Best Roller Skates – Types & Buying Guide

Roller skating is actually a passion, and it is one timeless act that lets us enjoy the moment. But if you are a rookie and just getting started with roller skating, then you would need a great deal of help in knowing about it before you even think of buying one for yourself. There are a lot of types of roller skates which is meant for different purposes, and this article has broken it down for you to make it easy to choose the right one for yourself.

Roller skates have become a hot topic for a long time and let us not forget the famous Disney movies which introduced us to the ice skating and skateboarding lifestyle that each and every child got addicted to and we straight went to buy skateboard shoes. To some roller skating is a hobby, for some its passion and for some its everything they do.

Below you will find the perfect guide to buy the perfect skate for yourself.

Types of Roller Skates 

The following are the various types of roller skates available:

Speed Skates


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Speed skates as the name suggests are meant to go fast because of their exclusive design, which makes them highly popular. These skates have a low cut shoe which just fits like tennis shoes. The low cut design helps in going around the corners.

The reason these skates are very popular is that one can freely move the ankles which are best for dance skating and the bearings help the skaters in dancing fast for a longer time.

Outdoor Skates


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Outdoor skates are simply meant for outdoor skating. They come in either the low top or high top boots, and the skating wheels are designed in a manner that you can skate on the rough grounds easily. The only difference that you will find with indoor skates and outdoor skates is the wheels. Outdoor wheels are actually softer and more absorbent which allows the skater to ride on the rough surfaces.

Indoor Skates


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Indoor skates are ideal for the traditional style of skating which is meant for skates who want to ride in the skating rink and dance artistically like on the ice and who want rhythm in their dance.

These type of skating requires high boots, which allows the skater to have good control while performing the high jumps and fast spins. The wheels are narrow and allow easy turning on the hard ice.

Roller Derby Skates


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The Roller Derby Skates are very old but are gaining popularity recently. These type of skates are specifically designed to take the hardships which are caused by sports. It requires durability, and the skater can get to the fast levels almost quickly and also hold themselves in the tight turns.

Kids Skates


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The Kid Skates are designed for kids, the young skaters. The kid skates look simple but are designed in a way that they can’t go too fast and also have resistance against the wear and tear that the kids pout their skates through while skating outside.

Inline Skates

Now there are three types of Inline Skates available – Recreational, Racing, and Roller Hockey.

Recreational Skates


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Recreational Skates are also called as the fitness skates which is designed for the skater who can exercise in it usually for outdoor purposes. The skates are styles high top, which tends to offer excellent support for the foot and the ankle. These are very comfortable, which means the skater can skate easily for long hours without any discomfort.

Racing Skates


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Racing skates as the name suggests are designed to go fast. The boot is designed in a way that it fits close to your foot as much as it can so that it allows the least amount of wind resistance. The wheels of these skates are easily interchangeable, and this allows the skater to skate anywhere, be it be indoors or outdoors.

Roller Hockey Skates


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Roller Hockey Skates are the type which is meant for the roller hockey sport. Roller hockey is a highly popular sport which is famous among young people and young adults. These provide the strength to resist the abuse, which is caused by this sport.


Type of Roller Skates 

Now all the types of roller skates are listed above so that is your decision on what type of roller skate you want for yourself and then go ahead for it.


The boots are either high or low based on the type of skate. It is basically attached to the plated and wheels of the skates.


Wheels are also different for a different type of skates and the ground on which you will be skating on. Most of the wheels are now made up of polyurethane. These wheels ensure more durability and offer a smooth skating experience. It is best for speed and is built for rapid acceleration and is best for stabilization.


K2 Skate Men’s F.I.T. Pro 84 Inline Skates


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The K2 Skate Men’s F.I.T. Pro 84 Inline Skates is the best men’s skates which are made for advanced roller skating purposes for an advanced rider and not a beginner. This is a great inline skate which has the best combination of moderate speed and also the distance riding.

Another factor which is very good is the high amount of ventilation available in these skates. This makes it the best option for log skating rides and for any kind of aerobic workouts. The ventilation compromises the stiffness that comes with the skates, which actually reduces the efficiency to some extent, but it would be a problem if you are an aggressive rider.

The wheels come with the complete boot and are soft, which is very good for indoor skating, but if you are looking for outdoor skating, then you might require harder wheels. These skates fit the wheels which have a diameter of 84mm. This is a bit fast for beginners and perfect for just intermediate roller skaters.

The frames are made of aluminum, which provides a lot of support and is still light in weight. They are the best inline skates for fitness as well.


  • The K2 skates are best for arch support
  • The size fit is the same as of your athletic shoes
  • It has lateral reinforcement


  • They are light in weight
  • They are stable and quick inline skates
  • Provides a comfortable ride indoors


  • It is a bit expensive
  • It is not the best for outdoor skating



Rollerblade Men’s Zetrablade 80 Skate


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Rollerblade Men’s Zetrablade 80 Skate has great support, which means the zetrablade structure features an integrated shell, and the frame system has a low center of gravity, which gives the skater more control and stability. It is great for new skaters as well as it helps them to balance on the ground. It supports the ankle and focuses on improving skating skills.

The padding and the lining in the skates provide a cushion to the feet, which ensures that you get a comfortable skating experience. It makes a great difference and improves your riding experience.

It comes with a buckle, strap and a lace closure system which helps to keep the feet in position. It is very easy to put on and secures your feet. The cuff supports your lower leg, which provides reliable lateral support. The laces work great with the reinforced uppers in order to create a wrapping effect.

The inline skates have a protective gear which protects the body from accidents and gives confidence. The Rollerblade 80mm is just perfect paired with the SG5 bearing that is best for beginners as well as for intermediate skaters. It is a great combination for a smooth and comfortable ride. One can improve his skills with these skates.


  • The weight of the item is 7.19 pounds
  • It is a great inline skate for beginners
  • It provides support and comfort to the skaters
  • The skates come with a high cuff and extra padding that supports the feet and ensures quality as well as durability
  • It has a comfortable liner with ample padding that ensures comfort for all the skaters
  • The closure system provides the best fit
  • The frame is durable, and the integrated shell enhances stability for balance and control over skating
  • The wheels are just perfect. It is the Rollerblade 80mm/82A which just blend smoothly with speed and control and just does not go fast.
  • It is designed perfectly for entry-level skaters


  • It is very comfortable
  • It is for beginners as well
  • Comes in an affordable price range
  • It provides essential skills to beginners
  • The bearings are smooth
  • It increases the core strength of a person
  • High Cuff for added support
  • Perfect Wheels for learning


  • Boots are a way to short then the mentioned size.



XinoSports Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids


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Xino Sports Inline Skates for Kids features illuminating wheels for kids. It is paired with beautiful lights so that it can appeal to them. These are high-quality and premium quality roller blades, which makes them visible from a distance which satisfies the riding experience.

The skates are comfortable as they support the ankle with the soft foam inner lining in it. It is made up of a premium quality material with adjustable boots so that the kids can use it for a long time as they grow up. These also have a high-quality bearing, which is combined with the tough wheels. Each wheel provides high-performance and a pass for smooth, speed and durability. The wheels can thus rotate freely and for long with quick actions.

The lights do not require batteries to run. The light upon when you use it. The durability ensures that the kids can use it without any tear and is best for rough use. The boot is attached with the metal rivets. The durable materials used makes it comfortable for use. The insides are designed for supporting the feet so that the straps do not bite the skin while skating. The frame of the roller skates is strong and free from rust. It is light in weight and more durable than the plastic frames.


  • These roller skates come in adjustable sizes so that you can choose properly for your feet
  • They provide safety and comfort to the user with the adjustable inline skates
  • It comes with illuminating wheels at the front
  • It provides great comfort to ankle for support with the soft and comfortable padding which is perfect for kids
  • It has 70mm 82A polyurethane wheels with the illuminating wheels
  • High-performing ABEC-7 bearings ensure to provide smooth and comfortable skating
  • It does not require batteries
  • It is available at a 6-day money-back guarantee


  • It is available at an affordable price
  • It is a high-quality roller skate
  • It has high durability
  • Provides safety
  • It is lightweight


  • The wheel bearings can be a bit intimidating for the child



K2 Skate Girl’s Marlee Inline Skates


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These skates are best for girls who are new to skating and also for intermediate skaters. The priorities here are different than adult skates. It will help the kids in learning how to skate as well. It provides safe and is very easy to use. The skates lay its focus on speed and durability. The skates are stiff with the supportive cuff design that has a soft boot technology which gives the advantage to the kids for long hours of skating without any discomfort.

The wheels have a diameter of 70mm which are very soft at 80A. It is best for children, and with the closure system on the skates, it has got the perfect combination of laces and velcro. It uses the ABEC 3 bearings which keeps the speed at a pace without the risk of picking the speed which ensures that your child will be riding safely. It is made from high-quality materials which are adjustable and are great for growing feet.


  • It provides stability
  • It has an interlocking frame, and the base reduces the road vibrations
  • It improves overall comfort while skating
  • It is meant for recreational skating
  • The diameter of the wheel is 80m
  • Type of bearing used is ABEC 3
  • The material of the frame is F.B.I.
  • The maximum wheel size is 76mm
  • It has a traditional lacing closure system
  • The skates are adjustable
  • The skate cuff height is high
  • It includes brakes
  • The range of skill is from beginner to intermediate
  • The weight of the roller skates is 6.15 pounds


  • It comes with an adjustable system
  • It is great for skaters who are beginners
  • It is a high-quality skate


  • It has low ventilation
  • The fabric of the skates can wear off after long use



Rollerblade Macroblade 84W Alu Fitness/Workout Skate


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RollerBlade’s Macroblade is just great for skating. It is designed for the best performance and not just for recreational use. The skates have an aluminum frame which is light in weight and just excels in the energy transference and helps in improving the endurance. The wheels are slightly larger, which has a hardness to it which makes it an outdoor skating.

It uses the ABEC 7 bearings that have a lightweight frame enclosed in a traditional lacing mechanism. These skates are best for riders which provides with some experience who are interested in exercise. It will make you fairly confident in skating, which makes sure that you the ability to skate with experience. They have medium ventilation, which is a great choice for longer rides and keeping the feet cool.


  • It comes with buckles and straps
  • The shell is a microblade shell
  • The weight of the shipping item is 7.5 pounds


  • These roller skates have a high-performance
  • It is best for fast skating purposes
  • The price range is intermediate
  • You can buy an extra brake kit to attach to the left foot, so you have two


  • The skates might have size issues




Well, now I hope you have got an overall idea about the roller skates, and now you can buy them easily without any issues. Make sure you are aware of which type of skates you want and the size of the feet. I have listed the best five roller skates for you so you can choose the right one. I hope this helps you in making the right choice.

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