Best Refrigerators under 30000

Refrigerators have become commonplace in Indian homes in the 21st century. Their necessity is well-known these days due to the immense benefits that they offer.

Because of this, a bunch of international, as well as Indian companies, has been releasing many products to grab potential customers. There are refrigerators for everyone’s needs and across all the price brackets.

It is quite an uphill task when one wants to buy a refrigerator when the market is loaded with products and competition. With all the online platforms, now it is easy to find the perfect refrigerator online. Therefore, here is an article to help you out if your budget is around the 30,000 range.

In this article, you get information about how refrigerators work, why refrigerators are needed, different types, and comprehensive buyers guide. Lastly, we have also mentioned our 9 best refrigerators under 30000 and FAQ’s to solve any of your queries.

11 Best Fridge under 30000 in India

Product (Best Brands)Average User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Only multi-door fridge under 30000 rupees
Refrigerator with the best build quality
Best looking Refrigerator
Best looking Refrigerator
Best looking Refrigerator
Best value for money refrigerator
unique inverter technology
Product with the highest capacity
Most silent and energy-efficient

Why Refrigerators are needed

There is a particular reason behind the popularity of refrigerators these days. Unlike the previous generation, we live in a very fast-paced world today. No one has the time to cook every meal, and hence it becomes paramount to prepare large quantities and save it for the next time.

Plus, groceries are bought on a weekly and monthly basis and not every day. Hence there is a high chance that they may get spoilt. So, a place to preserve them throughout the week or month becomes paramount. In all these cases, it is the refrigerator that comes to our rescue.

How refrigerators work to preserve food is purely biological in nature. In non-tropical regions, coldness has been used to preserve food for many centuries, and now refrigerators have bought that advantage to tropical regions like our country.

Most food items have a common threshold in terms of temperature, below which they stop decaying. This is because the growth of bacteria stops at that threshold.

Bacteria have to be the main culprits in decaying of food. While some bacteria are useful for human health, some also cause deadly diseases. Bacteria thrive in certain conditions. Those conditions are the availability of nutrients, moisture, and optimal temperature.

While preserving the food, we cannot take away its nutrients and moisture to halt bacteria growth, as they are important to us as well. What we can do is to disrupt the optimal temperature, and this done through refrigeration.

For example, milk that is left out in the open can become unsuitable to consume in a matter of hours because of bacteria growth. This growth can be slowed down rapidly through cooling, and completely freezing the milk can even help us preserve it for months.

This is the power of refrigeration. The temperature has to be maintained below 4°C to stop the growth of bacteria, as they thrive between 5°C and 60°C.

How Refrigerators Work


Suppose you take a bit of perfume or nail-polish remover and pour a bit on your hands. You will definitely feel a cooling effect on the part where you put the liquid. This is due to the evaporation of that liquid from your hands.

Hence, we can say that evaporation causes a cooling effect on whichever surface it takes place. The refrigerator also works on the same principle. However, the liquid is trapped inside the refrigerator, and it changes states constantly between liquid and gas so that you won’t have to replace it every time.

A refrigerator consists of the following basic parts that are needed in all types.

  • Compressor:  It is a part that is used to compress the refrigerant so that it can change the state easily.
  • Outer heat exchange pipes: these are long and curved pipes where exchange of heat takes place between the refrigerant and the unit. They are located on the outside
  • Expansion valve: The job of the expansion valve is opposite to that of the compressor. The compressed particles are brought here so that they can expand
  • Inner heat exchange pipes: they are quite similar to the outer pipes in size and shape, but the work they do is opposite to that of the outer heat exchange pipes.
  • Refrigerant: It is the substance responsible for the cooling effect and one which changes its state constantly from gas to liquid and vice-versa

Modern refrigerators use a regenerating cycle where a fixed amount of refrigerant is reused for the whole lifespan of the refrigerator. The refrigerant used these days is ammonia, whose boiling temperature is around -33-degree centigrade. It is moved throughout the refrigerator on a continuous basis. The ammonia first enters the compressor, which compresses it.

Due to this, the pressure builds, and it heats up to a certain temperature that might seem less for us, but too much for the ammonia. It then moves into the outer heat exchange coils that take away or dissipate the heat away from the ammonia. This causes the ammonia, which was in vapor state till now, to condense to a blue color liquid at high pressure.

The liquid ammonia then moves into the expansion unit present next to the heat exchange coils. It is called a valve because it is a small hole between two contrasting pressure areas. As the high-pressure ammonia moves into a low-pressure area, it immediately boils and reaches a temperature of 27-degree centigrade.

In other words, it evaporates, and as we already know, evaporation causes a cooling effect, and this happens in the inner heat exchange coils. The refrigerant, which is in vapor state, moves back to the compressor, and the cycle repeats.

Types of Refrigerators

Top-Freezer Refrigerators

These are the classic style of double door refrigerators that have been used for decades and the ones that come to our minds when we think of a fridge. They are called so because the freezer is small and located at the top of the layout.

Since these models are almost always the cheapest ones in the market, their popularity won’t go down anytime soon in spite of being not too practical like the other types.

Single Door Refrigerator

These ones are predominantly found in Indian households and are even non-existent in the western world. They are not as small as mini-fridges but not as big as double-door refrigerators.

They do contain all the necessary parts needed in every refrigerator, but the freezer is incorporated within the single door. Needless to say, the size of the freezer will be really small compared to other refrigerators.

The main purpose of a freezer other than getting ice cubes is to make special cold delicacies like ice cream and other desserts. If you don’t plan on doing things like that and only need it for preserving food, these make sense.

Side-by-Side Refrigerators

On a slightly higher price point compared to the top-freezer type, we find the side-to-side variety of refrigerators. They are one of the most aesthetically pleasing types you can find.

They are mainly made for people who are really conscious about saving space in their kitchen. Although these fridges appear to be big, they are just tall and thin. Hence, their capacity is also a bit on the lower side compared to other types.

One of the USPs of this type is the large freezer available for use, which may be convenient for people who are fond of making desserts.

Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

For people who do not have any storage issues and who can also afford to spend lavishly on a refrigerator, the bottom-freezer types should be their go-to choice.

Although they look stout when compared to side-by-side fridges, they are wider than other types and hence can carry more items. They are usually the ones with the highest capacity.

Both the refrigeration unit, as well as the freezer, are quite big and can be used to store a variety of stuff. They are also easy to use for taller people as the frequently used refrigeration unit is on top.

French-Door Refrigerator

French-door refrigerators are the newest type of fridges that have come to the mainstream in the past decade. They have also become a status symbol for some due to their astronomical price.

Nonetheless, you do get a lot of features for the price you are paying. They are designed like a closet, and each unit is divided into drawers that are pulled when needed. This ensures items in other drawers don’t lose refrigeration.

They also come with an ice and water dispenser built-in to provide cold water without having to store them in containers.

Counter-Depth Refrigerator

Just like side-to-side fridges, counter depth refrigerators have been designed to look pleasing to the eye as they blend in seamlessly along with the kitchen counter. They also help in conserving a lot of space.

The thickness of these refrigerators will always be between 27-30 inches, but their height will make up for the loss in width. Still, they won’t be as spacious as a French door or bottom freezer refrigerator.

Even in counter-depth refrigerators, there will be many varieties available like French door and top-freezer, but their capacity will vary when compared to actual varieties.


Mini fridges have to be the most unconventional type of fridges on this list. They are usually 2-3 times smaller than a standard-sized refrigerator.

They are used in hotel rooms, offices, small kitchens, etc. They do contain a freezer in the true sense of the word, but it is so small that it can be used only to obtain ice cubes.

The small size also means that they are really cheap and can be bought for as little as 5000 rupees.

Buyer’s Guide for Refrigerators Under 30000

Type of door

As we already know, refrigerators are mainly classified according to the type of doors they have. The number and variation of doors also dictate the amount of space available, the configuration of the set-up, and some of the unique features.

The number of doors also decides the prices of the refrigerator itself. Simple ones like a single door, top freezer fridges are cheap, while ones like bottom freezer and ones having french style doors are the most expensive of the lot.

Additional Features

The number of features that a modern-day refrigerator has can be mind-boggling. Also, they vary from one refrigerator to the next and needless to say, vary across price ranges.

However, at every price range, there will be some products that offer a killer feature not found in any other product in that range. As a consumer, you should always look out for such features, as they will take user experience to new levels. Some examples of killer features are

  • A separate temperature for each drawer in a French door refrigerator
  • Ability to resize drawers
  • Water and ice dispensers


Dimensions usually are responsible for the size and storage capacity of a refrigerator. So choosing one with the biggest dimensions in a particular price range should always be the priority. However, before going to the store or looking online, it is best to measure the available space in your kitchen for the new refrigerator. That way, buying a refrigerator that won’t fit into your space can be avoided. Also, you should measure the dimensions of the house entrance and the door to ensure that the new purchase will fit in a while bringing it through.

Noise Level

It is a known fact that refrigerators makes a lot of noise and also, it varies individually. Some are noisier than others. However, some brands have a better track record than others when it comes to quietness.

Companies like LG and Samsung are known to produce very quiet fridges. So products from these manufacturers should be on the top of your list if you are sensitive to noise.


The finish of a refrigerator is what determines its aesthetic look, and so, it is highly important. Some of the common finishes include stainless steel, plastic or fiber, and brushed metal. Brushed metal finish is usually found on the higher-priced refrigerators and looks really premium compared to other finishes.

The number of people

With varying designs and features, the capacity of the refrigerator also varies. You should have an estimated idea about the family size for which you are buying so that you can buy a product according to that.

Energy Efficient

You can save a huge amount of money on your electricity bills if you buy an energy-saving product. Most of the products available in the market come with star ratings. Higher the ratings, the more efficient the product is.

Inverter Technology

As compared to the products which come without inverter technology, these products save much more electricity and produce lesser noise while operating. It helps to maintain a consistent temperature inside the refrigerator.


In case your refrigerator causes frosting, there must be some features which help you to defrost it automatically. Buy products that come with the auto-defrost feature or frost-free technology.


It is very important that your product must be branded, because of the fact that they offer quality and performance with every product. Some of the popular refrigerator brands are Whirlpool, Samsung, Haier, LG, Panasonic, etc

1. Whirlpool 240 L Frost-Free Multi-Door Fridge – Only multi-door fridge under 30000 rupees

The Whirlpool brand has been known for its refrigerators in India. However, it is a brand that enjoys similar popularity in other parts of the world, too, as it has bases in 70 other countries. It is in the elite list of fortune 500 companies, which only goes to show the popularity of the brand.

Whirlpool entered the Indian market in 1989 as it wanted to establish its dominance outside of the US during this period. It came into partnership with another Indian giant, which is the TVS corporation.

The product we have on this list is one of its most popular ones and has many USP’s when compared to its rivals. It is also the only 3 door refrigerator on this list. It is at the top because of its rich specifications and features list. Here is everything you would want to know about it

Main Features
  • The capacity of the fridge is around 240 liters, it helps in conserving the space
  •  The refrigerator is installed with a frost-free system, but in case it doesn’t feature as required, it has an automatic defrost system to get rid of all the frost
  • It has 3 doors with a separate door for vegetable storage so that odor of other food products doesn’t contaminate the vegetables
  • The company claims that power consumption is lower than a CFL bulb
  • The outer parts are made of steel while the inner ones are made of plastic. Also, the shelf pieces are made from toughened glass
PROS (What we liked)
  • The separate drawers for vegetables and fruits to preserve their freshness is not found in any other refrigerator in this price range
  • Zeolite technology is used which also prevents excessive ripening of fruits. This combined with moisture retention tech can be a boon for fruits
  • A type of anti-microbe chemical is added to the refrigerant to prevent the build-up of microbes
  • Power consumption is really low
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Although it is sleek and slim, its capacity is less.

2. Godrej 330 L Double-Door Fridge – Refrigerator with the best build quality

Godrej is one of the most illustrious companies in Indian history and has been in business for 120 years. Unlike other manufacturers on this list, they don’t deal with only home appliances but with a variety of consumer goods that encompasses everything from soaps to cosmetics to locks and safes.

Godrej was the first brand in India to introduce refrigerators to Indians back in the 1950s and although they were limited to the rich and elite back then. Godrej refrigerator may look like any other run of the mill refrigerators but it does pack in some nice features so that it can stand out from the competition.

Here is a list of all its features, pros, and cons, that you as a consumer should be aware of.

Main Features
  • The capacity of the fridge is a massive 330 liters, making it one of the largest on this list. This capacity will be enough for a family of 4-6 people easily.
  • As with all other Godrej refrigerators, the build is very sturdy and it will give a feeling of durability
  • Offers cool shower technology in this product, which means the shelves are fitted with air vents that bring cool air individually to each shelf
  • The fridge also has aroma lock technology and as the name indicates, it conserves the aroma of the food kept inside so that they appear fresh over time.
  • It has a mechanism which automatically removes ethylene from the inside so that food decay doesn’t happen at all
PROS (What we liked)
  • Quality is undoubtedly good
  • The durability that Godrej refrigerators are known for is always an added advantage
  • It also has an inbuilt stabilizer, which is an added advantage
  • Godrej service centers are easily available
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The power rating is 2 stars, which is quite low and should be improved upon

3. Croma Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Croma Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator has a high capacity of 310 liters and is perfect for contemporary households.

It has a simple design and a single-toned finish which matches the aesthetics of most kitchens and complements the interior.

This double door refrigerator allows easy separation of storage space and keeps food fresh. It has a smart cooling feature which ensures speedy and effective cooling and has an option of freezer control ranging from minimum to maximum. 

Main Features
  • It has a 2-star energy efficiency rating and a capacity of 310 liters
  • The refrigerator has LED tower illumination and toughened adjustable glass shelves
  • It has transparent door racks and cleans back design with adjustable levelling legs
  • This unit includes a vegetable tray, ice tray, egg tray, user manual
  • The twist ice maker feature keeps ice cubes ready for providing it quickly when needed
PROS (What we liked)
  • The ergonomic capacity provides optimum cooling and presents a spacious body
  • It has a special feature of quick chill with multi air flow cooling 
  • The glass shelves make are easy to clean and allow easy stacking without the worry of damage
  • The vegetable box has a humidity controller that keeps the vegetables fresh 
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It makes a slightly louder noise

4. Godrej Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Godrej Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator has a capacity of 260 liters and has 3 star energy efficiency rating. It comes with an auto-defrost function to prevent ice buildup.

This refrigerator is made in India and keeps homemade food fresh for a healthy and fit life.

It features Intelligent Automated Defrosting Technology and Anti-B Technology to ensure fresh and odour-free food for a long time.

Main Features
  • It is a 6 in 1 convertible refrigerator with inverter compressor 
  • This refrigerator has a capacity of 260 liters which is suitable for medium-sized family
  • It is equipped with spill-proof toughened glass shelves 
  • This product features a large vegetable tray with 27 liters storage space 
  • The air vents placed directly above the food provides superior cooling
PROS (What we liked)
  • Inverter compressor ensures greater efficiency, durability and silent operation
  • It has an Aroma Lock Technology for keeping food fresh and odour free for a long time
  • This refrigerator provides appropriate cooling and promotes flexibility to use freezer depending on the need
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed so far

5. LG 260 L 4 Star Frost-Free Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator 

With innovative technology and Smart Connect feature, experience ideal cooling all day long. Now you need not worry about power cuts as the refrigerator gets automatically connected with your home inverter.

Along with the Smart Connect feature, the Direct Cooling system LG 260 L 4 Star Frost-Free Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator (GL-C292SASX, Amber Steel) cools more evenly and faster than any other refrigerators.

Main Features

  • The product comes with a Smart Inverter Technology that makes it an energy-efficient product. Along with that, it operates silently all day long.
  • Due to LG Direct Cooling system, the refrigerator becomes cool faster than any other conventional cooling system up to 35%.
  • It also comes with a Jet Ice system, which makes sure that the ice can be formed in less than 90 minutes. The unique Cooling shower blows cold air evenly on the tray, which helps to form ice faster.
  • LG’s smart diagnosis allows for troubleshooting problems faster. Just place the phone towards the appliance and a computer diagnosis the problems.
PROS (What we liked)
  • At every corner of the refrigerator, multiple air vents are provided, which makes sure that cool air is blown evenly. Each of the food items is properly cooled.
  • Auto SMart connect feature allows your refrigerator to be connected to your home inverter so that, if the power goes, it automatically takes power from the inverter to run.
  • The product has energy efficient and long life span LED lighting.
  • For storing large bottles of 2L, the product makes an option for that.
  • The toughened glass prevents breakage and damage to the shelves.
  • The Lattice patterned box cover maintains ideal moisture level.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points found.

6. Whirlpool 265 L 4 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator 

This all-new refrigerator comes with 3 IntelliSensors which performs various functions such as Load Sensing, Weather Sensing and Usage Pattern sensing.

The advanced IntelliSense Technology that comes along with the Whirlpool 265 L  makes it energy-efficient and ensures matchless performance. With Auto-connect with a home inverter, it provides consistent cooling everytime.

Let us have a look at the features.

Main Features

  • You can change the refrigerator according to different modes. It is a 5-in-1 Mode refrigerator which are All-season, Chef, Dessert, Party, and Deep-Freeze modes.
  • The key features of this refrigerator are the 3 IntelliSensors which are installed in it which performs Load Sensing, Weather Sensing, and Usage Pattern sensing. All these sensings makes the refrigerator adaptive to the present conditions and works accordingly. Now experience optimum cooling for a long time.
  • The Adaptive Intelligence (AI Microprocessor) technology analyzes the usage and ensures optimum cooling for a very long time.
  • With Zeolite technology, Microblock technology, and FreshFlow AirTower, you can experience 15 days garden freshness fruits and vegetables.
  • IntelliSense Inverter technology allows it to be connected to the home inverter. During power cuts, the product runs efficiently.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The Zeolite technology prevents excess ripening of fruits, preventing them from getting spoiled.
  • The Microblock Technology easily adapts to the internal conditions and prevent the bacterial growth by up to 99%.
  • The toughened glass prevents breakage and damage to the shelves.
  • It reduces oxidation to maintain the original freshness of food items.
  • The Active-deo keeps the refrigerator odour-free and fresh.
  • The Honey Comb Moisture Lock-in Technology box cover maintains ideal moisture level.
  • The strategically placed vents produce even cold airflow around the product to provide uniform cooling and provide freshness.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were found.

7. Samsung 253 L Double-Door Fridge – Best looking Refrigerator

There is no introduction needed for Samsung. It is one of the biggest companies in the world right now and the variety of electronics that they manufacture across all sectors is something no other brand in the world currently does in such a scale.

Although their main revenue currently is from smartphones and computers, they still are the leaders in the home appliances department too. This shows they haven’t neglected a sector that was once their bread and butter.

Samsung has played a major part in innovation and improving products that directly impact the refrigeration market.

This Samsung refrigerator that we are reviewing and recommending here is a fruit of all that innovation. It is one of the most innovative products that you would be able to find in the sub 30000 rupee category.

Down below, we give you a list of all its features and both the good and bad aspects of the product so that you can make an informed decision.

Main Features
  • This Samsung product comes with frost-free technology. It offers the auto defrost technology that is found only in a few products in this range. This enables the refrigerator itself to eliminate the frost in case it does form
  • The capacity of the fridge is 253 liters, ideally, it is made for a family of 3-4 people.
  • Samsung says that this model doesn’t require any type of stabilizer to function and hazards can be completely controlled by the refrigerator itself
  • The company provides a 10-year warranty for the compressor and 1 year on the product. The product is quite durable and the insides are made of toughened glass
PROS (What we liked)
  • The freezer can be converted into a refrigeration unit if needed and this will provide 88 liters of extra space while also conserving energy
  • The Samsung patented dual fan technology is used, which means separate temperature control for both freezer and refrigerator
  •  The front has a digital display which can give all the information about the health and condition of the refrigerator. This feature is usually not found in this price range
  • It comes with power freeze and power cool technology which can give an additional 31% increase in refrigeration power whenever needed.
  • The looks of the refrigerator are quite pleasing and good to look at
  • It consists of a moist fresh zone to conserve fruits and veggies
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The 2-star power rating is quite low.
  • It doesn’t come with any sort of door alarm to alert the user when the door is unnecessarily opened

8. Haier 320 L Double-Door Fridge – Best value for money refrigerator

The 4th product on this list comes from a company called Haier. Haier might not be that famous in India, but it is one of the leading home appliances companies in the world who are just spreading their footprint in the Indian market these days.

They were started in a Chinese city called Qingdao in 1984 and within 20 years, they saw so much growth that they were declared the 2nd biggest home appliances brand in the world. Second only to the legendary Whirlpool.

Today the company gets around 3 billion dollars in revenue each year and is present in USA, Europe, China, Japan and India. The brand also has 7000 patents to its name.

The product we are reviewing here haier refrigerator is the cheapest on the list and still is competing with refrigerators that are priced very high compared to this. This is because the features list is packed and is quite similar to products in the higher niche. Here is a list covering all that

Main Features
  • The capacity is similar to the Whirlpool and Samsung product at 258 liters, sufficient for a family of 3-4 people
  • The refrigerator has frost-free as well as auto-defrost tech, which is commendable for the fridge in the 20000 rupee category
  • The company is giving the standard 1-year product and 10-year compressor warranty
  • The fridge has been fitted with an anti-fungal gasket to prevent formation of fungus on the inside of the doors
  • Even in this refrigerator, the freezer can be converted into a fridge.
  • It has turbo icing facility which is able to produce ice cubes in less than 50 minutes
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is very cheap in comparison to other refrigerators having the same features
  • The design of the fridge is quite elegant in nature
  • It has a 3-star energy rating, which is one of the highest for any product on this list
  • Turbo icing facility is very useful in the summertime
  • The doors of the fridge can even be locked. This feature is seldom found in other refrigerators
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Capacity is a bit low compared to the competition
  • No pre-installed stabilizer, meaning you will have to buy one from the aftermarket

9. Panasonic 307 L 3 Star Double-Door Refrigerator – unique inverter technology

Panasonic 307 L 3 Star Double-Door Refrigerator
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Panasonic 307 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator (NR-BG311VDA3) comes with special ECONAVI technology that provides smart cooling and ideal freshness inside the refrigerator. It gives optimum operation along with saving energy.

Let us have a look at the features of this product.

Main Features
  • The ECONAVI sensors are responsible for detecting the conditions of use, and the microprocessors analyze them so that the frequency of the motor could be adjusted to give the best cooling performance.
  • The inverter system memorizes the pattern of usage for 3 weeks and predicts the conditions of use each and every hour. Base on that pattern, the system chooses the ideal cooling option.
  • The reliable Japanese quality of this product is easy to use and tough to break.
PROS (What we liked)
  • With an airtight structure and gasket along with humidity controller, the fruits and vegetables get preserved for a longer time.
  • The large capacity vegetable and frits case allows a number of items to be stored in a more organized way.
  • Cold air constantly blows from the rear panel to the sides to surround all the items. It wraps the items around a cold surrounding.
  • An active enzyme which is present inside the product removes all the odor from it.
  • The Ag(Silver) element present makes the product from bacterias and mold.
  • The toughened glass sleeves can hold up to 100kgs of weight.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were found.
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10. Whirlpool 340 L Double-Door Fridge – Product with the highest capacity

Another product on this list from the house of whirlpool just goes to show the level of dominance that it has on the market share. Hence, it is no wonder that it is the leader of refrigerators in India.

The reason why there are 2 products from whirlpool is that both are made for different types of consumers. This is another testament to the fact that they cater to the consumer’s needs.

The first product was fully featured-laden and made for people who wanted the best features at the lowest price possible. Whirlpool refrigerator is a no-nonsense product that still has a good set of features but emphasizes sheer quantity over quality. Here is a list of it.

Main Features
  • The capacity of a fridge is a whopping 340 liters and hence one of the fridges with the highest capacity in this category. It is most suitable for families with 6 or more members
  • The energy rating is 2 stars.
  • The inner area is mostly made from toughened glass to take any kind of weight the user puts on it
  • The standard combo of 1-year and a 10-year warranty for product and compressor respectively is given
  • The fridge also comes with frost-free and defrost technology as expected from a company like Whirlpool
PROS (What we liked)
  • Although it doesn’t have separate cooling vents for each shelf like others, it has a tower that is scientifically designed to perform uniform cooling across the fridge
  • Active-Deo technology is used which keeps the inside of the fridge odor-free in all conditions
  • It comes with an inbuilt stabilizer so consumers don’t have to separately buy one
  • Like the other product, even this has a chemical additive in the refrigerant which keeps the microbes away
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The star rating is very low.

11. LG 260 L Frost-Free Double-Door Fridge – Most silent and energy efficient refrigerator

Just like Whirlpool and Samsung, LG is a company that has an illustrious history. From a small company started in the 1950s in war-struck Korea, it is now one of the most recognizable brand in the world. It has a presence in almost all the regions of the world and people from all over the world depend on it daily to make their life a bit easier.

The product that we have today in the review is one of the most popular products in the sub-30000 rupee bracket and also comes in some funky colors unlike others on this list.

Lg refrigerator’s specification list may be mediocre, but the extra features make up for all that is missing. Down below is a list of those features, and both the good and bad aspect of this product

Main Features
  • The capacity of the fridge is standard at 260 liters. It is sufficient for a family of 3-4 people
  • Unlike other refrigerators on this list, it is made up of steel rather than plastic
  • The inner shelf is made from toughened glass to handle heavyweights
  • It has an inverter type of compressor that is more energy-efficient in other words, it provides more energy using less electricity
  • It uses linear cooling technology so that the cool air can be spread evenly throughout
PROS (What we liked)
  • Since it is a product from LG, there can be no question about the quality that is on offer. Also, it’s service centres are easily available in India
  • Inverter technology improves energy efficiency by 50% and reduces noise by 25%
  • It is available in funky colors.
  • It has cooling vents in the door to give cool air from the front too
  • Connecting to the LG app may help to known real-time information about the state and condition of the refrigerator
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Capacity is not that big.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do all refrigerators have frost-free technology?

No, all refrigerators don’t have frost-free technology. The ones that don’t have are the single door ones. However, all double door types have frost-free technology.

This is useful because the coldness is spread evenly around all the areas and this prevents forming of frost on some parts which are overcooled. If frost does form, then the user would have to clean it himself, which would be a hassle. So that is the main disadvantage of the single door refrigerator.

2. What is the ideal temperature that a refrigerator should be at?

The temperature at which you maintain the refrigerator should ideally depend on the kind of food you are looking to preserve and how long you plan on preserving it. Bacterial growth stops at a temperature below 5 degrees Celsius, so that should be the minimum temperature.

However, some food items will develop a layer of frost if you overcool it, which won’t be pleasant. The freezer should be ideally maintained below the freezing point to create ice cubes or preserve stuff like ice cream whenever needed.

3. What is the best way to clean the refrigerator?

The refrigerator is one of the most time-consuming areas while cleaning your kitchen. Also, you cannot use all the other products that you normally use in the kitchen cleaning process as they will contaminate the food. Don’t use strong agents and disinfectants like bleaches, as the chemicals which will stay on the inner surface of the fridge.

Try to use natural products like baking soda to wipe the surface after removing all the plates and drawers. Another use of baking soda is to keep a handful of it in a corner of the fridge as it will absorb all the bad odor that may be caused.

4. How many star ratings are given and what should be the ideal star rating?

The star rating gives us an idea about the energy efficiency of a refrigerator. 5 stars are the best rating that a fridge can get and this indicates that it is very energy efficient. However, as you go up in the price range and budget, the star rating tends to decrease due to the special features on offer

5. What capacity should the refrigerator be?

The ideal size of the refrigerator depends upon the number of members you have in your family. The ideal size of the refrigerator for 2-4 members is 250-300L.

6. Which is the most reliable refrigerator brand?

The most reliable refrigerator brand available in the market is Whirlpool, LG, and Samsung. Since there are a lot of varying features available in the market, these are the most reliable brands for the refrigerator.


So that was the detailed article on the best refrigerators that your money can buy you under 30000 rupees. You will definitely have a variety of options to choose from and there is a refrigerator for every type of consumer in this list.

If you want the biggest storage and are brand conscious, you should buy the Whirlpool 340 liter refrigerator. If you want the most value for money product, you should go for the Haier one.

However, the best product that doesn’t miss out on anything has to be the Whirlpool 240 liter multi-door fridge, which is why it is on top of the list.

Hemanth Kumar

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