professionals. Check out a few top scientific calculators below.

1. Casio FX-CG50 Scientific Graphic Calculator

Casio FX-CG50 is a scientific, graphic calculator with more than 2900 functions. This calculator comes with a full-color display.

This calculator includes all the advanced functions, including but not limited to, Algebraic, Trigonometrical, Calculus, and Statistics functions.

You will find the advanced 3D graphing feature too in this calculator. The graphic features include list-based statistics, regression, and graph plot.

The calculator is loaded with built-in applications that are suitable for research and modeling.

App transfer takes place through a USB cable, and the USB cable is supplied with the device.

A slide-on hard case comes as gadget protection. A battery powers the calculator. One CR2 battery is supplied with the gadget.

2. Texas Instruments TI-36 X Pro Scientific Calculator

Texas Instruments TI-36 X pro scientific calculator comes with a 4 line screen to solve bigger equations. It can handle complex numbers as it is designed for advanced math and engineering problems.

The calculator is solar-powered and does not require any battery change. It can be used for subjects like algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, calculus, biology, chemistry, physics, computer science and engineering.

3. Bambalio BL82MS Scientific Calculator

The Bambalio scientific calculator is the perfect companion for a student for solving problems and performing experiments. With its 2 line display, complex mathematical functions, step memory, no answer is beyond your reach.

This calculator can perform some of the important functions are fraction computing and conversion, coordinate conversion, statistical computing, matrix calculation, sexagesimal system, and much more.

It has a hard slide-on cover to store it safely when not in use. It has been tested to withstand damage from falls and impacts.

4. Higadget Scientific Calculator With 12 Digit Dual Line Display

Higadget Scientific Calculator comes with a 12-digit dual-line display. The dual-line display facilitates the featuring of values entered and the result at the same time.

This is a very sleek calculator with a thickness of just 22 mm. The calculator can handle one and two-variable statistical calculations.

It includes three angle modes: degrees, radians, grads, and one scientific or engineering notation mode.

This is a battery-operated device. It uses two button batteries, which are included with the device. A slide-off protective hard case protects the device.

This calculator is useful for school and college students and also for professionals.

5. Flair FC-82MS Scientific Calculator

Flair FC-82MS is a desktop-sized scientific calculator. This calculator comes with 240 functions and 40 scientific functions.

It features a two-line display with a 12 digit dot matrix display. The bottom line has an LCD.

The device is powered by an auxiliary battery (AA). This calculator comes with a hard case, and it is made of plastic for durability.

It can handle statistics calculations, square root, and standard deviations. This calculator is suitable for school students as well as for college students.

6. Oreva FX-750MS Scientific Calculator

Oreva FX-750MS is a scientific calculator with a compact design.

The calculator comes with a large replay button with a four-direction controller. It features a 12-digit display.

This model features a two-line display that is easy to read. You will find the soft touch keys in this calculator easy to use.

This is a battery-powered calculator. The calculator is protected by a flip open type hard case cover. This calculator is ideal for college students and school students.

Best Scientific Calculators Buying Guide

Scientific calculators that are available today come with advanced capabilities. These calculators could prove to be a very powerful educational and even a research tool in the right hands. If you are in the process of buying your scientific calculators, you should know in the first place what to look for and what to consider.


Number of Functions

As far as scientific calculators are concerned, the number of functions your calculator could handle varies. You will find a scientific calculator with just 100+ functions and calculators that could handle close to 3000 functions. Depending on your use’s nature, you need to spot the right calculator based on the functions that you need.


Battery Type

Most of the scientific calculators that you find in the market today are battery-powered. Some of them use button-type batteries, and others use standard AA size batteries. If you select calculators with button-type batteries, it would cost you more to keep your gadget powered as button cells are more expensive than a regular AA sized battery.


Device Protection

Check whether your calculator comes with a protective case. This will help you carry your calculator safely without worrying about the display getting damaged and about the buttons being accidentally pressed, draining the battery. Remember, if you are purchasing your scientific calculator for school or college use, you would be carrying it daily with you, and you need adequate protection.


Display Type

Does your calculator feature a single line display or dual-line display? It is useful to have a dual-line display that shows the values entered and the results simultaneously. Such a display would make the calculator very convenient.


Button Size

Pay attention to the button size because if the buttons are too small and too closely packed, it would be very inconvenient to use. When you are using your calculator in your examinations, you would undoubtedly appreciate a calculator with large, well-spaced out buttons.


When you are buying your scientific calculator, you should carefully review the features and functionalities. You must take into account your future requirements too and find models that come with the most extended list of functionalities.

While investing in a scientific calculator, look for the most durable models so that you are not required to replace your calculators every year. You will find many trusted brands online at the most affordable prices. Invest adequate time to screen your scientific calculators to ensure you select the finest quality calculators.


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