Top 5 Best Paper Planners

Most millennials often overlook pen and paper in getting their day’s programme organized. This is mostly driven by the emergence of thousands of smartphone apps and other gadgets that claim to make their day’s calendar more productive. But no matter how sophisticated these apps may seem, they will never outdo the feeling of getting organized in black and white on paper. So paper planners may seem a little bit old school and yes majority may not like to write on paper but many stores will keep refilling their shelves with paper planners because of their unmatched productivity.

Speaking of the planners that can help you put your life on the right track, these are available in uncountable numbers in the market. We have carefully curated a comprehensive list of best organizational notebook or paper planners ranging from those that are mostly liked by the users to less liked ones.

Every pick is done through a thorough research process and after an interview with some of the best thought leaders in the stationery industry. Read through to find the benefits of using a planner, a smart buyer’s guide, FAQ’s and top 5 best paper planners.

Top 5 Paper Planners

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Our Pick
Personal Freedom
Most Flexible
Multiple Bonuses
Planner that acts like a guide

What Are the Benefits of Using a Planner?

The opportunity to draw a system that works for you is very possible on paper. There are no limitations posed by preset icons asking you to fill out on fields you don’t even need. For instance, you probably get a haircut from one barbershop so there is no point in entering that kind of information on your plan because it is already ingrained and obvious in your mind. A paper will give you the freedom to write down what you want but apps somewhat controls your options.

You have probably heard that the more you write the more you remember. This statement is very true in every sense of it. Psychology prescribes that putting tasks down on paper makes you remember them easily. Organizing your tasks in writing makes you more productive because the photographic memory of the layout on page is clear in your mind.

Similarly, there are less distractions when working on paper as compared to smartphones because you may find yourself planning on an app only to come back to your senses when trolling on Twitter three hours later. The technology is destructive nowadays and we all can relate to how a simple notification may slow our actions.

Paper planners allows one to express their own individual styles. You can decorate and have more fun with your planner in a way that you would love it to look like. Additionally, they neither require you to create an account, upgrade to a newer version nor bug you with any other infomercials that slowly drain our mental energy every single day. Most importantly, a paper maintains your privacy by not granting a company access to your personal schedule.

Different apps work differently and no matter how much you are adapted to technology you must always take some time to learn how an app operates. Setting up your schedule on paper, on the other hand, is easier and saves you the hassle of having to read through different icons in different apps to understand their workability. And for some of us, we get annoyed really fast by the program notification reminders prompting us to act on a long to-do list that awaits for us in the day.

Most people get goosebumps whenever their schedule is going astray and reminders are checking in thick and fast. That is why they jot down all my day’s activities on paper and keep checking voluntarily.

Buyers Guide

Paper planners come in different designs and formats that you must double-check before purchasing one from a store. The obvious factors like color, size, weight, outlook, and how comfortable it is to write on should be some of the first right boxes to tick when buying a paper planner. There may be some additional bonuses like inspirational quotes, contact forms, maps, planning tips, and much more. But the most important factors to consider when buying a paper planner includes the following:


Paper planners come in different budgets and the amount you are willing to spend will usually dictate the planner you will get for yourself. But the most important thing is that you pick the one that satisfies your personal needs. If you can’t purchase it outright you can plan on saving for a few days before getting your favorite planner.


The size of the right planner for you will mainly be determined by how much space you need in a page and how often you travel. If you are a daily commuter, you probably don’t need a large planner that will take up huge space which would have otherwise been used in carrying other personal accessories.

There are various sizes ranging from pocket models that can easily be carried along to A5 and A4 sizes that lie flat but do not fit in your pocket. This is actually a personal choice and will also depend on the intensity of your daily plans.


 Planners are structured differently and their layouts hugely depends on how detailed you would love your plan to look like. There are those that cover daily plans which convert to 365 days a year and others may be weekly and has space for 52 weeks in a year. Other factors may include the paper style- whether ruled, lined, graphed, or blanked- and the inbuilt tabs for hours, days, weeks, and much more.


The aesthetics are very important because your planner is probably going to be your personal companion for a year. So it is critical to have something presentable in your workshops, seminars, and conferences because that communicates how confident and organized you are.

  • How it lies on the desk- Most people like planners that lay flat on their desks. If that is a similar case for you then it is important to check if the one you plan to buy lies flat. And the factor that determines it is a spiral binding that frees all the papers in it.
  • Build quality- It sickens to write on thin paper because it means when you flip over to the next page you can clearly see what you wrote on the previous page. So the thickness of the paper is so important because the thicker it is the more comfortable it feels to write on it. Also, the binding coil plays a vital role in keeping the pages of your planner intact and for the durability of the product.

1. TinyChange Planner – Our Pick

TinyChange Planner
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If you are serious about personal development and proper planning to achieve your goals, then India’s TinyChange is probably the best planner for you. It has beautiful aesthetics from the outlook led by an exotic Faux leather hard cover that protects the internal super smooth thick paper pages that lay seamlessly flat on the table.

Within the confines of the double bookmark ribbons and the back cover is a pouch that keeps the essentials like a pen. As the name suggests, TinyChange is a life coach that motivates you to take small steps every day in transforming your life and moving towards greatness.

Main Features
  • TinyChange begins with a life compass that enables you to understand your current position from “my true self”, “life aspirations”, and to “core values”. And then goes on to create an ideal day & week followed by a defined roadmap towards achieving your top goals for the year. The techniques used in the planner are Scientifically proven.
  • It comes with other essential stationery items that aid in your planning. These include two stylish bookmarks, a 30cm long scale rule, two productivity sticker sheets, and an impressive gift box that wraps all the components.
  • The layout of the pages are in hue that relaxes your mood and the pages are thick enough so as not stick when flipping. There are about twenty checkboxes, wishlists and planning templates that aid with your planning.
  • To ensure a well-rounded growth, there are more than ten self-reflection exercises available to help you take a break and have a stronger bond with your inner self so you can tap into your potential and win every day.
  • The outline of the weekly and monthly pages are correctly spaced to give you an allowance to enter your prioritized activities and general checklists exhaustively.
PROS (What we liked)
  • For every month, there are blanks left in the beginning for outcomes input to ensure you can monitor your productivity.
  • It does not give an allowance for cheat days and fully understands human psychology.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It has no dates.
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2. InstaNote Non Dated Daily Planner – Personal Freedom

InstaNote Non Dated Daily Planner
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This type of planner is especially useful to the people who have their stuff together and need a little boost of paper space to plan their time. It is a compact product with soft cover filled with useful pages on both sides. That is to say, the right-hand pages have neatly designed organizing tables while the left pages have dots that helps with doodling or bullet journaling.

There are time slots for planning and other essentials for tracking water intake, exercise and mood. InstaNote is a spiral notebook with 80 pages (a total of 160 but best used two at a time) that can allow you to plan for 3 months or so after which you can get a new one.

Main Features
  • Each page has many options ranging from a reminder for food and water intake, tracking meetings and money, and recording various tasks and activities.
  • The fact that it has no dates is useful to some people because they can plan the days they want and not bother about wasting by skipping pages.
  • Excellent pages with correct thickness and quality that makes writing and perusing very easy.
  • Can effectively boost productivity because of the money and time tracker. Monitoring how you spend your time and money helps you predict and improve your performance in the future.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The level of organization style in the planner’s format serves both professionals and students alike.
  • Establishes a foundation of good habits and rituals among individuals.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The cover page is medium thick.
  • Binding foil not golden as expected by many.
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3. Traveller’s Notebook – Most Flexible

Traveller’s Notebook
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This is an all-in-one planner for a traveler or you can say that you have the freedom of using a planner as a journal. You can go for your trip with it and have your cash, passport, cards, tickets, and any other necessary documents comfortably held in the notebook. The smartphone can even fit in and the great advantage about it is that it has 4 notebooks in it that are refillable.

That means you don’t have to dispose of your expensive leather notebook once the pages are filled but can insert newer ones until you are satisfied it is old enough to get a newer one. It is a known fact that leather die hard and for a leather size that measures 22x13cm is convenient for many travelers who find value in decoding their own epics.

Main Features
  • The inserts make this particular notebook customizable. From the ziplock that can keep your phone to the kraft folder for storing your essential documents and make sure they are safe in one point. It serves more than just keep notes for your plan.
  • The high-quality leather cover can stand the test of time and conveniently stores your receipts and other documents. And since the notebook is a refillable journal, its cost in the long term is cheaper.
  • As for planning and taking notes, the quality of the paper is bleed-resistant. Allowing you to use a fountain pen with ease and boost your overall writing experience. Many people love to plan notes in neat and beautiful handwriting.
  • The separate sections and the fact that it is refillable makes the Traveller’s notebook consistent in adjusting to the personal needs of an individual. We all plan our things differently and this type of planner caters for that.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The appealing texture and architecture of the leather cover makes the Traveller’s notebook a beautiful and presentable journal.
  • Exotic stationery with two functional elastic bands.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It lacks a pen holder and a paperclip.
  • The leather is soft on the inside but a bit thick on the inside.
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4. COI Personal Diary – Multiple Bonuses

COI Personal Diary
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This is a beautiful budget-friendly organizer planner for 2019 with stunning looks starting from the different range of colors available. It is made up of fairly thick and high-quality pages that are comfortable to write on and easy to flip through.

The way CIO personal diary is organized is very impressive from the beginning to the end. Before each of the monthly tabs is a monthly action calendar with inspirational quotes to get you started. With a single page for every day, it makes it easier to tune the planner to your own rhythm by using the entire page to plan how you want it. In other words, it gives you the freedom to decide how you want to spend your day rather than limiting you to the thoughts of the manufacturer. It can be said to be the best paper planner for work.

Main Features
  • In its compact state the diary measures 25cmx19cmx3cm which is a relatively small size that can quickly fit in a purse or backpack without occupying too much space.
  • The design for the planner is trendy and high-end making it fit for both formal and casual arrangements.
  • The fact that the pages are all left empty helps the diary adapt to any type of usage. Ranging from visitors’ guest books, journals, business meetings, artworks, poetry, you name them.
  • In addition to the pages set for personal information, there are those set aside for providing this year’s relevant information to the users. For instance, the list of holiday places in 2019, diary pages, calendar pages, schedule for appointments and pages that are reserved for personal important details.
  • The diary is bound by a strong spiral wire that keeps it safe and elastic and comes with a pen as an extra with a space allowed for holding it.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The diary is customizable to individual needs.
  • A lovely pink color for those who appreciate beauty.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Pages can tear is mishandled.
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5. Ink Bucket Planner – Planner that acts like a guide

Ink Bucket Planner
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2019 is moving so fast and you are worried about not living up to some of your resolutions? Well, the Ink Bucket 2019 planner has you covered. You can take a quick U-turn and get the remaining days of the year more planned towards greatness. Nothing is as painful as reaching the end of the year and realizing you are in the same exact spot you were in the previous year.

With this kind of planner, at the beginning of every new month, there is a blank space left for you to do your notes for the month’s plan. And at the end, there is also a blank left for you to reflect on your achievements and challenges in the month. The week’s calendar for this planner works in a similar way.

Main Features
  • The Ink Budget 2019 planner measures 16cmx20cm in dimensions which gives you ample space to do your planner on a single page. You can key in the comprehensive details of your day’s schedule.
  • The pages are made of natural thick paper that is easy to flip and write on. Thin papers hold together and creates difficulty when perusing through.
  • The hardcover that guards the pages makes the planner durable. At the end of the year if you have exhausted all 387 pages you can you can keep it in your archive of planners in good condition.
  • It has a lot of inspirational quotes distributed in the whole copy to keep you going in case you are having a tough time of challenges in your life.
  • It comes with an appointment calendar for each month to help you note the important dates of your month and all the bookings.
  • Aside from the strength of the hard cover, it is finished with beautiful matte material and has calligraphy done by hand that enhances the aesthetics of planner. This makes it appropriate to both formal and casual meeting set ups.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The weekly affirmations and space for gratitude gives you the spirit to face Monday’s blues.
  • There are pretty stickers at the end.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It’s planning is limited to specific dates and you may have to skip some pages when you take some days off.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you plan a planner?

Many people feel lost on how they should use their planners effectively to their maximum advantage. The number one factor that you must consider is to have a regular daily planning session to ensure that you are on track. Otherwise, if you don’t pick the habit you are going to slack off and that’s human.

You have to centralize all your planning into one single planner to make it more useful since distributing it to various planners will make you disorganized and you can forget easily. Make sure your planner is compact and highly portable so you can simply carry it around and adjust anytime you want. This will keep you disciplined and that’s a desired quality in the whole process.

2. What should I include in my planner?

Apart from due dates, dinner plans, affirmation letters, what have you, it is very important to highlight the high and low moments of your day. That way it becomes easier to tell the challenges you had and work on finding solutions. And for areas that you excel you work on becoming even better in the next day. The weather, budget, gratitude, and memories of the day are also some of the basics you should include in your planner.

3. How do I set up my college planner?

Most students fail not because they are dumb but for lack of planning. In college especially there are so many distractions that getting your grades together can be so challenging. To get the most out of a planner as a college student, it is important to picture your schedule, set daily, weekly, monthly and semester goals, and decide a plan that is unique and works best for you. This is the best way to keep off the distractions from friends and focus on your dreams in the long term.


Being a first timer, choosing becomes a difficult endeavor irrespective of the knowledge you have on these products. Hopefully, our top 5 products will ease your search for the planners for work and personal use. According to us, the top 3 planners are Tiny Change Planner. Instanote Non Dated Daily Planner and the Traveller’s Notebook.

Having discussed the benefits of a planner and zeroing in on a number of favorite planners that can perfectly work for you, we hope you understood all their unique characteristics and the techniques you need in order for them to work best for you.

It is without a doubt that not planning your life is planning to fail. And this starts with one simple step; purchasing the right planner for you and sitting down to structure the best schedule for your time. What works for you.


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