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Plants add to the decoration of your home and lounge. But with limited space in the house and no garden, it becomes challenging to place these plants. The best solution to resolve plant placement’s space issue is the use of boho type plant hangers. These hangers can be hanged on walls, ceilings, and balconies. There is no need to allocate space for these plant hangers to hold the plant pots in the air with a safe and secure grip. Please go through our review of top plant hangers online to find out some of the best plant hangers.

1. Ecofynd® Macrame Boho Plant Hanger

This plant hanger is made of the pure and handmade weave. It can accommodate the small size to medium-sized pots with a diameter from 4 inches to 9 inches. High-quality cotton is used to make this plant hanger.

It has a truly bohemian, timeless, and beautiful design to exceed your expectations. The great accent and design match with any conventional or modern style. You can use this plant hanger both indoor and outdoor.

A perfect addition to your home décor, along with providing you with the space to place your planting pots. You can hang it using rope, nail, or hook. It saves your plants from damage that might happen because of pets in your home.

One thing to remember is pots are not included in the package.

2. Homesake® Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf

Homesake macrame wall hanging self has the bohemian vibe you are looking for. It has handmade weaving, which gives it an authentic look. You can simply hang it on any simple wall to lift the room.

It comes with a shelf that is beautifully crafted and can hold a lot of weight. You can place a plant, succulents, cactus, vases and even books. Wrap some fairy light around to have a bohemian aesthetic in your room.

3. Macrame Cotton Boho Plant Hanger

The cloth fibre hanger is made from premium cotton material with an elegant design. The knots are handmade with finesse to give it a very alluring look. It is a timeless bohemian style that complements the decor of any modern house.

It is a sleek hanger that will match with other pottery in your house. It can be used to hang plants indoors and outdoors, from the ceiling, outside your house, kitchen, deck, patio or your living room.

The hanger is sure to grab some eyeballs, thanks to its unconventional looks compared to traditional plant stands. The meticulous handmade weave adds a touch of beauty as well.

Most pots of various sizes can be used with this hanger (up to inches in diameter). It is very easy to put in the pot and hang them.

It is a great space saver as it does not occupy your house or balcony’s floor space. It is also a great solution for pet owners as they will not damage the plants.

4. Pooja ki Potli® Sahaj- Macrame Plant Holder

This plant holder gives a modern and bohemian feel to your living space. It is suitable for different pot sizes. It is washable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. This is a handmade unique plant hanger to add to your home décor.

This plant holder is the right choice to place your plants when you have limited space in your home. It allows you to save space, add style to your home and place the pots all at the same time. You can use it anywhere, such as your bedroom, kid’s room, office, etc. it brings texture to space through its beauty.

It is an eco-friendly, durable, trendy, and unique plant hanger, so you can use it as a gift also. You can clean it easily by using a low blow dryer.

5. Mkono Macrame Plant Hanger

The shape of this plant hanger is like an indoor lantern. A perfect Boho home décor with cotton ropes. It is a lightweight plant hanger with a weight of 381 grams. Its size is 51 inches.

This multipurpose plant hanger also acts as a lantern to spice up your room decor.

6. Zippy Flora™ Plant Macrame Hanger

This plant hanger is made of natural and high-quality cotton cord. It is a handmade plant holder with no foul odor. It is easily washable and lasts for a longer duration due to its high quality.

A pot of size 5 to 7 inches can be placed in this plant hanger. It is a perfect match for money plants and other air purifiers. You can place it in any space of your home as it fits all.

It has an eye-catching and unique design in its rims. The design has a bohemian and traditional touch in it. A perfect item to give a rustic look to the corner of the home where it is placed.

7. Pawni Rugs Long Boho Plant Hanger

This Macramé plant hanger is handwoven and made of pure natural cotton cord. This long plant hanger with a boho touch is perfect to showcase your plants. There is a loop at the top that you can use to fix with the hook to suspend the plant in the air.

A flowerpot of around 10 inches in diameter with a round or square shape can be placed in this hanger. It is sturdy enough to hold the weight of flower pots.

The length of the rope is 42 inches, and it has four legs. This macramé hanger is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can hang it on the wall, ceiling, or balcony. It is no doubt a perfect addition to your home décor.

8. Happy Payal Traders, Macrame Plant Hanger

This plant hanger is made of cotton cord that is natural, pure, and high quality. It is a handmade plant hanger and has no foul odor. It is highly durable and ecofriendly. You can wash it easily to keep it clean. The top quality makes this hanger long-lasting.

The unique design of this plant hanger allows you to not only save space but use it as a stylish product for home and gift for your loved one. It has a traditional and bohemian touch. It adds a cottage-like feel and coziness to your space. You can hang your plants indoors and outdoors in it.

Buying Guide

Here is a short guideline for you to buy a plant hanger that best suits your needs out of so many options available in the market.



The one important factor to consider while buying a plant hanger is its size. There are two things you need to remember while considering the size. One is the size of a plant pot and plants you want to place in the hanger, and the other is the size of the plant hanger itself.

You should select a plant hanger with a size that suits the space where you want to hang it.



Material is another important factor while buying a plant hanger. The durability and functionality of the plant hanger are based on the material used. You can find plant hangers made of macramé, plastic, resin, and many other materials.


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