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A remote control stand is the best way of keeping your tv set organized and a great way of saving space in the living room. These stands are convenient and can be used on the table, sofa, or headboard to store remotes for easy access. They feature different compartments and come in different sizes. We have reviewed the top remote control stand so that you will be able to know the best remote control stand in the market.

1. ORCHID ENGINEERS Metal Remote Stand (Black)

With this remote control stand, all your items will be within reach. It is designed with a metal, which guarantees durability.

The stand can hold up to two remote controls. The subsequent holding space is for small and medium-sized remote controls, respectively. This remote control stand will help keep your room tidy, and every item will stay out of the way, enabling you to become more productive. It has a cute design that makes it an apt choice for home decor.

2. Nutcase Designer Remote Stand

Nutcase designer remote stand is the one for you if you love bold prints. It is made from wood for durability. It has two compartments that can hold TV remote, AC remote, music player remote and even cellphones.

The stand is crafted with elegance. It is made from sturdy and strong wood that can hold up to 4 remote controls. You can even use it to store pens, pencils and other stationery items.

3. Bluewud Roland Organizer Stand

This multipurpose wooden organizer stand can be placed on your work desk or your drawing-room table. There are small pockets in the stand for storing items. It is perfect for storing stationery items, including pens and post-its, and remote controls.

This stand is made of high-grade prelam MDF wood. It has a natural wood grain finish. The stand is ready to use and does not require any installation.

4. Shopais 6-Slot Clear Acrylic Home Desk Tv Air-Conditioner Remote Control Storage Holder Organizer Stand

This remote control stand can be used both at home and on your office desk. It is made with a unique design and sleek look. It is built with acrylic and metal for durability and appealing design.

It is equipped with six retractable compartments where you can fit your remote controls. The stand is highly convenient for homes hence no more missing remotes.

The stand is thick enough to prevent unnecessary cracks. It is sturdy enough to keep different types and sizes of remote controls.

5. UniqueKrafts Handmade Wooden Remote Control Storage Holder Stand Organizer Rack Flower Design Remote Holder

This remote control stand is perfect for use in your home and office. It is ideal for up to five remotes held in an easy to identify stand. The stand is made of wood with easy to access row compartments and an excellent finish.

The stand is built to stay useful as it protects the remote controls against unintended damage or loss. With this stand, the user will no longer have to worry about sleeping or sitting on the remote control or misplacing it.

It keeps your home organized and makes it easier to operate. It is large enough, offering a perfect space for different sizes of remote controls. The design and beautiful construction of the stand blends well with any décor of the room.

6. D&V ENGINEERING - Creative in innovation Metal Living Room Tabletop Flower Vase Design Remote Holder/Stand

The D & V Engineering remote stand organizes all of your remote controls and keeps them within reach. Its unique design can hold up to four remote controls.

The stand occupies little space in the room and can be used at home or on office tables. It is made using matte black powder-coated iron, which is a quality material that offers excellent durability.

It has a stable base that improves its stability, and the stand can accommodate any type and size of remotes. The stand measures 21 cm width, 9 cm in length, and 15 cm height. It can be placed on the table for easy access.

7. Vishal India Craft Handcraft Wooden Remote Stand

It is made to provide storage space to keep your remotes. It is made with stability, so the user will not worry about it sliding off place even when you store bulky items. It is a great addition to your home.

The stand is made with four compartments to enhance convenience. It can hold up to four remotes with an easy to handle and use design. This multi remote organizer measures 19.685 cm length, 8.89 cm in width, and 13.97 cm height and weighs 470 grams.

This remote control makes this remote control a perfect choice for individuals looking for functionality and style in a single product. You can even place your smartphone when not in use on this stand.

Buyers Guide

Number of Compartments

Different remote control stands feature varying sizes and number of compartments. The buying decision you take will be determined by the number of remote control you have and their respective sizes.

You are therefore advised to select the stand depending on your needs. If you have more items to keep, choosing the stand will have several compartments to store your items.


Material Used

The material used in constructing the remote control stand should be of high quality and durable. Consider selecting stands made from strong plastic, acrylic material, pinewood, or PU leather.

Make sure you consider the quality of the material, as some of them may be rustic. The material used is essential and determines how long you will use the stand.


Design of the Stand

The design of the remote control stand is essential in making your final decision. It is because these stands come in varying styles and designs.

The look and taste you would like your space to present will be dictated by the design of the stand you choose. Select the design and looks that will match your desires and that of your home.


Type of Remote Control Stand

It is necessary to know the types of stands available in the market. There are armrest and table stands. The table remote control stands are perfect for home supplies, offices, and various places. It is essential to select the best stand that will deliver the services you want.

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