Best Model Building Kits For Kids

Kids love building toys as they are super fun and engaging. These toys challenge their thinking, encourage them to develop problem-solving skills and boost their motor skills as well. The best part is where they get to reward themselves with the sight of something cool they built independently. There are lots of model building kits and toys in the market today, and to help you select the best for your kid with ease, we’ve compiled the list below.

1. Ugears Bike vm-02 Building Toys for Kids/DIY Kits for Adults/Educational Kit

This 3D wooden puzzle bike brings unforgettable memories of working together for people of all ages. It is driven by a powerful rubber band that makes it ride for as much as 3 meters in a single winding. Its design allows you to observe the work of its mechanism as well as its moving pistons.

The model has a wide back wheel that keeps it steady. Turning handlebars sends the bike in your preferred direction, a feature that makes your ride even more exciting. With a center stand, you park the model with ease.

The model kit is sourced from high-grade wood and comes with everything you might need for assembly. It also comes with easy to follow instructions in 11 languages.

2. Smartivity Pinball Machine STEM Activity Kit

If looking for a STEM kit that will keep your child engaged for hours, get this DIY toy from Smartivity.It’ll keep your little one busy in constructive activities.

With this kit, your kid will build, play and learn. He/she gets to construct a steam concepts-based toy with real moving parts.

Assembling and disassembling the toy doesn’t require the use of tools. All they’ll use are elastic bands, meaning that your child will be safe at all times.

All parts are also eco-friendly for enhanced safety.

3. Smartivity Pump It Move It Hydraulic Crane Educational DIY Construction Activity Toy

This DIY educational kit will help your kid to understand the basics of hydraulic mechanisms. It introduces kids to the importance of hydraulic machines, most playfully and engagingly.

The kit comes with all elements required to construct a fully-functional crane. It comes with a perfectly illustrated and easy-to-understand step-by-step guide book and the tools needed to make the project successful.

Once assembled, your kid can use the hydraulic crane to lift objects and move them around.

4. Nabhya Junior Techno Engineering Toy Kit

This mechanical kit will help improve your kid’s hand-eye coordination, observation and motor skills. The unique educational toy enhances logic, reasoning and problem-solving skills as well.

With the kit, you can build, rebuild and create classical mechanical DIY vehicles and machines. It will help your little one develop in technical and mechanical fields hence highly effective.

Your child can make up to 20 different engineering models with the kit.

5. Kiti Kits 6 in 1 Educational Kit

This kit aims at improving kids’ intelligence and enhancing their intellectual development. It also creates energy saving as well as environmental protection awareness.

The kit is eco-friendly and will help your kid to learn the use of solar energy. The solar fun six can be constructed into six different powered robots, including a windmill, plane, revolving plane, puppy, car and airboat.

The kit introduces kids to building plans and problem-solving. They can build and rebuild with easy step to step instructions.

6. Learning and Education Building Blocks Model Toys by Akrobo

These interlocking blocks will help improve your kid’s imagination and develop social skills at a tender age. He’ll learn how to work as a team with others and understand that collaboration with others is critical if one is to succeed in today’s world.

The technical building toy will help improve your kid’s comprehensive abilities more than ever before. It isn’t battery operated and will enable your kid to engage in more productive activities than phones, tablets and video games.

With 238 bricks and other pieces, your kid can build the heroic Bumblebee character in either vehicle or robot mode. In robot mode, the figure is one intimidating force, and your little one can convert his wings into a glider for his figures to ride on.

Buying Guide

Ease of use

You need to ensure that the building kit you get for your child is one that they can use with ease. Remember that you’ll not always guide them on how to construct different models with the kit. Go through online reviews to ascertain how easy it is for kids to use it.


Age of Your Child

The age of your child will highly determine the building model kit to go for. You can’t get a model meant for teens and give it to your 5-year-old. Always go for one that suits their age.



Ensure that you get a kit that comes with high-quality parts if you want your kid to use it for long. Kids are playful and excellent at mishandling things, and thus the need to get a model that comes with items that can withstand rough usage.


Instructions Manual

Get a building and construction kit that comes with a step by step instructions guide if you want your child to complete the model independently. It’ll make them feel proud that they can do it without your help.

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