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Are you on a calorie-restricted diet but have been craving some carbs? Well, puffed rice cakes are a great way to enjoy your carbs while not adding calories. They are low carb and considered a healthy alternative. Add some veggies or fruits to the rice cakes for a really enjoyable and filling meal. We have listed out some of the best rice cake varieties just for you, right here.

1. Pintola Organic Wholegrain Brown Rice Cakes

These rice cakes are made with organic and natural wholegrain brown rice. They are extremely rich in fiber and contain no added sugar or salt. Hence, they are ideal for those who are planning to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet. One rice cake provides 30 kcal of energy. They are not just gluten-free but also yeast-free.

The cakes have ultra low fat with no trans fat or cholesterol. These fresh and crispy rice cakes can be enjoyed with your favorite fruit or vegetable toppings. Keep the product in a cool and moisture less place to prevent the cakes from getting soggy. The product needs to be consumed within 6 months from the date of manufacturing.

2. Nutriplato-enriching lives Red Black Brown Rice Cakes

Nutriplator enriching rice cakes are vegan and gluten-free. This is a healthy snack made from whole grain to make you feel full at all times. You can devour it as it is or use dips, nut butter, and chocolate spreads on it.

The rice cakes contain no preservatives making them an ideal snack. It is soy and yeast free and low in fat, so you can enjoy it guilt-free.

3. Wise Crack Organic Rice Cakes

Wise Crack rice cakes are a healthy, crispy snack made from organic and whole grain produce.

It is free from gluten and contains no colours or trans fats. The rice cakes can be consumed on their own or with dips of your choice.

The rice cakes are a delicious blend of brown rice, red rice, finger millet, quinoa, jowar, flax seeds and Himalayan pink salt.

This acts as a good substitute to rotis, thus cutting down your oil or cholesterol intake.

4. Haim Organic Wholegrain Brown Rice Cake

Made with wholegrain brown rice, this rice cake is full of fiber and gluten-free. The ingredients are natural and sourced entirely from organic farms certified by authenticated bodies as per the specific guidelines set by the US, India, and the European Union. There is no cholesterol, no sugar, and no trace of trans fat. You get 15 lightly salted crispy rice cakes in a single pack.

These rice cakes can be used as pizza bases or even substituted for your regular bread. If you follow a low-calorie diet, note that one rice cake gives you 30 kcal worth of energy. To ensure the quality is retained, store the pack in a cool and dry place. The rice cakes have 6 months of shelf life.

5. Urban Platter Organic Puffed Brown Big Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are naturally free of gluten, and this particular rice cake is made with puffed rice. As the cakes are big, a single piece with your desired sides or toppings can make for a wholesome meal. The cake contains Himalayan pink salt, which is known to improve digestion and metabolism. There is no sugar, trans fat, or cholesterol in this product.

They are roasted and low on fat. Not only are these cakes completely dairy-free (hence vegan friendly), but all ingredients used are 100% organic (certified by USDA and Jaivik Bharat). The product has a shelf life of 12 months.

6. Nutriplato-enriching Lives White Rice Cake

These puffed white rice cakes are not just gluten-free but extremely healthy. They contain no chemicals, including preservatives, synthetic colors, and artificial flavors. These are even free of common allergens like soy. They also have no yeast in them. Hence they are good for people who want to lead an active and fit life.

Given the low glycemic index and minimal sugar, these are good for maintaining healthy blood sugar. They have Himalayan pink salt that helps in boosting overall metabolism. Once the seal is opened, the cakes’ crispiness can be compromised, so ensure that you consume them within 30 minutes.

7. Grainic Organic Multigrain Super Cakes

These rice cakes are made with 70% brown and red rice. Not only are these cakes rich in fiber, but they also contain seven super seeds. They contain no trans fat or cholesterol. People with gluten intolerance and diabetes can safely enjoy these rice cakes, as they are gluten-free and have no sugar (added or otherwise). The ingredients are natural and purely organic (certified by USDA and Jaivik Bharat). Just note that the expiry date of the product is 6 months from the date of manufacturing.

Buying Guide

Brown rice or white rice

Rice cakes can be made with white or brown rice. The consensus is that brown rice is healthier because brown rice is unpolished, containing all parts of the rice grain, the fibrous bran, the germ, and even the endosperm. However, white rice is processed, and this removes the bran and the germ, and mostly it is the carbohydrate rich endosperm that remains. The bran is rich in antioxidants, so naturally, brown rice has more antioxidants than white rice. Also, in brown rice, the fibrous content is higher. So for people with weight issues, brown rice is recommended. In addition to these benefits, brown rice contains a higher percentage of all the vitamins and minerals. So obviously puffed brown rice cakes are naturally more nutritious.



Puffed rice cakes are considered a healthy option and a good inclusion in diets for people planning to lose weight. So, mostly these are made of brown rice. But while brown rice is good, it also contains some antinutrients. One of them is phytic acid, which is good for absorbing iron and zinc in your body, but overconsumption can lead to mineral depletion as well. Another such ingredient is arsenic. This is a toxic compound and is found more in brown rice than white rice, as the latter is polished and processed. However, the amount of arsenic present is not alarmingly high, but if you consume more than your actual requirement, the prolonged use can lead to arsenic poisoning eventually.



When it comes to organic versus non-organic, the choice should always be the former. Grains produced can be natural or genetically modified (GMO) for better yield, quality, and a variety of other farming and cultivation requirements. So when you buy a product, it may say natural, which implies these are not a hybrid or modified variety, but they are still not organic. Organic ones are grown in farms that use stringent anti-chemical policies and ensure that all grains and produce are completely natural. So the food that is certified organic is always safer and chemical free.



Salt is a key ingredient in making any food tasty. While some puffed rice cakes are unsalted, others contain salt. The salt that we usually use at home is sea salt, but nowadays, many people are shifting to rock salt, as this salt is extremely rich in minerals and known to improve your metabolism. There is another benefit of rock salt; it contains less sodium than normal sea salt. Dieticians often recommend using rock salt. Some of the good rice cake brands use Himalayan pink salt, which is a rock salt.


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