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These days the only way to keep your child up to date with all the education required of him/her is to make sure that even play-time is pro-learning. Today’s play mats are also designed to augment your child’s learning while improving motor skills.

Here are some of the most exciting, best-selling, and educational play mats in order to make your choice a little easier.

Cable World Kick and Play Musical Keyboard Baby Gym and Fitness Rack

This baby gym is action-packed with multiple activities for entertainment and development. The piano keys at the bottom help develop auditory and motor skills.

The activity rack has multiple objects to attract your child and help develop his/her motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The soft mat helps protect your baby’s soft and sensitive skin and body from your hard floor.

The gym also helps stimulate your child’s sensory perception such as touch, sight, and hearing. The materials used for the production of this unit are child-friendly.

Recommended for – Parents that are looking to make a purchase for their child where entertainment and exercise are infused with the comfort of a play mat.

Getko Inflatable Water Play Mat for Baby

Getko inflatable tummy time water play mat is made of extra-robust PVC that is safe for children. In addition, the mat has a sealed airbag structure that makes it soft and comfortable.

The water mat can be a great way to develop head, neck and shoulder muscles for overall development. Staying on the mat also develops hand-eye coordination with fine motor skills, social skills, and brain development.

Aysis Double Sided Waterproof Baby Carpet Mat

The baby mat’s size is 6.5 feet X 6 feet, which is quite large and can cover a lot of space, providing your toddler with enough play area.

This mat can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It is soft and thick, dual-sided, that is, both sides can be used.

On one side it is a cityscape print, and on the reverse, there is a colourful jungle print, colourful and attractive enough to engross your young one. The mat is foldable and water-resistant as well.

As the mat is thick and foamy, it provides the required insulation and prevents the cold and moisture from reaching your kids while they are on the mat.

This mat is made with high-quality non-toxic material and contains no BPA, so it is completely safe for your kids.

In addition, the mat is skid-free and non-slip, so your toddler will not hurt themselves while playing on it. The mat is also lightweight and easy to carry around.

There is a colourful environmental carry bag too that comes with the mat. No matter how much your toddler dirties it, you will find it quite easy to clean. This product can also double up as a gym mat.

Ozoy Kids Baby Crawl Mat

This large play mat covers almost 40 square feet (4 square meters) and is made from layered material designed to protect your baby’s sensitive body. There are separate layers on the mat. The top layer is soft on your baby’s skin while the middle layer is high density cushioning foam.

There are multiple storylines and picture collages on the sides of the playmat to keep your child entertained while getting some tummy time. The top layers of the mat are waterproof to ensure easy and fast cleaning.

The playmat can be folded or rolled for transport and storage.

Recommended for – Parents that want their child to have a mat that has soothing pictures and themes while having ample room to move about at tummy time.

Infantino Pond Pals Twist and Fold Activity Gym and Play Mat

This tummy-time play mat has been uniquely designed to give your child a homely feeling. It also has a unique teether addition to soothe your baby during teething.

There are multiple toys that are hung on the entertainment rack to ensure that your child stays within the mat’s limits during tummy time. There is also a soft cushion to help boost your baby up during tummy time.

The four removable contrast toys help encourage your baby to reach and rise up, encouraging muscle growth and motor skill development.

All the materials used are non-toxic and BPA-free to ensure that your child is kept healthy and happy.

Recommended for – Parents that are looking for a colourful play mat with an entertaining play rack for their child.

Parklon Double Side Living and Baby Play Mat

This playmat has been designed to provide a safe environment for babies that need to have tummy time.

This mat is reversible. Each side of the mat has entertaining illustrations that aim to teach your child simple concepts, numbers, and themes.

Each of the represented characters has been made colourful, vivid, and educational to stimulate your child’s emotional and creative development.

This playmat is made with non-toxic BPA-free materials to ensure that your child stays healthy. As the playmat is water-resistant, you are able to easily and quickly clean any accidents or spills on it to maintain a hygienic environment for your child.

Recommended for – Parents that are looking for an educational play mat for their child that is also a value buy.

eHomeKart EVA Kid’s Interlocking Play Mat

Each of these uniquely designed play mats are 4 square feet in size (370 square centimeters). They come in packs of 8 mats each, which comes to a combined area of about 32 square feet (3 square meters).

There is a wide variety of colours for the mats and they come in an assorted-color pack. There is a total of 12mm in cushioning that is sure to be able to protect your little one from falls and drops. They are designed to protect the spine, knees, and elbows from hitting hard ground surfaces.

The mats are heat-insulating and durable. As they are water-resistant they are easy to clean them after your child is done playing on them.

Recommended for – Parents that are looking for a multi-role set of mats that can cushion their child from falls as well as serve as a yoga/exercise mat set.

Buying Guide/Tips

Nontoxic Materials

Make sure that the playmat that you choose for your child is nontoxic as your child is sure to lick or otherwise ingest elements from the mat during its use. Also, look to make sure that the material used is BPA-free.

Play Racks

Some play mats have racks that have fluff toys and other entertaining characters hung from them. This serves a dual purpose.

It urges the child to rise up to be able to touch the toys, which develops motor skills and muscle development. It also helps keep the baby entertained during tummy time.


Generally play mats are over 30 square feet in size. If you are looking to use it for a prolonged period of time, try to go for a mat with at least 40 square feet so that your child has enough space to move about during tummy time.

Edutainment Prints

The prints on the play mats are very important as they encourage activity from the child. Children will move around the mat to explore the different shapes, characters, and colours.

Mats with prints on both sides provide your child with two times the entertainment.

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