Best Remote Controlled Cars For Kids

There is nothing that will bring your kid more joy than a remote-controlled car. Especially the cars that have working headlights and doors and trunks that open. Get your kid’s first remote control car today and to make your selection easier we have listed the top 5 remote-controlled cars.

Some of the higher quality ones also allow your child to have real-time control of the car to go forwards, backward, and turn sideways.

We have reviewed some of the best looking, most functional, and speediest remote control cars for you to choose from for your child.

US1984 Die-Cast 4-Wheel Drive Remote Control Car

This gorgeous car is made from high-quality metal and has a glistening finish.

Both it’s doors, as well as its trunk, can be opened up to reveal an intricately designed interior. The taillights, as well as the front lights, work to provide even more entertainment.

There is a function that allows you to play music while the car’s lights are activated. The car has the look of an original sports car, which is a 4-wheel drive model.

This vehicle will be sure to expand your child’s imagination and help him/her engage in multiple high-action role-playing scenarios.

Webby Champions High-Speed Car Toy


This Webby car toy comes with a 2.4 GHz remote control. It has a high speed of 14KMPH with an advanced front and back suspension system. The toy car has ultrasonic rubber high grip tyres.

The car can move forwards, backwards, left and right through its remote control. This set contains a charger for the toy car’s battery that needs to be charged from time to time.

The car battery is included in the package but the 2 XAA types 1.5V battery for the remote control is not included in the package.

The Flyers Bay Racing Truck

With this off-road hummer electric monster car, you can dominate almost any type of terrain. The aesthetic design makes it stand out with huge bumpers and an eloquent chassis.

It features a fully functional transmitter that allows you to control every single action with incredible ease and precision.

This is a strong electric control car that performs exceptionally well both on and off-road.

The shock suspension and rubber tires can take on any type of rough terrain. It is a blast to operate and play with this car.

WireScorts Racing Remote Control Car for Kids

This lovely remote-controlled car has a 4-function remote that allows it to turn both ways as well as a move backward and forwards.

You can choose from a bright red, yellow, or grey color. It has dimensions of 5cm x 7.5cm x 17cm.

There are several different designs of the car that are available, and all of them can be collected by the enthusiast.

The car’s lights also work to provide a realistic experience for your child.

The unit works with a battery pack of rechargeable batteries that are included.

The charger for the batteries also comes with the car. The 2AA batteries for the remote have to be purchased separately.

Zest 4 Toyz RC Stunt Remote Controlled Race Car

This highly durable remote control car is made from high-quality plastic and rubber to increase its crashworthiness.

The front side of the car completely twists 360 degrees to allow the car to do incredible stunt maneuvers and keep your child enthralled.

The car can also flip to an upright position and keep moving forward for amazing battles with other remote control cars.

The car remote allows you to make it move forwards, backward, and turn to either side.

The car functions with a battery pack that is included with the unit.

The charger for the battery pack is also included. The two AA batteries for the remote control have to be purchased separately.

Tec Tavakkal® 2-in-1 Converting remote control Car.

This streamlined remote control car replicates the Bugatti Veyron almost completely.

It also converts into an incredibly detailed transformer robot on call to shock and amaze your child.

This car has been built for speed and can reach speeds of up to 10 km/h on even terrain.

This car has dimensions of 15cm x 15cm x 40cm and weighs just under 1kg. It is made from durable ABS plastic that will withstand the rigors a growing child can put it through.

The battery pack that comes with the unit is 500 mAh and has a charging time of 1.5 hours. The charger for charging the battery pack is also included.

Webby Remote Control Car Racing Toy

This unique little remote control car is cartoonishly colorful and includes a little removable driver, which makes it a great gift for anyone under five years of age.

It has dimensions of 13.5cm x 10cm x 17cm. The steering wheel-shaped remote control allows your child to move the car forward or backward/sideways using two buttons.

There is also a button for turning on the lights on the remote control. There are buttons for turning the engine noise on, making music, and making sounds on the car itself.

The battery pack, as well as a charger for charging the pack, has been included with this unit.

Buying Guide/Tips



Some remote controlled cars depend on one motor that is attached to one wheel. These are quite alright as long as the terrain is even.

Try to get one with multiple motors or a power delivery system that allows power to be relayed to more than one wheel for better traction and movement.


Functional Car Parts

There are a lot of remote-controlled cars out there that allow your child to open up its doors and trunk while adjusting its spoiler.

Some also have working headlights and taillights for more realistic game-play. The more functional the parts of a car, the more excitement it will generate in your boy.


Remote Control

The standard for remote-controlled cars is that the remote should be able to turn the car both ways as well as go forward and backward.

Some of the cheaper units only allow for sideways to reverse and forward. Get a fully functional remote control car to maximize its entertainment value.



Remote control cars that go faster generally burn through a lot of power. Relying on replaceable batteries wouldn’t be a very realistic idea as it can get very expensive.

Try to get one that has a rechargeable battery pack as well as a charger for painless and affordable fun.

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