Best Safety Shoes

Shoes play a significant role in the protection of our body, to be specific, your foot. You get running shoes, gym shoes, and casual sandals, but what to wear when you are doing heavy work? For that purpose, safety boots provide the utmost safety and comfort as they keep your feet safe.

Safety shoes are an unavoidable part if you are working in an environment, which involves uneven greasy and slippery surfaces, heavy lifting, rotary machines, electricity or chemicals, etc. These shoes provide comfort when you are at risk of getting hurt somehow.

This article will provide you with information like the idea behind the safety shoe, its benefitstypes of safety shoes, and which kind of safety shoes are suitable for you?. Lastly, we have also mentioned a comprehensive buyers guide, FAQ’s, and our Top 14 safety shoes in India.

Top 14 Safety Shoes in India

Product (Best Brands)Average User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Value for Money
Value for Money
Value for Money
Extra Lightweight & Flexible
Steel Toecaps
For rough and tough use
Endurance to High weight impacts
Water repellent
Elegant Design

The idea behind the use of Safety Shoes.

Many of you must be wondering if safety shoes are essential for workers and people who are around sites and factories.

Consider a building site and workers performing jobs there. There must be bricks, dense timber, concrete, and nails, etc. around them.

If a worker is wearing normal shoes and suddenly steps on a nail and the nail pierce into his foot due to poor quality sole. But, if he were wearing a safety shoe, the thicker sole of these shoes would have prevented sharp objects piercing through it.

Consider another example; a worker is working in an industry that involves a lot of use of water or any other slippery liquid. While working, he might slip and get injured if the shoes are not anti-slippery.

Safety shoes prevent users from slipping, which reduces the chances of getting injured. This could also be helpful if you are carrying a heavy load, and suddenly it falls on your legs; it injured your toes.

Safety shoes provide you protection, so if you love your life, consider buying safety shoes.

Benefits of Using Safety Shoes.

Protects from falling objects

When workers carry heavy goods and materials, there are many chances of it falling suddenly. Even in a dynamic environment where many people are working or many vehicles operating at once, falling and flying objects are a common hazard. Safety shoes prevent the risk from these cases.

Prevents Slips, Trips, and falls

Slipping and tripping off from a wet or slippery floor is a lot common in many companies and factories. This may often result in accidents.

Nowadays, many companies are taking active measures in deploying anti-slip tape on the floor, which prevents such cases. Safety shoes come along anti-slip measures, which prevent falling off on the floor and getting damaged.

Prevents Fatigue

When workers are given standing the whole day for a job, muscles in the feet, as well as legs, get tired and weakened. This may result in fatigue problems for most of them. Safety shoes come along a perfect cushion and arch support, which provides comfort to the workers even when they are standing the whole day.

Prevent Burns

Burns can happen to people working in a fire workplace. People working even with chemicals or cement can experience burns in their bodies. Footwears are made of durable materials that prevent burns from chemical splashes caused suddenly at your workplace.

Prevents from Extreme Weather

Frostbites and hypothermia are two of the dangers which can be caused due to extreme cold weather. People who work outside in cold places or those who work in a refrigerated environment cannot overlook the use of safety shoes and benefits they offer.

Prevents from punctures

The sole fitted underneath a normal shoe is not thick enough to stop a sharp object from piercing through it. So, it is very important to be wearing a footgear which has a thick sole, which prevents sharp objects such as nails from hurting your feet.

Safeguard to cutting hazards

Imagine if a worker is working in a factory that involves the use of a chainsaw. If accidentally your feet come in contact with it, the result would be catastrophic. So, workers need to be wearing safety shoes while working.

Prevents from Electrical Hazards

From our very childhood, we have been taught that we must not be barefoot while switching on or operating an electrical device. The same is the case with safety shoes.

The amount of electricity supply that the factories and companies work with would be enough for causing serious damage to a person if he comes in contact with it.

Which type of Safety shoe to choose?

  • Any industrial site which involves the use of objects such as nails and other sharp objects, you need to choose footwear that has sole puncture protection with Grade 1 protective toe, which saves your sole from getting pierced by these sharp objects.
  • Light industrial sites involve the footwear, which is made up of sole puncture protection with Grade 2 protective toes, which saves your feet from nails and some heavy objects.
  • Most of the industries involve the use of high voltage electricity. Soles that provide electric shock resistance are very useful in this case.
  • Any industrial site which does not require protection from sharp and heavy objects does not involve the use of footwear, which has a protective sole.

Types of Safety Shoes.

Safety-Toed Shoes.

These safety shoes have a special covering around the toe, which is supported by a strong material that keeps the toes away from hazardous accidents and mishaps.

Foot accidents happen suddenly that need special care, especially when you are working in a factory/industry where heavy objects are handled daily.

Steel Insole Shoes.

These shoes are intended to be worn by those who demand a good use of their feet constantly, such as peddling a cycle, driving bikes, or heavy trucks. These activities cause pain in the legs and joints.

Wearing shoes that are specially designed to prevent these pains helps you a lot. These shoes prevent your foot from moving and shifting too much and causing problems. These are some of the most comfortable shoes to wear.

Metal Instep Shoes.

These shoes are designed to protect your foot completely from all objects around you, which may harm you, such as pointed objects, nails, glass pieces, etc.

They are specially designed to protect and safeguard from all mishaps and accidents that happen to the users. People who work in factories that involve the use of the machinery of sharp objects such as nails or glass must opt to wear these.

Metatarsal Shoes

These shoes are designed mainly for the protection of the upper part of your foot and bones. Those people are working in factories which involve the use of heavy objects and machines and have the risks of falling and crushing feet, which are also known as “Drop hazards.” These are usually worn in construction sites, and factories were lifting heavy objects is a common thing.

Electric hazard shoes.

An electrical hazard is a very common accident that happens in big industries that involve the use of high voltage supply. This can cause very heavy damage to a person and can even cause deaths.

Electrocution has now become a common accident happening in industries and factories. So these shoes are specially designed in a way that reduces the effect of electrical shock. It is made up of a very thick sole, which does not cause electricity to come in contact with your barefoot.


For long working hours and to provide safety to heel and ankle, gumboots are very much required. The demand for this type of safety shoe is increasing very much in construction sites. The flexible shoes provide comfort to your legs if you plan to use it for a long hour.

The hard sole safety shoes are one of the best options out of all these shoes. The problem arising with this shoe is that it cannot resist the impact of a very heavy object. If you are working in a company that involves the use of a heavy object, then this shoe is not a very good option.

Buyers Guide For Safety Shoes

There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of before buying safety shoes. Nowadays, there are a wide variety of these shoes available in the market, and it becomes necessary to choose the best one from them.


Since you are buying safety shoes, the first and foremost priority is keeping your foot safe. Never assume your size when you buy shoes. Always buy correct size shoes that fit your foot properly.

Properties of Safety Shoes

There are a number of properties that safety shoes come with, and having the maximum number of these properties makes it the best one to choose from.

Penetration Resistance, Electrically Insulated, Anti-static, Conductive, Water Resistant, Chemical Resistance, Heat Insulated, Ankle Protection, Antiskid, Cut Resistance & Outsole Resistance to hot contact are some of the properties of safety shoes.

Choose the right shoes according to your application

Safety shoes are not restricted to some particular industry or applications. For building sites, there are shoes which are resistant to skid while doing the work related to concrete and cement, or penetration resistance so that sharp objects such as nails do not pierce through your shoes and hurt you. Likewise, there are a number of shoes available according to your application. Choose wisely!

Choose the correct sole

Soles play an important role in determining the quality of a good shoe. There are different types of soles available out of which, some are –

PU SOLE which has an excellent safety feature, lightweight, comfortable

PU DOUBLE DENSITY– which has enhanced safety and comfort

PU SINGLE DENSITY– It is only for average safety and comfort

PVC SOLE– has good safety features, heavy, low on comfort

RUBBER SOLE– useful for high-temperature operations.

Choose the correct toe for Safety Shoe

The average load that a safety shoe can bear is around 200J. There are shoes based on the type of material used for the toe caps.

Steel: The toe Caps is made up of High Carbon Alloy Steel which provides safety against falling objects and crushing under moving objects.

Composite: The toe Caps are made up of Thermoplastic polymeric or non-metallic toe cap for safety against falling objects and crushing under moving objects.

Fiber Toe Caps: These toe caps are non-metallic and made up of lightweight fiber having no impact resistance.

The weight of the safety shoe

If the PU sole is heavier, then the risk against damages and fractures is very less. The comfort of the safety of shoes is not dependent upon the weight at all.

Weight also depends on safety boots price, which is it might cost less if the price is more on the affordable side. The weight of the shoes can be reduced by compromising on its safety as well as comfort. A 25 cm thick foam is far more comfortable than 5cm thick sole.

1. Udenchi UD24010 Industrial Safety Shoes 

Udenchi manufactures decent quality safety shoes at an affordable price range with a unique design as well. They are very comfortable to wear, and the craftsmanship on the shoe is excellent. Let’s talk about this product in detail.

Main Features
  • This shoe is very comfortable for the high-quality material that has been used. You can wear this for a long time, and it won’t irritate your feet.
  • The unique designed shoe looks very stylish and gives a fashion statement as well.
  • The shoes can be worn for hiking, climbing, sports shoes, mechanical, construction, carpenter, and also warehouse staff too. This is an all-rounder shoe.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The outer sole of this shoe is very thick and works like a charm. The longevity of this sole increases the longevity of the shoe allover.
  • The breathable mesh is used on this shoe, and it is very lightweight; that is also one of the reasons for being so comfortable after wearing it.
  • These safety shoes are manufactured to protect your foot from workplace risks. The high-quality leatherette material makes your foot more secure and prevents causing any injury.
  • One of the rarest features of this shoe is its built-in steel toe caps. To protect your toes from potential risks, it is installed in the shoe that will prevent harm.
  • The craftsmanship and creativity reflect on the design of the safety shoe. The shape, structure, build quality have made this a complete package.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were found.

2. Agarson Steel Toe PVC Moulded Engineers/Labours Safety Shoes 

Agarson manufactured one of the top quality safety shoes at such an affordable price range that not only looks good but also provides the best protection to your feet as well. Starting from the insole to its steel toe, everything is of top quality. Let’s talk about this product in detail.

Main Features
  • This safety shoe from Agarson is very comfortable to wear, and you can wear it for long hours without feeling any discomfort.
  • This shoe is available in different sizes for you to choose from according to your foot size.
  • The outer sole of this shoe is very sturdy and durable. It is ideal for wearing in workplaces so you can prevent it from causing any harm.
  • The laces are of decent quality, which you can use to tighten the shoes properly.
PROS (What we liked)
  • These safety shoes can be used for multi-purposes as well. You can wear these shoes while hiking, climbing, construction work purposes, etc.
  • This comes with steel toe caps to prevent your toes from any injuries in the workplace or while hiking or climbing.
  • The fabric is made of breathable mesh that allows increased air circulation inside of the shoes that not only makes your foot comfortable but also prevents from building up any bad odor.
  • This pocket-friendly safety shoe is also oil and acid resistant, which means the sole on the upper surface is very sturdy and durable.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were found.

3. Neosafe Spark Labour Safety Shoes

Neodafe Spark Labour Safety Shoes have sturdy construction and come with a heat resistance finish. It has a high ankle design and comes with high structural strength.

Neosafe shoes are suitable for short term contract labourers who work at construction sites or any non-hazardous surfaces. It provides more use where there is water or wet floor.

Main Features
  • Anti Skid shoes with resistance against chemical attributes 
  • Sturdy construction with heat resistance finish
  • Comes with lycra cloth in between for a smooth make
  • It is suitable for safety of short term contract labourers at construction sites
PROS (What we liked)
  • High structural strength that ensures durability
  • Provides excellent fitting and ensures comfort
  • Protects labourers’ feet from coming in contact with water or wet floors 
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Does not come with cushioning
  • It is not suitable for permanent labour usage

4. Manslam Synthetic Leather Safety Shoe – Value for Money

Manslam Synthetic Leather Safety Shoe
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Since the shoes are manufactured using superior quality material, Manslam Synthetic Leather Safety Shoe with Steel Toe offers a very good choice for the users. Made up of breathable fabric, these shoes provide comfort to your feet while wearing it all day.

Main Features
  • It is made up of FAUX leather.
  • The safety shoes are manufactured using superior quality grade raw material that stays in the best quality for a longer time giving you the best value for money.
  • The lining is made up of moisture-wicking breathable fabric. Even if you are wearing it for the whole day, it does not create a foul smell because of its breathable fabric.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The sole is Double Density directly injected PU sole. For those users who wish to use it at a professional site which involves the use of pointed and sharp objects, you can stay safe.
  • The shoes are acid-resistant.
  • You need not have to worry about electric shocks at worksite if you wear this shoe. Due to its material, it is anti-static.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It slips even after being slip-resistant.
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5. Fashion Tree Timberwood Men’s Steel Toe Black 


Shoes should be comfortable to be worn. Fashion Tree Timberwood Men’s Steel Toe Black Safety Shoes -7 gives 100% comfort and cushion to your feet. Since they are made up of lightweight material, it would not cause strain to your legs.

Main Features
  • These safety shoes for men can be used in your various events such as riding bike, Engineering, outdoor, construction, and industrial site. These kinds of all-type shoes are mostly not available.
  • It is a steel toecap safety shoe that prevents you from the risk of any dangers caused in construction sites which involves the use of heavy machinery.
  • The sole is made up of Single density lightweight Rubber sole giving a lot of comfort to your feet while you are working.
PROS (What we liked)
  • One of the biggest advantages of this shoe is its Rubber sole that is lightweight and durable, due to which your legs do not pain even if you wear it for the whole day.
  • These shoes are designed in such a way that it can endure impacts, chemical spill, absorb electric shocks, and resist high temperatures. It is a multipurpose product.
  • Due to their steel toe technology, they can endure heavy impacts at worksites.
  • The inner sole provides comfort and cushion to your feet.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed.

6. Eego Italy Leather Men’s Steel Toe Safety Shoes 


Designed using superior quality materials, Eego Italy® Genuine Leather Light Weight Men’s Steel Toe Safety Shoes with Anti Skid Sole is one of the most preferred choices for users. The manufacturers do not compromise on the quality of the shoes.

Let us look at the features of this product.

Main Features
  • Under the guidance of skilled professionals, these shoes are made up of superior-high-quality grade raw materials in compliance with their international standards.
  • They have a high-durability and stays in their best quality for a longer time.
  • The upper material is made up of genuine leather so you need not have to worry about the quality of this product.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The company gives 100% surety about their quality, being durable, it can stay intact for a longer time.
  • Made up of breathable fabric, it stays fresh even if you wear it for the whole day.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed.

7. Karam FS-05 Safety Shoes – Anti-abrasion

Karam FS-05 Safety Shoes, Size 8
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Often we hear complaints from the users that the material by which the shoes are made tears off or gets scrapped away. This happens in most of the cases and is not a good sign while considering the quality.

Karam Safety Shoes comes with a feature of anti-abrasion which means that it does not scrape off or wear away. Even after long use, your shoes do not become useless and need to be thrown away. Many features come along with this product.

Main Features
  • The soles of this shoe are made up of Single Density PU sole which is very comfortable to wear and does not wear off very easily. Even after long use, your legs would not feel any pain.
  • Karam safety shoes are made up of high-quality fine grain leather.  Provides quality and maintainability.
  • The lining of this shoe is made up of umbrella lining which makes the look of the shoes good.
  • The material of this shoe is anti-abrasion which means that the material does not wear or scrape off from the shoe which ruins the overall look of your shoes and there is no option other than throwing it away.
PROS (What we liked)
  • This product is designed in such a way that it is anti-fatigue. Even though you wear them for hours, you would not feel tired.
  • The shoe comes along with a lot of features such as anti-static. If the industry or the company in which you are working involves the use of high-voltage supply and current, there is a risk of you getting electric shocks which can prove to be deadly. While the anti-static feature saves you from this.
  • They also come along with anti-slip and anti-slime features.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Not recommended in on a construction site since it is not nailed or any sharp object proof.
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8. Hillson Century Safety Gumboots – Extra Lightweight & Flexible

Hillson Century Safety Gumboots, Black, UK Size 9
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Most of the construction demands the use of gumboots because the work includes the use of cement and concrete which ruins your clothing and legs as well. Hillson Century Safety Gumboots are gumboots designed for the safety and comfortability of customers at construction sites and work areas.

These shoes are abrasion-resistant, means that the material with which it is made does not scrape off or tear apart from the shoes making it durable and long-lasting.

Main Features
  • These shoes are flexible and lightweight design for use in construction sites and work area. Being lightly weighted, they are easy to be worn and carried along without causing stress and pain to your legs. 
  • The inner lining of this shoe is made up of fabric. They provide comfort while wearing it.
  • The sole of this shoe is made up of PU Dual Density. These have harder sole providing comfort and ease in work and also it has a soft upper side.
PROS (What we liked)
  • These shoes are anti-slip shoes and also resistant to chemicals and acids.
  • The shoes are abrasion resistant which means that the material with which it is made up of, does not tear off or scrape away from the shoes increasing the durability and makes it last longer.
  • The product is extra lightweight which means that it can be worn and carried along easily without much pain and stress.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • They do not come along any steel toe or hard material. Being flexible, they cannot be used for industries that involve the use of heavy objects.
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9. Aktion Safety Safety Shoes Steel Toe – Steel Toecaps

Aktion Safety R704_6 Safety Shoes Steel Toe, Size 6
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The high sweat absorbing shoes does not produce stench and foul smell even if the shoes are used for a longer time in office and work. Aktion Safety  Shoes Steel Toe, become very good for users the looks of these shoes are elegant and good looking which makes the shoes a preferable option for you.

Main Features
  • The soles of these shoes are made up of PVC sole which provides a little protection from punctures and sharp objects.
  • The safety shoes are very comfortable to be worn.
  • These are a perfect fit, stylish, and strong enough to be one of the best options for users to choose.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The shoes can resist the weight of about 200J because it is made of steel toe caps
  • If you are working in an industry that involves the use of chemicals and acids which can be dangerous for your skin, this shoe protects your legs from it.
  • It provides a good grip on the floor and is also oil resistant.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is not anti-abrasion which means that the material gets scraped off and tears from the shoes.
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10. Safety Shoes with Steel toe – Anti-static

Safety Shoes with Steel toe for Men (11)
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Along with the protection of your feet from heavy objects and getting slipped, it is also very important to be safe from electricity.

Electrocution can prove to be dangerous and risky because it may also cause death. Wild Bull Safety Shoes with Steel toe for Men comes with a unique feature of anti-static which allows it to prevent your feet from damages through electricity at the work area.

Main Features
  • Wild Bull meets all Global quality standards and provides one of the best safety shoes in the market. The manufacturers of this company fulfil user requirements. 
  • The product is designed in such a way that it has an Orange lining around its curve. Providing the user an elegant look to for their feet.
  • It is made up of PU Single Sole density which provides the users with optimum safety and comfort.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The toe of this safety shoe is made up of steel caps which can withstand a weight of 200j.
  •  The product comes up with an Anti-static feature that prevents direct contact with electricity.
  • The shoes are oil resistant which means that the frequency of users getting slipped while at work reduces due to wearing of these safety shoes.
  • These shoes are very easy to be cleaned.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Sizing is bit off and they fit bigger than they should have.
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11. Manslam Leather Steel Toe Safety Shoes – For rough and tough use

MANSLAM Leather Steel Toe Safety Shoes (MLM20, 8, Black)
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There are very few safety boots available in the market which provides safety to your shoes by being strong and at the same time look formal and elegant. Most of the companies need their workers to be dressed up in formal clothes.

But wearing formals arises a problem that you cannot be sure of being safe from heavy objects, electricity and so on. MANSLAM Leather Steel Toe Safety Shoes provides both of these features. Manslam products are highly acknowledged for their quality products and services.

Main Features
  • Manslam products are acknowledged for their high-quality products and services. These leather-made shoes are designed for rough and tough uses.
  • The soles of this shoe are made up of Air Mix sole quality providing comfort and safety together to the users while they are at work.
  • It is designed along with a safety steel toe cap which can resist the weight of almost 200J.
  • The design of this shoe provides a good look to your legs as they are formal in the looks.
PROS (What we liked)
  • These shoes can be used for multipurposes. It is made in a way that it can be used both for formals as well as casual wear.
  • Even though you end up using it for a very long hour in a day and keep on using it, it may not ruin them as the leather by which it is made is very durable.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The bottom of the shoes is very soft while wearing.
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12. Timberwood Steel Toe Safety Shoe – Endurance to High weight impacts

Timberwood Steel Toe Safety Shoe For Men (TW28BRN)
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Sometimes it seems very difficult for us to bend down and tie the shoelaces of your shoes. Timberwood Steel Toe Safety Shoe For Men serves the purpose of it.

Timberwood shoes are technically designed to endure high weight impacts and reduce them, absorb electric shocks and resist high temperatures. Apart from these, there are many features and specifications of these safety shoes.

Main Features
  • The safety shoe is designed in a way that the lining of the shoes is made up of moisture-wicking and fabric lining.
  • The soles of these shoes are made up of Single Density PU sole which is made up of rubber. Due to this, they are lightweight and comfortable to your feet. If you are planning to wear it for a whole days’ work, it would not pain your legs.
  • The design of these safety shoes is elegant in its look which adds beauty to your clothing and outfits. Because of this design, they make it look casual as well as formal.
  • Has steel toe to product the feet from heavy stuff.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The sole of the shoes gives a good height as the width of the shoes is of 1 inch.
  • The fabric of the shoes is made up of breathable fabric which allows air circulation and does not let any odor build-up.
  • In big industries, high voltage electricity is supplied which can create a danger of electrocution and electric shocks. The shoes are good enough to bear electric shocks and are even resistant to high temperatures.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were found.
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13. ACME Men’s Camel Cruiser Leather Safety Shoes  – Water repellent

ACME Men's Camel Cruiser Leather Safety Shoes (43)
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It is very important to take care of your foot while you are at work. It may happen accidentally, and you may hurt your feet which may cause damage. ACME Men’s Camel Cruiser Leather Safety boot comes with a lot of special features that enhance the comfort and durability of your legs while you are at work.

The CE and ISI certified shoes provide one of the best protection to your feet from heavy and sharp objects which becomes a reason for injury. There are a lot of features in this shoe which makes it one of the best safety shoes.

Main Features
  • The sole of this shoe is made up of PU Single Density which enhances the durability of these shoes. It makes sure that your feet are safe from all dangers while you are at work.
  • The impact resistance of these shoes is 200J which is more than enough to resist a heavy object. This is because the toes are made up of steel toes which adds power to these shoes which resist heavy objects.
  • It is designed in such a way that it is rounded in front. The benefit of this feature is that it does not cause any pain to your legs even after wearing it for a longer period of time.
  • The shoe is water repellent making it durable in wet conditions
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is made up of the finest quality Camel color which adds the look to the shoes. The no buck grain leather is also one of the finest quality leather which adds durability to your shoes even after long use.
  • The shoe is also rust-proof, so you don’t have to worry about the shoe getting ruined even if you are not wearing it.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The shoe is a little heavy and costly as compared to other shoes.
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14. Kavacha Steel Toe Safety Shoe – Elegant Design

Kavacha Steel Toe Safety Shoe, S29
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Most shoes do not cover your full leg including the ankle keeping it open for any injury, but, Kavacha Steel Toe Safety Shoe protects most of the part of your legs and makes it safer to wear.

They are designed as lace-up shoes which are actually bigger in size than the normal ones. The elegant looks of this make it more preferable to be worn by the user as it provides protection as well as adds beauty to your clothing and accessories.

Main Features
  • The shoe is made up of Air Mix sole quality which makes the shoes safer and adds more comfort while wearing it. 
  • The unique design of this shoe is preferable as it is not found usually in the market. Apart from making your foot safer from dangers, this also adds beauty and elegance to your clothing and accessories.
  • Offers breathable fabric and proper ventilation.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The shoes are equipped with a steel toe cap providing utmost safety.
  • These shoes are light-weighted, they are comfortable to be worn for long hours.
  • These products are durable which allows it to be used for a longer time without getting damaged and buying another pair of shoes.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Since they are light-weighted, there must be no surety that how much weight can it resist.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should safety shoes be worn?

Different people are working on different places, and some of their workplaces such as construction sites, factories, machinery industries, or warehouses, need some extra protection to your head as well as to your foot.

Many objects could be lying around that can pierce through any ordinary shoes and harm your foot severely. This is why if you work on any of these places or anywhere else where there is a possibility of causing harm to your foot, then you are required to use these safety shoes.

2. Why do I need a steel toecap?

Steel toe cap safety shoes are mostly worn by people working in construction companies and factories where heavy objects and machines are involved. While lifting heavy materials, there might be a chance that it would slip and fall on your toes and can hurt you badly. These shoes are a perfect remedy to such situations and help you protect your feet.

3. Are there any safety shoes for the slippery floor?

Yes, there are slip-resistant shoes available that help you on the slippery floor. When you buy new shoes, most likely you are prone to get slipped due to the smooth and silky sole of the shoes.

In order to make your shoes less slippery, take sandpaper and rub off the bottom part of the shoes. It will rough up the surface. Now wipe off the residue using a rag. This way you can easily make your shoes less prone to slipping and causing damages.

4. When should be safety shoes used?

Whenever there is even a little possibility of causing damage to your foot while you are in your work industry such as construction sites, factories, machinery industries, etc., you should always wear safety shoes.

Other dangers include falling objects(tools and machines), piercing objects(nails, glass pieces), chemicals(acid, concrete), heat, or vehicles. In such situations, these safety shoes are preferred the most.


Now that we all know how useful the safety shoes are during work to prevent fro sudden dangers risks and accidents its time to select the one that suits us the best. By looking at all the features and specifications of all the products, we suggest that the best choice would be Manslam Safety Shoe.

The design of the shoes is elegant in its look and the fabrication used in the shoes makes it look good. Along with providing safety to your legs, these shoes also add beauty to your outfits and clothing.  The budget is also very less as compared to all other products.

Another product which we recommend for our users is Hillson Century Safety Gumboots which are gumboots and used mostly in construction and building sites.

They are abrasion-resistant which means that the fabric of this shoe does not wear off or get damaged. The durability of this product increases because of it. The extra lightweight feature allows it to be carried anywhere along with you and also does not cause pain to your legs.

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