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Different paintings require different pastel colours and shades. The texture of pastels suits some artists well and is used by them more often. Pastels come in a set of different shades that help in putting an idea on the paper as beautiful art. There are different pastels for artists available in the market. Here is a list of the best!

1. Derwent Pastels

Derwent pastel pencils are of professional quality. It comes with a range of 12 skin tone colours designed for portrait drawing. It is perfect for professional artists and amateurs of all ages. These pastels are easy to mix and blend as it has a powdery texture with the wide colour strip.

It comes with an attractive tin with a removable lid for easy access. It does not take up much desk space and has colour names embossed in silver. It has an easy-grip round barrel that fits standard sharpeners. The pastel pencils are highly pigmented and naturally water-soluble.

It has the beauty of pastels and the convenience of pencils that produce a velvety soft finish. It is excellent for detailed drawings, sketches, portraitures, and life studies. It gives a smudge-free finish and is highly lightfast under museum conditions.

2. DOMS Oil Pastel 50 Shades Plastic Pack

Doms oil pastel plastic pack has 50 shades of bright colours that have smooth colour laydown. It comes with a scraper tool for effective colouring techniques and even colouring texture.

These colours are ideal for intermixing, shading, highlighting and texturing.

3. Camel Oil Pastels

Camel oil pastel set has 50 assorted shades and comes in a reusable plastic box. It confirms to safety standard EN 71 – 3 and paints easily on multiple surfaces like textured paper, sketching paper, or even smooth tinted paper. It shows the best results on drawing paper.

It comes with a camel art contest entry coupon and a scraping tool. These pastels are rich and bright colours that are smooth and easy to apply, mix, and etch. It can be used for shading, creating a textured design, and scraping.

4. Mungyo Pastels

Mungyo soft oil pastels are high-quality oil pastels for professional artists and come in a pack of 36 colours. It is from a premium gallery series and comes in a size of 70 mm x 11 m. These pastels are round type and have vivid and bright colours.

They are non-toxic, fade-resistant, and are made from the finest materials. It is easy to draw using these smooth touch pastels and can be used for gradation, scrapping, blending and stipping.

5. Kabeer Art Pastels

Kabeer Art professional pastels come in a range of colours explicitly selected for painting portraits. These are non-toxic and premium pigmented.

These chalk pencils have 5mm lead and combine the beauty of pastels and the convenience of pencils. These come in a set of 8 pastel pencils with different skin tones. They have good brightness and can be mixed and toned like pastels for portrait drawings.

Buyer’s Guide


There are different shades of pastels available for artists. The colours in each set must be checked before buying to suit the needs of the artist. There are a different set of shades available for specific paintings like portraits.


Complete Set

The pastels must come in a complete set of colours for better painting assistance. The colours must be vibrant and smooth on paper and must have different shades for different painting ideas. Multiple colour sets are available in the market and must be checked before buying.


Easy to Use

The pastels must have an easy grip for a comfortable and secure hold. It must be soft on paper and must promote texturing, sketching and shading easily. Pastels must come with a scraping tool for easy access whenever needed. It must be easy to mix and blend to assist with different painting ideas.



The content used to make the colours must be safe to use and must not contain any harmful particles. It must come with a closing case or box for easy storage, safety, and maintenance of colours.


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