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The incredibly fast and agile mind of your infant needs constant sensory input for him/her to be entertained. The more complex the sensory input, the more interesting it will be for them. Musical toys have been designed to engage your child’s visual, auditory, and touch senses to keep him/her engaged. We have reviewed some of the most interesting, musical, and fun musical baby toys in the market for you to choose from.

1. And-Also Flash Musical Drum

This drum toy has dimensions of 21cm x 7cm, making it perfect for infants to play with. The drum also has lights that work in sync with the sounds. It will help your child develop visual and auditory skills, hand-eye coordination, and musical creativity.

There are 3 game modes that can be played in. There are 9 different dulcet songs that can be played and 9 different drum sounds. There is also a volume control function to keep the household sane! There are two drumsticks that are included in the package to play this toy.

2. KORE Ultimate Heavy Punching Bag

Kore ultimate punching bag is filled with recycled materials that do not cause harm to the handle while practising with it.

It comes with a free swivel hanging chain to get started. The bag is made from high-quality PU leather that can withstand heavy punches.

The leather material acts as a protective layer that makes it water-resistant as well. In addition, the bag is filled with shredded textile material that reduces the chance of bruising your wrists while you are practising on it.

3. Little Monkey® Wooden Xylophone Musical Toy

The xylophone toy is one of the easiest tunes to play for children. All they have to do is tap on the tabs to produce beautiful melodious tones. It is painted with attractive non-toxic paint for safety.

The xylophone comes with 2 sticks to play with. The sticks will improve the children’s hand-eye coordination and the sounds will invigorate their auditory senses. The toy is recommended for kids above the age of 3.

4. Toyshine Dancing Dog

This lovely little dancing dog comes with exciting music and a bright disco ball on its nose. There is a rotating wheel at the bottom of the toy to help the dog move around. The toy lights with the music, making it more fun for the kids.

The spinning arms of the dog also move with the music and lights. The toy has been designed to turn around and move in a different direction when it moves against an immovable object. The dancing dog has been made from 100% non-toxic materials that are child safe. It will develop your child’s auditory and visual discernment.

5. Pikipo Kitty Face Rattle Cum Soft Toy

This lovely little musical toy has been built with a plush soft exterior for your child to hug. The product has two different sounds that are emitted from it. When it is squeezed, the toy emits a squeaky noise, and when it is shaken, it makes a rattling noise.

The toy can also be used by your child to hug as he/she goes to sleep. The soft exterior of the product will ensure that your child is kept safe while playing with it.

All materials used for the construction of the toy are child-safe and non-toxic. It will develop your child’s hand-eye coordination, visual skills, fine & gross motor skills, and audio skills.

6. Toyshine Cow Musical Piano

This amazing toy has three modes that allow it to play like a piano, an animal sound generator, and different instrumental songs. The lovely cow shape is sure to make it a favorite of your child’s. It has also been designed to educate your child on basic melodies.

The multi-colored keys of the keyboard have been made in order for your child to improve his/her color recognition skill. There are a total of 8 keys on the keyboard. There is a handle to carry it around easily, even while traveling.

There are also other buttons on the unit that will produce extra sounds to your child’s delight. The product has been made with child-friendly materials to keep him/her healthy and happy.

7. Giggles Musical Snail

This fun little musical snail has a full-fledged xylophone that can be played with the included mallet. There is also a drum on the side of the snail that can be played. There are wheels on the bottom of this interesting toy that enable it to be pulled along with a thread while being played. It has been designed for children 9 months and above.

The xylophone and drum can be played to produce beautiful and interesting music. This toy will increase your child’s hand-eye coordination, musical skills, creativity, and gross & fine motor skills.

Buying Guide for Musical Toys

Hearing Sense

Toys can involve your child’s hearing sense in a wide variety of ways. The least complex of them is drums and rattles. They become more complex as toys start to have multiple tone outputs, such as simple keyboards. Go for a toy that has just the right level of sound complexity to suit your child.

Visual Sense

Toys will often have visual cues and markings that will go along with the auditory output. Many of them will have lights or parts that move to keep your child’s visual sense engaged.

Go for toys that will engage your child’s visual sense while building logic to add an educational element to his/her entertainment.

Touch Sense

Infants are constantly developing their touch sense, which goes hand in hand with fine and gross motor development.

Go for toys that will get your child’s experience in the touch sensory perception area while entertaining him/her visually and auditorily. Both soft and hard toys help with sensory development.

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