Best Power Tools in India

Maybe you have this question of what is the significance of using power drills, hot air guns, glue guns, grinders, and etc. in our day to day tasks. You might be thinking that laborers and carpenters are the only ones who need them. Are these tools worthy to be regarded as a primary need or will it affect our way of accomplishing tasks if they are not present?

These are the questions that boggle our minds from time to time if we are purchasing an item that we are uncertain of buying.

When it comes to doing heavy tasks that are usually done by men, we want to make sure that we do it in a précised and quick manner. But, this does not happen when you are tired and do not have the right tools to do the job.

This is the moment when power tools come in handy because they are proven very reliable on different tasks. The presence of these items has brought a lot of assistance to new heights that you can ever imagine.

Power tools are primarily made to accomplish heavy tasks effortlessly and with high efficiency that cannot be easily accomplished if you will do the task manually. One example is a thick wood, if you are planning to cut it, then it will take a lot of time and energy if you will just use an axe.

In this product review, you will find various why should you buy a power tool, types of power tools, what to look for before buying any power tool, along with the FAQ’S and a list of our best power tools

Top 11 Power Tools in India

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
High Durable and Portable
Highly Durable Body & Motor
Energy Efficient
Great Design and Comfort
For Heavy Duty Use
Affordable and Durable
Quality on a Budget
Outstanding Durability
Excellent Warranty Terms
Quick and Very Responsive
Great Design and Stability

Why Should You Buy a Power Tool?


By using a power tool, you can save a lot of time doing heavy tasks because power tools are fast and efficient.

Lessens Injury

You will lessen the chances of injury with the use of power tools compared to doing your heavy tasks manually. For example, you have an axe that is worn out already and while you are using it, the axe suddenly split into two which can put your life in danger.


By using power tools, you will have the ability to do your work with higher efficiency which will provide you more desirable results.

Different Types of Power Tools


This power tool is primarily made for achieving the equilibrium of wood from point A to point B to ensure that the surfaces are paralleled with each other


It helps people in hollowing out the interiors of a hard object most particularly wood and hard plastics.


This is primarily used for making holes on hard objects such as wood, concrete, ceramic, plastic and etc with the use of a rotating pin.


It is a tool that uses a circular blade to cut or mark a hard object such as ceramic tiles, concretes, wood, and plastic.

Glue guns

A glue stick is placed inside of this tool and is melted inside the glue gun to provide an adhesive that is truly effective in bonding objects.

Heat gun

This tool heats plastic or fiber that is in need of shrinking to cover up certain spaces such as the surface of a car or bottle cap. It is also used by electronic technicians to heat electronic components on the board for re-soldering purposes.


It is primarily used to polish and smoothen the surfaces of different objects more particularly wooden surfaces.


This tool is used to cut hard objects by means of piercing and is known for its efficiency that’s why it is used by a lot of carpenters to accomplish their tasks.

Demolition Hammer

It is perfectly used for breaking down thick concrete walls that are used for demolition purposes.

What to Look For When Buying Power Tools?


Especially for grinders, drills, and electric hammers, the most important thing to look for is how much horsepower they have, because this is your basis if it can handle the workload that you needed.


It is really important to know if the power tool that you are eyeing to buy not emit too much noise or not. This is because no one wants to use a tool that is very annoying to the ears.


It is very important for a power tool to have proper insulation from heat so that while you are using it, your hands will not get hurt from the tremendous amount of heat it emits.

Power Consumption

When you are going to buy a power tool always check the power consumption. Make sure it is not too much because you do not want your electricity to get too high the next billing.


There are drills that can be used for a dual purpose such as for drilling itself and can be transformed into an electric screwdriver. By doing so you are making the most out of your money.


As much as possible for drills and grinders, it is more desirable to go for the cordless one so that you can use them more comfortably and freely.

Size and Weight

No one wants to use a power tool that is extremely heavy and huge because it will give them a hard time in doing their tasks. This is the primary reason why you should check the product’s weight and dimension at all times to ensure it is tolerable to carry. Lightweight and proper sized machines are some of the best power tools to own.


There are instances wherein some of the items that we bought brand new had some factory defects, and it happens from time to time. For you to be protected on those kinds of scenarios always check if the power tool has good warranty terms.


When it comes to power tools it is very important to know if the materials used in their body and electrical components/motor are sturdy enough to ensure that it will last longer and this is where you will also know if it is safe to use.


A lot of times the brand speaks for the item itself. It is very important that the brand is highly-reputable, as the best power tool brands provide peace of mind that everything will work out well while you are using it.


 There are products that after few uses deteriorate immediately and you would not want it to happen on your power tools. Always check if the product has passed its corresponding quality standards check to give you a peace of mind that it will work as expected.

Easy to use

Power tools are meant to be user-friendly because its primary purpose is to provide you a lot of ease while working on your tasks. Always go for power tools that do not have a complex mechanism so that you will not have a hard time when using it.

Hassle-free Cleaning

We are going to use power tools in tasks that are very dirty that is why after we use it, except that the power tool will be really dirty. In this manner, we must ensure that our power tools can be cleaned easily for hygienic purposes


 We all have different annual income, for this reason, we must live according to our means. If you are buying power tools check if it fits your budget

1. Bosch Professional Tool Kit – High Durable and Portable

Bosch Professional Tool Kit
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This is one of the top power toolsets as it has a complete pack of 100 sets which is made of premium materials is a great option for first-time users to buy.

Power tools Bosch has a very sturdy casing that will keep your drill safe at all times. This also gives you the opportunity to bring it anywhere you want to.

Main Features
  • Warranty – 6  months
  • No-load speed – 0 to 2600 RPM
  • Drilling diameter – 10 millimeters for concrete and masonry; 8 millimeters for steel; 20 millimeters for wood
  • The material used – stainless for the attachments and plastic for the body and casing.
  • Chuck capacity – 1 to 10 millimeters
  • Impact rate – 0 to 41600 BPM
  • 1/2 inch drill spindle connecting thread – this provides you a lot of freedom to drill with high-efficiency and precision.
  • Power – 500 watts (Input) and 250 watts (Output)
PROS (What we liked)
  • Ergonomic design: This provides great comfort while you are using the drill because its handle is very easy to grip and will not make your hands sore even if you use it for an extended period.
  • Outstanding power: Expect that you can finish the task much faster and easier because of its decent horsepower.
  • Saves electricity: Since it only consumes 500 watts per use, expect that it will not affect your electricity bills that much.
  • Non-heat handle: While using this drill you will not feel any heat at all, this keeps you safe from injuries that are inflicted by hot objects.
  • Amazing design: You can use this drill with a lot of style and elegance because its design is very pleasing to the eyes.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Below average performance when used on concrete: The product is not great to be used for the concrete surfaces.
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2. Black & Decker Hammer Drill Machine – Highly Durable Body & Motor

Black & Decker Hammer Drill Machine
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For those who love to make the most out of their deals then Black & Decker KR554RE Hammer Drill Machine is the perfect one to buy.

It has a pretty decent power and at the same time variable speed settings that you can choose based on your preference.

It also has an ergonomic handle and light in terms of weight making it easy to carry it while using. The most amazing thing is despite of its powerful motor it only consumes 550 watts per use. Now, let us check out its other features.

Main Features
  • Warranty – 6 months
  • Product Dimensions – 30.6 x 26.4 x 8.2 cm
  • Weight – 2.23 kilograms
  • Chuck capacity – 13 mm
  • Maximum drilling capacity – 20 mm for wood and 133 mm for steel and masonry
  • Reverse brush system – provides full power while you are using the tool without compromising comfort.
  • Shockproof design – with this feature you do not have to worry of those annoying vibrations and at the same time rest assured that the tool is safe from strong impacts and etc.
  • Package includes – unit, chuck key, depth gauge, 4 drill bits, and aux handle.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Amazing design: When it comes to style, do not worry because this tool will not become outdated with its modern sleek look and color.
  • Innovative features: This tool is known for its functional and advanced features.
  • Sturdy materials: Expect that this tool will surely last long because of its durable materials.
  • Affordable: Compared to its competitor brands, this multipurpose drill is very budget-friendly.
  • Ergonomic handle: Provides a lot of comfort while you are using the tool because the handle is very easy to grip.
  • Safe to use: While you are using it, you do not have to worry if the attachments will loosen up because it is completely secured and sealed.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Scarcity in spare parts: Since this product is imported expect that spare parts are pretty difficult to find.
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3. KHADIJA Drill Machine Set – Energy Efficient

KHADIJA Drill Machine Set
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When it comes to drills, mostly we would want them to be energy-efficient as much as possible. With KHADIJA Drill Machine, it is attainable because it only consumes 400 watts of energy every use added the fact that you will have the ability to control its speed which also adds to its efficiency.

This is perfect for personal use or for people that are planning to take their masonry skills to a professional level.

Main Features
  • Reverse forward rotation with speed regulator – can screw at low speed , it also has a fitted lock on switch meaning the trigger can be locked on when you are using the tool for extended periods of time, for additional comfort and ease of use.
  • Warranty – 6 months
  • Bosch 5 pieces masonry drill bit set Size Diameter: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm
  • The material used – HSS with brazed carbide
  • Tip Type – Double flute conical tip
  • 13pc HSS drill set – 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.2mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 4.8mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 6.5mm(13pcs drill bit set is for light operations like for wood and plastic and light metal sheets.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Strong Motor: This drill is equipped with a very reliable copper motor. It can handle drilling tasks for hard objects that are fairly reasonable to penetrate.
  • Ergonomic Design: It has a powerful and robust plastic body with an ergonomic handle to provide a firm grip over the machine during operation. It can be operated comfortably over long periods of usage.
  • Speed Regulation: This drilling machine has a reverse and forward function that is combined with a speed regulator so that you can alter the speed successfully. The lowest speed can be used for the screwing function.
  • Simple Operation: This tool has an on and off trigger switch that lets you manipulate it using your finger tips. The lock button system will support you during prolonged use.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Can’t penetrate thick irons.
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4. Black & Decker Angle Grinder – Great Design and Comfort

Black & Decker Angle Grinder
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Cutting hard objects can be a very tremendous task thankfully, grinders were invented because of them everything becomes easier.

If you have no idea of what grinder to go for then Black & Decker G720R 4-Inch/100mm 820-Watt Angle Grinder is probably a great choice.

Black & Decker is known for its highly-durable products in the electronic and machinery industry. By buying their products, rest assured that it will meet your needs and expectations.

Main Features
  • Power – 820 watts
  • Cutting wheel size – 100 mm (4-Inch)
  • Speed – 12, 000 RPM
  • Spindle Size – M10
  • Cable – 2 meters
  • Weight – 2.08 kg
  • Lock-on switch for continuous use – maintains the consistency of the speed of the grinder for more efficient results.
  • 3 Position side handles – it will give you the option on which is the most comfortable spot for you to hold.
  • Package includes – angle grinder, side handle, and wrench
  • Warranty – 6 months comprehensive on the product
PROS (What we liked)
  • Ergonomically designed with perfect body grip: This feature will give you a guarantee that you can use this tool comfortably.
  • Multipurpose: It can be used for metal grinding, polishing stone, granite, and metal sheet cuttings.
  • Long power cable: This gives you the privilege to freely move from one place to another while using this tool without any difficulties.
  • Dust sealed switch: This ensures that the dust will not go inside of the tool keeping its motor safe at all times.
  • Highly-durable: Since this product is made by a well-known brand and has heavy-duty materials expect that it will surely last long.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Sometimes the switch gets stuck.
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5. Bosch Angle Grinder – For Heavy Duty Use

Bosch Angle Grinder
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There are instances wherein we are in need to accomplish tasks that requires a tremendous amount of effort. Some examples of it are marble tiles, thick rocks, jack-built bricks, thick woods, and many more. This is the primary reason why we must have a grinder that can handle such amount of workload.

With Bosch Angle Grinder GWS 900-100, you are surely at the right place because it has a high-torque motor that guarantees an incredible amount of power to effortlessly handle the job.

Main Features
  • Power consumption – 900 watts
  • Easy to control in the same products through appropriate size with hand grip and ergonomic design
PROS (What we liked)
  • Long life product: Even in difficult working environments and under heavy workload you can have the assurance that it will last long because of its highly-durable parts.
  • Easy to grip handle: This tool is equipped with an ergonomically-designed handle making it very easy to carry while in use.
  • Amazing design: When it comes to design this grinder will not let you down because of its clean and elegant look.
  • Easy to clean: This grinder does not have any hard to reach areas making it very easy to sanitize after use.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Some damaged parts have been observed
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6. Stanley Plastic Gluepro Glue Gun – Affordable and Durable

Stanley Plastic Gluepro Glue Gun
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It is pretty obvious that glue guns are very useful for a lot of tasks that we are doing because they are used to bond objects.

If you are looking for a very reliable one that will help you bond small and light objects then Stanley 69GR20B Plastic Gluepro Trigger Feed Hot Melt Glue Gun is a great option for you to consider.

It is made by Stanley which is a proven power tool manufacturer in terms of remarkable quality. Come and let us check out its other features below.

Main Features
  • Waiting time – approximately 2 to 5 minutes depending on if you will use the cordless feature or not.
  • Required glue sticks – 12 mm
  • Rapid heat up – this tool heats up very quickly which gives you the privilege to use it within a few minutes after you plug it.
  • Fold-out stand – this feature is created for safe handy storage while in use.
  • Trigger-feed mechanism – controls glue flow for much more efficient and non-messy usage of the glue gun.
  • Can run cordless up to 10 minutes
  • Power consumption – 25 watts
  • Operating voltage 220-240 volts
  • Dimensions -110 x 45 x 95 mm
PROS (What we liked)
  • Comfortable to use: Since this glue gun is very light and compact, expect that you can easily use it whenever you need to.
  • Portable: This glue gun has a very desirable size and weight that lets you bring it wherever you need to.
  • Affordable: Despite that, it came from a well-known brand, it is surprising that it has a very budget-friendly price which is really a good thing.
  • Vibrant color: It comes in the color yellow making it very desirable to look at and fun to use.
  • Easy to use: There is no complex mechanisms that can be found on this product making it very user-friendly at all times.
  • Energy-efficient: It only consumes very little amount of electricity and at the same time you can use it without plugging which can save you a lot on your electricity bills.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No free glue stick.
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7. BLACK DECKER Heat Gun – Quality on a Budget

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As we all know heat guns have a lot of uses that is why it is very essential for you to have one at the comforts of your own home.

However, people are afraid to use it because they have this wrong notion that it is unsafe to use. Worry no more because BLACK+DECKER KX1800 Dual Temperature Heat Gun is here to save your day. You can now easily perform different tasks that are very difficult to do manually.

Right now, let us check out its other features that will make you think that it is definitely a must-have.

Main Features
  • Warranty – 6 months
  • Power consumption – 1800 watts
  • Built-in stand – this is where you can put the tool in order for you to use it hands-free and when you want its temperature to subside for a while.
  • Good for various purposes such as roof repairs, removal of paint and rusted nuts, screws, and blots, lighting fire, and many more.
  • Cord length – 2 meters
PROS (What we liked)
  • Ergonomic design for easy grip: The gun is designed lightweight to ensure less fatigue while you are holding it.
  • Low noise: It is very desirable to use because it does not emit any noise at all while it is in use.
  • Very affordable: Despite of its good features and quality, its price remains very budget-friendly which is definitely a plus point to this product.
  • Good for personal use: It can be used for different household purposes like stripping paint, removing synthetic plaster, defrosting of icy stairs, steps, door locks, trunk lids, car doors, water pipes, and many more.
  • Advisable for professional use: It is also great to use for different industrial purposes like soldering pipes, shrinking PVC, removing rusted bolts, acceleration of bonding process, releasing of bonding points, etc.
  • Heats up very rapidly: This heat gun is very quick when it comes to heating up which will save you a lot of time, waiting for the heat gun to get hot.
  • Dual temperature settings: It is always better to have heat settings when it comes to heat guns because it gives you the ability to choose the right temperature you need for your task.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Not suitable for extended use: Some users have reported that after 5 minutes of use the heat gun emits a smoke, this is the reason why it is only good for limited use.
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8. Stanley Variable Speed Heat Gun – Outstanding Durability

Stanley Variable Speed Heat Gun
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Stanley has a proven reputation when it comes to power tools, this is the primary reason why buying a heat gun from Stanley is really a great decision.

Its Stanley STXH2000 2000-Watt Variable Speed Heat Gun, is one of the top of the line heat guns on their line and is equipped with premium features that you will surely love.

For you to decide whether it is the perfect heat gun for you or not, let’s now check out its other features.

Main Features
  • 2-speed heat gun with variable heat control giving maximum control in all heat gun applications.
  • Product Dimensions – 29 x 26.8 x 9.2 cm
  • Weight – 1.2 kg
  • Power consumption – 2000 watts
  • Variable heat setting – it gives you the privilege to use this heat gun for a large variety of applications because you can control the temperature freely.
  • Ergonomic handle design – created for comfortable use even over extended periods of time.
  • Lock-on switch – this gives you the privilege of using it without pressing the switch all the time for a more comfortable feel.
  • Package contents – main unit, warranty card and manual
  • Warranty – 1 year
PROS (What we liked)
  • Exceptional design: If you will look at the design itself you will feel that it is a premium item because it has an elegant, sleek, and clean-looking design.
  • Safe to use: This heat gun has very good insulation which lets you not feel any heat while holding it which prevents you from getting injured.
  • Fast heating: It is made to heat up very fast which gives you a lot of advantages as you can do your task immediately saving you a lot of time.
  • Very light:  By being light and having a tolerable size you can use this heat gun comfortably.
  • Easy to clean: The texture of this heat gun is very smooth and there are no hard to reach areas which makes it very easy to clean when needed.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The product os overall a great quality.
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9. iBELL Orbital Sander – Excellent Warranty Terms

iBELL Orbital Sander
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When it comes to buying any kinds of products, it is always important to check if they have a very good warranty term and when it comes to that iBELL never fails to meet your expectations.

Its iBELL Orbital Sander OS23-46, is an excellent choice if you want to go for an assurance of having a fully-functional sander with the added protection of an extended warranty.

Besides the warranty, it has a number of features that will surely catch your attention because it will greatly help you with your tasks.

Main Features
  • Fast material removal – it finishes the job faster because of its large orbit size and high number of oscillations.
  • Product dimensions – 33 x 14 x 17 cm
  • Weight – 2 kilograms
  • Compact in height – gives you the privilege to get nearer to the work surface for greater comfort and control.
  • Effective dust management – this feature is created for maximum pick-up and a cleaner work area.
  • Soft rubber grip – gives you greater comfort when sanding even for long periods of time.
  • Switch action includes lock button – this is made so that you will not have to click the switch continuously when sanding.
  • Speed adjusting dial tool – because of this the speed can be infinitely adjusted from 4000 to 11000 orbits per minute
PROS (What we liked)
  • Desirable results: It removes the swirl marks effectively for a smoother finish.
  • Ergonomic handle and exceptional lightness: It is very light weight with a comfortable handle for gripping it comfortably and allows moving it at any angle and dimensions
  • Time-saver: The orbital sander includes variable speed controls which you can utilize to speed things up.
  • Good for the health: This tool has a micro filter system that traps the small dust particles so that it will not enter your lungs.
  • High-quality: Since it is from a highly-reputable and well-known brand expect that it will surely last longer than expected.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Rubber quality is below average: The rubber that is attached on its handle peels off easily
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10. Bosch Professional Jigsaw – Excellent Warranty Terms

Bosch Professional Jigsaw
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Cutting thick objects can be a tiring job especially if you do not have the right set of tools. You can either choose if you will do it manually but it will cost you a lot of time and effort.

Thankfully, electric jigsaws were invented because of them the tremendous workload of cutting thick objects are significantly reduced.

You probably want to consider this Bosch 06015A8000 GST 650 Professional Jigsaw and as we all know Bosch is a very reliable brand. It has been in the business of manufacturing power tools and appliances for a long period of time that’s why it is trusted already by many.

Main Features
  • High-quality Bosch standards – this gives you the guarantee that this sander has passed a lot of standard checks to ensure that it meets the quality that will satisfy the customers.
  • Adjustable stroke rate – it gives you the ability to control the speed depends on how thick the material you are trying to cut.
  • Compact design – allows you to carry it without any hassles for more comfortable working experience.
  • Good for wood, plastic, metal, ceramic plates, and rubber.
  • Easy to click a button – the button is very easy to click for hassle-free working.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Minimal vibration: While you are using this jigsaw you will not feel any vibrations at all because its exterior has outstanding stability.
  • Slim handle: This gives you a lot of freedom to grip the handle to avoid any accidents that are due to slips.
  • Lightweight for easy use: With this attribute, you will not have a hard time carrying the tool while using which results in more desirable results and excellent conservation of your own energy.
  • Great design: The design of this jigsaw is really exceptional because it combines the awesomeness of modern look without compromising its functionalities.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • We did not observe any issues with the product. Both performance and quality is satisfactory.
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11. iBELL Demolition Hammer – Great Design and Stability

iBELL Demolition Hammer
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When you are planning to renovate your house most probably you will need to break the concrete walls down. This can be a tremendous job which will eat up a lot of your time and energy.

With the use of a demolition hammer, you can speed things up which gives you the opportunity to quicken up the process of your renovation.

Regarding that we would want to suggest to you a demolition hammer that is truly worth trying, it is the iBELL Demolition Hammer IBL DH10-78. This demolition hammer is proven durable that will surely cut down the amount of time needed to finish the task into half.

Main Features
  • Side handle with full radial adjustment – it gives you a secured grip in almost any position for more efficient demolition.
  • Anti-vibration feature – while you are using this tool you will not feel any vibration which will make your job faster and less stressful.
  • Warranty – 6 months
  • Power consumption – 1150 watts
  • Dimensions: 52 x 14 x 36 cm
  • Weight – 6.07 Kg
PROS (What we liked)
  • Lockable switch: It gives you a sustained operation during long periods of use to avoid soreness and to make the job much faster.
  • Incredibly lightweight: Expect that you will not experience any hardships while using this tool because it is compact and at the same time very light.
  • Energy-saver: Despite its powerful motor it is very surprising that it only consumes a little amount of electricity. By having this attribute, you will surely save a lot of money on your electricity bills.
  • Elegant design: This demolition hammer has an outstanding color combination and exterior that makes it very pleasing to look at.
  • Safe to use: This demolition hammer will not impose any significant risk to your health because by using this you lessen the chances of getting injured with its stability.
  • Low noise: The AVT technology ensures low sound and vibration which creates less noise pollution
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Nothing
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a huge difference between doing a task manually and with the use of a power tool?

Yes, there is a huge difference because when you do things manually, you have to exert a lot of time and effort. Unlike if you use a power tool, you will just need to plug it on an electrical outlet and switch it on then just position it on the area where you want to use it.

2. How will I know the horsepower required when buying a drill, cutter, or grinder?

First, evaluate your purpose of buying such. You will know the horsepower that you need if you keep in mind where you plan to use the power tools. If you plan to use them on very thick surfaces of rocks, tiles, or logs then a power tool with higher horsepower is definitely the one that you must buy.

Mostly, you will know if the power tool has a high horsepower if its wattage is really high. The higher the wattage, the higher the horsepower always expect that because high horsepower requires more electricity.

3. Tips on taking care of power tools?

To tell you honestly, it is very easy to take good care of power tools because they require less maintenance. Here are some of the tips that we can share to you, for you to effectively take good care of those power tools:

  • Always keep them dry. Keep them away from wet and moist areas so that its electrical components and motor are safe from rusting and short circuits.
  • Clean them with a dry cloth after use. When using grinders, cutters, drills, electric hammers, hot air gun, and etc. you will notice that after use they tend to become very dirty. The primary reason for this is they are exposed to a lot of dirt and one thing you can do to ensure that the dust does not get inside them is to clean it every after use.
  • Check its wiring. Typically, as power tools get old, their wiring particularly the power cord tends to loosen or even experience cuts on its surfaces. Check if they are always in good condition before using to avoid any electrical problems.

4. Is it safe to buy power tools online?

Absolutely yes, for as long as it is sold on a highly-reputable website such as

5. How long do power tools last?

Typically, as long as you will take good care of them a cheap power tools set will last for 15 years or more.

6. Is it safe to plug a power tool on a normal electric outlet?

Yes, although they are usually high-powered, they are typically designed to be plugged on the electric outlets of our houses without imposing significant risk of starting a fire or electrical problems.

7. Is it alright to use oil to clean the blade of drills, grinders, and cutters?

Yes, just remove them first before cleaning them with oil so that the oil will not have any contact with the motor and its electronic components.

8.  Can I use a hot air gun on repairing electronic products?

The hot air gun is known as a very useful tool in repairing computer boards and other electronics. They are used to heat up the chips for it to regain their contact on the board so that the device will function once again just like when it is new.

9. Are power tools dangerous to use?

There is no such thing as 100% accident-free, even the tools that are very safe to use can inflict damage. The primary reason for this is the lack of knowledge and neglect while using the tools. Always ensure that you know how to use it properly and safely before you decide to get your hands on it.

10. Is it okay to sharpen the blades of the tools or just buy a replacement?

With regards to this question, it depends on your preference. You can save a lot of money if you will first try to sharpen it before you opt to buy a new replacement.


There are lots of top power tool kits for you to choose from which might give you some difficulties in your decision. This is the primary reason why we will choose which is the best among themSo let us start!

For the demolition hammer, iBELL Demolition Hammer IBL DH10-78 is our top choice because of its outstanding stability.

Then when it comes to the jigsaws, we’ll go for the Bosch 06015A8000 GST 650 Professional Jigsaw because it is reliable and very safe to use.

For the heat guns, BLACK+DECKER KX1800 Dual Temperature Heat Gun is our best choice because it heats up very fast which makes it an absolute time saver.

Next, for the sanders iBELL Orbital Sander OS23-46is really a great buy because it has a strong motor to help you smoothen a lot of surfaces effortlessly.

When it comes to grinders, Black & Decker G720R 4-Inch/100mm 820-Watt Angle Grinder would be our top pick because of its outstanding quality and reliability.

For the glue guns, our vote goes to Stanley 69GR20B Plastic Gluepro Trigger Feed Hot Melt Glue Gun because of its affordability and efficiency.

Then last but not the least for the drills, Bosch GSB 500W 10 RE Professional Tool Kit is worth considering because of its incredible power and energy efficiency.

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