Best Play Stick Horses For Kids

If your child loves animals, they will surely be thrilled to have a stick horse to ride and dance on. These toys can provide fun playtime and exercises for your little one. Enjoyed by both girls and boys play stick horses are an excellent toy for enhancing imagination. We have gathered a list of great horse sticks for kids to play with. These horse sticks are realistic and make sounds to keep your little one engaged in their imaginary play.

1. Linzy Stick Horse

Linzy hobby horse stick is made from plush material. It is a fun horse stick with a realistic feel. The child can play with it and indulge in the imagination of riding through the wild west.

The horse stick is ideal for tough cowboys or cowgirls. It is 36 inches long and makes a perfect gifting option.

The horse is battery operated and comes with three LR44 batteries. The horse stick is suitable for three years and up kids.

2. Rocking Potato Wooden Horse Stick

Rocking a potato’s wooden horse stick encourages imaginative skills in your child. The stick is made out of durable and heirloom quality wood which ensures its longevity.

The children can role play with the stick and enjoy it for days. The horse sticks can be used indoors and outdoors. It doesn’t need any assembly.

3. Aurora Stick Horse

It is a plush stick horse in a realistic style. It is made with premium quality material and is 37 inches long.

The stick horse makes two sounds when its ears are pressed. It is a non-battery operated horse stick.

4. Waliki Stick Horse 

The stick horse unicorn by Waliki is ideal for three to eight years old kids. It is compact and easy to store as the stick is made up of two parts.

The stick horse is designed considering the federal safety standards. The stick horse has a soft plush head and is great for imaginative play and helps burn off extra energy.

It can be used in field day activities like relay races and team building. It is a non-battery operated stick horse.

5. Pony Land Stick Horse 

It is an adorable 28 inches stick animal that plays 30 classic children’s songs. It is sturdy and has a soft plush head.

The stick handle is covered as well for a soft touch, and it is suitable for children aged three and above. It is a perfect gift option for children’s birthdays.

Buying Guide

Realistic Horse

If you want to instill imaginary play in your kids, it is ideal to have a stick horse that is realistic looking.

Kids will indulge in imaginary cowboy games and racing games if riding on a realistic horse stick.



The stick horses that have neigh and gallop sounds are fun to play have with. Such a stick horse can help improve the kids’ social interaction and keep them happy as well.



When buying stick horses, look for information that states whether it is a battery operated plush toy.

If yes, know the type of batteries used and if they are provided with the packaging.



The stick should be long enough for the pretend to ride on a horse. A child should hold the stick between the legs and move around with it acting as if riding a horse.



Go for a premium quality material. Your child may roughly handle the stick, and it may get damaged quickly. A sturdy and durable material such as wood can last long.

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