Best Nail Cutters For Dogs

Just like us, your dog’s nails grow continuously and require clipping on a regular basis. Unclipped nails not only look ugly but also are a hindrance to your pet. They pick up a lot of dirt and often hurt a dog when walking. If ignored for a long time, a trip to the vet might be needed. Read on to find a good nail cutter for your dog to keep him happy and well-groomed.

1. Wowdog Nail Cutter with Clipper

Using the Wowdog nail cutter’s superior build quality clearly stands out. The blades are strong and sharp, which will be durable for a long time. This product is best suited for small to medium-sized breeds.

The handles are non-slip and have a built-in spring, which provides fast, effortless cuts. A blade lock is installed for safe storage. It also comes with a filer. The protective guard prevents over-trimming, thus reducing the chances of injury.

2. Sage Square Pet Paw Scissor Nail Cutter Cum Clipper

Sage square pet nail cutter cum clipper provides intensive care to your pet. It is designed especially to fit your pet’s paw nail perfectly and clip the nails effectively. The nail cutter is portable, easy to use and easy to clean as well.

It comes with a stainless steel blade with high sharpness and an anti-skid handle to provide you with the needed grip.

Trimming your pet’s nails is now an easy task with this tool. You can use it on dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

3. Simxen Nail Clipper for Pets

Grooming nails is an essential part of taking care of your pets. The new and improved nail clipper from Simxen makes nail cutting much easier than before.

The nail cutter provides 5 times magnification so you can cut even the smallest nails without straining your eyes. It also doubles up as a nail trapper for ways cleaning.

It is equipped with 4 super-bright LED lights that assist you by providing sufficient lighting and also by highlighting the bloodstreams in the nails so you do not accidentally cut into them.

The cutting blades are made from high-quality stainless steel that makes the cutting process effortless. The cutter has a comfortable grip that is easy to hold and prevents slipping.

The nail cutter is suitable to use on different pets like cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds. The product comes with an extra cutting blade for replacement in case the installed blade is damaged

4. MUNCHOS Stainless Nail Clipper

Munchos’ nail clipper is distinctly different from the normal scary-looking clippers. With its cute design, your little friend will not be afraid of seeing it. This is the best clipper if your dog is of a medium or large size breed.

The clipper fits nicely in our hands and non-slip design makes it easy to hold. It has a safety stop blade that you can adjust according to the size of your dog’s nails. This will make sure you do not cut off too much and cause pain to your beloved pet. it is suitable for animals like cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, etc.

5. Emily Pets Scissor Nail Clipper

This is the best nail cutter for someone who is new to nail grooming. The familiar shape of a scissor allows you to confidently cut nails without the fear of harming your dog. It is strong, lightweight, and comfortable to hold. The clipper has non-slip rubber handles that make the nail trimming process smooth.

Further, it comes with a safety stop handle preventing you from cutting a nail too short. It also has lock protection to prevent children from using it. A hidden nail file is inbuilt with the clipper that allows you to polish sharp nails to perfection.

6. Pet Wholesale Dog Nail Cutter

Pet Wholesale offers a sturdy nail clipper with a strong conical spring. The blades are sharp and made of high-quality steel. This product is perfect for a regular to large-sized dog breed as it easily cuts big nails.

The unique angled blade puts you in a comfortable position to safely trim your dog’s nails. The safety latch not only locks the blades but also prevents you from over-cutting.

7. Foodie Puppies Dog Nail Clipper

The peculiar guillotine style of the clipper means you don’t have to bend your hands in awkward angles to ensure safe trimming. It is easy to position and cut without fear of causing pain to your dog.

The efficient spring mechanism makes it easy to use with one hand and helps prevent accidental cuts. This clipper is best suited for medium to large dog breeds.

Safety Tips 

Before Buying

Depending on the breed of your dog, you may need to buy clippers of varying strengths. Large breeds with big nails will need a strong, sharp clipper, but the same might hurt smaller breeds.


When Cutting

We all know the pain of cutting the nail into the pink part, right? That pink part is where the blood vessels end, and dogs have them too, but we can’t see it. You should be aware of your dog’s nail structure and have a good approximation of where the blood vessels end. If you are not confident, start by clipping a little at a time. Soon enough, you will get acquainted with the “safety point” of your dog’s nails.


When Not Using

Dog nail clippers are quite sharp and might be hazardous in the wrong hands. Most clippers come with a lock for the blades. Make sure you use the lock before keeping it away.


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