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Among the wide range of healthy breakfast options, muesli is gaining immense popularity and acceptance of late. It serves as an excellent morning breakfast and brunch option due to its rich fibre and protein content. If you are looking to switch to a healthy breakfast diet plan, a bowl of muesli every morning perfectly fits the bill. Here are the top muesli breakfast options for a health-conscious diet plan.

1. New Kellogg's Muesli with 21% Fruit, Nut & Seeds

Embrace a healthy diet plan by adding new and tastier Kellogg’s muesli to your daily breakfast routine. It is a completely vegetarian product that is packed with the nutritiousness of five baked grains, including wheat, rice, oats, barley, and corn.

It contains 21% dried fruits, seeds, and nuts, including pumpkin seeds, almonds, papaya, cranberries, and raisins. It brings nature’s bounty to your breakfast meal with its fruity, grainy, and nutty content.

Kellogg’s muesli makes up a delightful morning breakfast option that is rich in nutrition, taste, texture, and flavour. It is a nutritious and tasty meal enriched with iron, folate, Vitamin B1, B3, B6, B2, and Vitamin C.

As it comprises an abundance of fruits, nuts, and seeds, it serves as an excellent source of fibres and proteins. It can be consumed in three different ways, including eating it raw out of the bag, adding yogurt to it, or pouring some milk over it.

2. Yogabar Breakfast Cereal & Muesli

Jumpstart your mornings in an easy and healthy way with Yogabar’s breakfast cereal and muesli. It comprises 92% whole grains plus nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. This muesli is prepared from 100% natural ingredients and provides an ideal way of keeping lean and fit.

A bowl of muesli is enriched with whole grains like oats, quinoa, and brown rice. It is packed with the goodness of nuts and dried fruits such as cranberries, apricots, almonds, and raisins. Moreover, it also contains seeds like flax, pumpkin, and chia seeds.

It is a vegan product that is free from preservatives, processed sugar, and gluten. It is enriched with proteins and fibres with high omega-3 fatty acids and low sodium content. It tastes deliciously crunchy with perfect sweetness from date syrup.

It is a light and filling breakfast that can be consumed raw, or you can also add some milk or fresh fruits to it as per your taste.

3. Bagrry's Crunchy Muesli Oat Clusters with Almonds

Get a healthy, nutritious and high-powered breakfast every morning with Bagrry’s crunchy muesli. It is conventional Swiss-style muesli packed with crunchy oat clusters and high-quality ingredients imported from various parts of the world.

This muesli is enriched with the goodness of 100% whole oats, golden corn flakes, Californian almonds, crispy wheat, rice bran fibre, succulent raisins, natural honey, etc. It is a vegan product that doesn’t contain artificial preservatives, colours, and flavours.

The presence of over 40% imported oats, bran, and added whole grains make it a high fibre breakfast. It serves as a nutritious as well as scrumptious breakfast to begin your day with positivity.

It is tastier muesli that can be consumed in various ways, including munching raw right out of the bag, topping it with dry fruits, mixing it with honey, pouring hot or cold skimmed milk or making a yogurt parfait with it.

4. True Elements Muesli Fruit and Nuts

It is a perfect breakfast cereal enriched with the goodness of whole grain oats, nuts, and dried fruits. This powerhouse muesli is rich in plant proteins, vitamins, and minerals that allow you to stay active throughout the day.

This muesli does not contain any added sugar and hence avoids the fear of sudden sugar spikes. The presence of soluble fibres in muesli improves the digestive system by improving bowel movement and treating constipation. It also strengthens the bones.

This muesli has high fibre content that helps in weight management by avoiding binge eating and frequent cravings. It contains beta-glucan, which helps in reducing LDL cholesterol. As it contains low carbs and high magnesium, it keeps the heart happy and avoids the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

This muesli is a rich source of antioxidants and takes excellent skincare by preventing premature skin ageing due to free radical damage. It can be consumed by topping it with berries, fruits, or nuts; or adding some milk or yogurt to it.

5. Nourish You Quinoa Muesli, Honey and Nuts

Nourish You quinoa muesli is a power breakfast prepared from all organic and homegrown ingredients. It is loaded with high fibre and protein content that gives the energy to keep you active throughout the day. It does not contain any artificial preservatives or colours.

It is light and crispy muesli that serves as a wholesome blend of dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. It is packed with the nutritious crunchy flavour of nuts and honey.

You can eat this energetic muesli by adding cold milk or curd to it, soaking this muesli in milk for 10 mins, or refrigerating it overnight. Moreover, you can also add an equal quantity of muesli and hot water; keep it for 3 minutes, and consume it.

Benefits of Muesli

Healthier Alternative than Other Cereals

Muesli is a healthier alternative to sugary cereals and delicacies. It contains less sugar and provides fewer calories than other breakfast like sandwiches or pastries.


Enriched with Fiber and Whole Grains

Muesli contains a high proportion of fibre and whole grains. As a result, it regulates your digestive tract, improves bowel movement and maintains a healthy digestive system.


Avoids Frequent Cravings

Consuming muesli as breakfast makes you feel fuller for longer durations. Thus, it helps in keeping frequent cravings for unhealthy snacks at bay and prevents binge-eating.

Muesli is enriched with raw oats that contain resistant starch. This starch takes a long time to digest and makes you feel fuller for extended periods. Thus, it assists in suppressing appetite and accelerating body metabolism, resulting in burning more calories quickly.


Keeps Heart Healthy and Happy

Muesli is a healthy breakfast that keeps your heart healthy and happy. It contains oat bran enriched with beta-glucan, which helps in lowering cholesterol levels. Thus, the regular consumption of muesli improves your heart health and avoids the risks of cardiovascular diseases.


Rich in Nutrition

Muesli is a nutritious breakfast enriched with proteins, fibres, vitamins, minerals, etc. You can also soak the muesli overnight to allow more time for the nutrients to get absorbed.

It helps in neutralizing the effect of anti-nutrients that inhibit mineral absorption and interfere with digestive enzymes.


High Protein Content

Adding nuts to muesli enriches it with protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Thus, it adds a healthy dose of proteins to your breakfast. Moreover, adding fruits to muesli make it rich in vitamins and minerals like potassium, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and more.

You can consume muesli in various ways, such as adding milk or other daily alternatives like yogurt to it. Thus, you can make your muesli breakfast a wholesome breakfast that incorporates almost everything you require to jump-start your day.


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