Best Sattu Powder Brands for a Healthy You

Sattu was once famous inside the periphery of Bihar & Jharkhand. But then this awesomely healthy powder took its deserving flight and is now considered a global superfood. Sattu powder is a rich source of insoluble fiber, making it a great intake for the intestine.

This insoluble fiber cleanses your colons, helps remove greasy food from the intestine walls and rejuvenates the entire digestion. You may find different versions of sattu powder these days with a fusion of wheat, barley, or sorghum (jowar), but the idea and effectiveness remain the same.

We have listed the best sattu powder just for you. Take a jibe and pick your healthy sattu buddy.

Buyer’s Guide


Here in this guide, we have listed only those sattu powders which are either following the traditional method or keeping the process as natural as possible.

Never opt for those highly processed products with preservatives in them.

Shelf Life

Sattu powder generally stays fresh for 6 months, but we suggest you buy those packs which are either 3 months or earlier manufactured.

As sattu is made of chana, the chances of moisture absorption are high. Hence keep it safe in an airtight container.


Sattu comes in different varieties in a vast range of prices. Pick the one which suits your requirement and taste.

However, we agree that a lower price does not mean that the product is compromised in any way.

Top 7 Sattu Powder

1. Swastik Pure & Tasty Refined Sattu

This sattu powder is made by dry roasting grams in the traditional iron vessels, then left to cool down slowly at room temperature and lastly grounded into a fine powder. This whole process keeps the fiber, proteins, nutrients, and vitamins intact.

Every 100gm of this product gives you 19.3gm of protein, which is huge. And for the same reason, gym-goers love this sattu powder and never forget to drink it after their intense workout session.

Generally, this sattu powder is served as sharbat in summers to fight the peak heat, but you can explore and learn new recipes every day and enjoy this tasty, healthy food in every bite of yours.

2. Manna Sattu/Sattoo Drink Mix

Made from quality chickpeas, this drink mix is highly nutritious. It is rich in proteins, iron, vitamins and dietary fibre.

Sattu is an indigenous drink with a cooling effect on the body. It is 100% natural and suitable for all age groups. This healthy food energizes and refreshes the body immediately after consumption.

You can have it as a drink, ladoo or paratha.

3. M.R. Healthy Eats Chana Sattu

A perfect gift for your loved ones, the tin pack adds a premium feel very efficiently. Pick this product up for a new healthy eating habit from today.

Each 100gm of this sattu powder flaunts a whooping 26gm of protein, and as we know, that protein promotes weight loss. Making it a voluntarily essential add up for those who want to lose those extra inches.

Being high in protein and fiber, this superfood keeps you full for a longer time. No added preservatives or GMO, this food effortlessly qualifies in the last of the natural healthy edibles list.

High blood pressure patients are advised to consume this product with a pinch of black salt and water, as the drink can help regulate proper blood circulation.

4. Naturevibe Botanicals Organic Sattu

Rich in protein, fiber, iron, calcium, magnesium and manganese, this product is a must-have for growing children. Make their habit of eating a bowl of porridge made from healthy sattu daily.

This superfood ranks in the low glycemic index; hence it is good for people who have diabetes. In rural areas, sattu has been long used as a natural coolant. It’s natural properties help in regulating blood circulation.

Mix 2 tablespoon of this organic sattu and 1 tablespoon of sugar or jaggery in a glass of milk, have it as your breakfast drink. The proteins and amino acids will keep you energized all day.

5. Adya Organics Sattu Powder

The stone grounding method brings out the best taste for this product. Worth once a try, and you will realize the difference.

This product is 100% pure and non-GMO, keeping all the natural properties intact. This organic superfood is perfect for any age group, especially for those working people who work under direct sunlight and heat.

With 0 preservatives, you can prepare many softly chewable recipes for those older adults who need a little extra care and nutritious meals.

This powder is rich in fiber, and fiber is capable of clearing chronic constipation.

6. 24 Mantra Organic Sattu Atta

Processed in a gluten-free facility, this product supports fat loss and a perfect choice for vegan diet followers. Sattu is considered a natural coolant; hence, it is most liked by those in on-field jobs.

It’s a source of high protein and nutrients, which helps to keep our health to its optimum. This product is rich in antioxidants. These molecules fight with free radicals in our body and keep us away from multiple illnesses, heart disease and even cancer.

Being a low glycemic index food, this is safe for people with diabetes. Just avoid adding sugar in their sattu meal and see them enjoying the authentic flavor of this healthy food.

7. K.D. Foods Sattu Powder

Do you feel fatigued after working for a short while? Well, if yes is your answer, we would recommend you buy this all-natural product right away.

Sattu sharbat is an almost instant energy drink, which vitalizes your body. Being a natural coolant, this sattu powder can save you from severe sunstroke in peak summers.

Proteins in this powder can help your kids in their growth years without compromising in taste.

This superfood product cools down your body from inside and hence helps your organs to perform in peak summer seasons.

Add this sattu powder to your daily meal and give your body a healthy and tasty treat.


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