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Milk is an everyday ingredient at any given household. It is loaded with essential nutrients like protein, calcium, vitamin b12 and riboflavin. But handling milk is a tedious task. It requires correct temperature, clean utensils, and distance from reactive agents such as lemon or ginger to avoid curdling. However there is a simple solution to having the goodness of milk at ease -Milk powders. Milk powders, like milk, are loaded with nutrition but in a dehydrated form. Milk powder possesses superiority in terms of shelf life, storage, convenience and much more. Here are some of the finest milk powder options that you should have a look at.

1. Nestle Everyday Dairy Whitener

Nestle Everyday is the perfect dairy partner for your tea and coffee. It makes tea thick and tasty with its consistent milky taste. With the brand’s international touch in dairy knowledge it inculcates nutrition into the Nestle Everyday dairy whitener from their well cared-for cattle.

Nestle selects the best milk through 23 quality checks for antibodies and aflatoxin and then uses its patented technology to give the final product. This works best as an enhancing agent for milk requiring beverages. It lifts up the taste and quality and works great as a milk substitute for drinks. It comes in 1 kg plastic pouch which is easy to store.

2. Amulya Dairy Whitener

Amulya dairy whitener is processed from moderately skimmed milk and sugar to enhance the taste of any beverage. It is filled under an atmosphere of nitrogen in a sanitized environment.

This dairy whitener has natural miscibility without lectin. It has a great granular texture that mixes well in any beverage.

Using this whitner can make your tea or coffee creamier. It can be used as a great alternative to milk. The pack contains 500 grams worth of dairy whitener.

3. Farmer Fresh Skimmed Milk Powder

This is a high quality skimmed milk powder that is loaded with goodness. It is 100% milk solids without any additives, making it a healthy choice.

The powder is hygienically packed and meets food safety standards. The powder can be used for making tea, coffee, milk, beverages, breakfast cereals, milk dessert and sweet. It blends well in liquids without forming any lumps.

4. Amirthaa Skimmed Milk Powder

Amirthaa milk powder is a nourishing healthy milk substitute for easy use and longer storage. It has a good amount of protein and calcium. This milk powder dissolves effortlessly, without lumps.

Amirthaa milk powder is skimmed to make it an even healthier choice as it is low fat but still is nutrient dense. It dissolves easily in water and gives the beverage a very good taste. It is creamy and healthy. It has a long shelf life of 11 months.

5. Mother Dairy Md Dairy Whitener Pouch

Mother Dairy whitener is delicious and perfect for direct consumption. It gives a rich and creamy effect instantly. It is cost convenient and comes in a sufficient amount of 1 kg bag.

It is a healthy choice to add to your tea or coffee. It makes the beverage thicker and creamier. It is loaded with nutrients. It has sugar to give your tea a sweeter taste that enhances flavours.

6. Govind Skimmed Milk Powder

Govind skimmed milk is cost effective and healthy milk powder. It is low fat but very nutritious as it contains protein, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin D. It is an instant skimmed milk powder.

It is spray dried so even when being skimmed it remains highly nutritious. It can be used for tea and coffee as milk replacement as well as a baking ingredient. It has a year long shelf life.

7. Aadvik Camel Milk Powder

Aadvik camel milk powder is authentic, lab tested and sourced from deserts of India. It keeps the nutritional value intact. It is ensured to give highest quality camel milk to its buyers. It is rich in calcium, iron and vitamin C. It helps improve gut health and is good for lactose intolerant people as it is low in lactose.

It is gluten free and helps improve immunity of the body and doesn’t cause allergic reactions caused by cow’s milk. It contains natural insulin and to control blood sugar. It is manufactured in FDA, ISO, HACCP, FSSAI certified plants ensuring optimum hygiene and quality. It has a shelf life of 30 days.

8. NatureVit Soy Milk Powder

NatureVit Soy Milk Powder is an excellent choice for instant plant based milk. It is purely vegan and Non- GMO which makes it really healthy. It can be added to tea, coffee or for any beverage as a lactose free substitute. It is rich in protein as it has 49% protein content and is made from soybean.

It is really beneficial and is safe for consumption for any age group. It can also be used to make good quality Tofu at home. It has a shelf life of 9 months.

Buying guide


Dairy whitener and milk powders have small differences. Generally dairy whiteners have around 20 % added sugars and mostly cannot substitute milk in preparing milk based dishes. However milk powders can be used in baking or making sweet dishes.


Nutritional Content

Each milk powder has a varied amount of nutritional content depending upon various amounts of added sugars. Some types of milk powders such as camel milk powder have different nutrition than cow milk powder like vitamin C. Hence one must be careful with what their body requirements are.


Shelf Life

Even though milk powders have a comparatively longer shelf life they still can differ from one another. Some have to be transferred to the fridge in an airtight container others do good in cold dry shelves.


Fat Content

Milk powders are available in skimmed forms. Some are dehydrated, evaporated to turn into milk solids while some can be customized to decrease the fat content to reduce calories that support weight loss without compromising on the nutrients.


Plant-Based Milk Powders

Lactose intolerant people can look for plant based milk powder options that are rich in nutrition. Soy milk powder is one of the nicest options in plant based milks available in good quality.


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