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There is something about speed and acceleration that fascinates the minds of children and adults alike. For kids, even a simple racing car can bring a wide smile to their adorable faces. If you have kids of your own, you’ve probably experienced tantrums at a toy shop when they see a monster truck. It is one of those wheeled toys that kids these days are obsessed with, and for good reason. Monster trucks come in different sizes and types and thus it could be difficult to choose the right one. Ahead, we are going to walk you through some of the best monster trucks available in India.

1. Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Doubles – Assorted Models

Hot Wheels is one of the leading manufacturers of monster trucks, like these rival trucks of 1:64 scale demolition. This pack contains two monster trucks from a range of models that kids would love to collect.

Smashing and crashing these trucks into one another is a fun game that kids like to play.

They are geared for epic head-to-head crash attacks. The giant wheels and detailed design give the feel of real trucks.

Each pack includes the impressive stats of the truck including the name, truck type, strength, and motor variation.

Hot Wheels monster trucks help in fueling your kid’s imagination. They spark motor skills and build a sense of sportsmanship in your child.

These trucks are made with sturdy materials that don’t wear and tear with rough usage. These trucks are suitable for indoor and outdoor playing.

2. Craftopia Plastic Off-Road Car with Remote Control

Craftopia off-road car toy is the ultimate off-terrain buggy that your child will love playing with. Its rear-wheel-drive provides a powerful torque-speed that allows this toy to climb on a rocky and uneven surface.

The car comes with a suspension to protect the internal parts. Its rubber tires are of high-quality TPE that provides a strong grip. The car comes with a 2.4GHz remote control that has more than 30-meter control.

It is made from ABS plastic, non-toxic, explosion-proof PVC. It is equipped with 3.7V 500mAh rechargeable batteries that allow 15-2 minutes of playing.

3. Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 1:64 (Assorted)

Hot Wheels 1:64 scale die-cast monster truck is built for strong competition and ultimate dominance.

The sturdy design of this truck makes it suitable for head-to-head battles. Each truck has collectible wheels and is made using sturdy materials.

The pack mentions all the details of the truck on the behind.

There are 8 designs to choose from, each with its own unique name. This truck is built for exhilarating smashing and action.

The wheels are strong enough to tread rough surfaces without causing any damage to the body.

Get your kids to compete with each other in a monster truck race with these trucks to see them build the spirit of winning.

4. Smart Picks 1:18 Rechargeable Monster Truck

Smart Picks 1:18 Rechargeable Monster Truck can be remote-controlled from a distance of 20 meters and above.

It is made with strong crawling technology that resists shocks and easily runs on rugged areas.

This truck can climb over pebbles and large stones without affecting the performance. It has a solid frame chassis made with high strength composite plastic.

The build of this monster truck is impact resistant thus making it rideable on any surface like mud, shallow water, grass, and off-road.

The remote control works on rechargeable batteries that can be charged using the charger included. The over-sized tires allow the truck to smoothly ride on any surface without causing any damage to the truck.

5. LEGO Creator 3in1 Monster Burger Truck

LEGO 3-in-1 Monster Burger Truck is a unique toy that helps children stretch their building skills. This truck can serve burgers, work as an off-roader, and haul heavy loads like a tractor.

There are 2 human mini-figures and a dog figure in this set. The huge wheels and working suspension help kids build any of the three monster trucks in no time.

There is a huge burger made of bricks that can be fit on top of the burger truck.

The foldable stairs give the truck a real feel. This 3-in-1 monster truck sparks the imagination of kids that they can play in groups or individually without getting bored easily.

It includes easy-to-follow instructions that help assemble and transform the truck into any of the three truck types.

Buying Guide

Monster trucks are a good way to keep the kids busy without getting bored. They eliminate the need for TV shows and mobile games that lead to a sedentary lifestyle. But before investing in a monster truck, ensure the following factors are taken care of.



Choose one that fits into your budget and will satisfy your child in terms of creativity and enjoyment.



Depending on the age of the child, get a monster truck that is easy to handle and play with.



The design should be sturdy enough to resist rough use, especially outdoors.



Get the one with maximum features so your child will not get tired of it easily.



For elder children, you can buy remote-controlled monster trucks and for the younger ones who play mostly indoors, you can opt for the manual trucks to keep them active and busy.

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