Best Microphone Tripods

Whenever you perform in a concert or visit a studio to record a song, a tripod stand becomes necessary. If you’re confused and cannot decide which tripod stand suits you well, do not worry. The below list of tp[ microphone tripod will narrow down your choices and help you select the best one.

1. Arctic AR-MS-01 Tripod Boom Microphone Stand

The Arctic Tripod microphone stand comes with a convenient design. It is well-suited for the performers who are always on the go. The glossy back finish is made of steel. The tripod is simple to pack and is appropriate for long term use. The durable steel gives the tripod a long-lasting strength and stability.

It is exceptionally lightweight. Therefore, you can effortlessly carry it with you from one location to another without any hassle. The Arctic tripod has clip-on cable holders that allow you to keep the cord neatly.

The height of the tripod can be adjusted according to your needs and requirements. Each leg of the Arctic tripod has rubber feet and can be adjusted.

It makes your work more comfortable because you can quickly stabilize your tripod irrespective of the terrain. The rubber feet also help in minimizing vibration. Hence, it is the perfect equipment for any stage performances, karaoke, or recordings.

2. Kadence Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand

The microphone suspension boom scissor arm stand by Kadence is adjustable and flexible. The product is made with a durable steel frame and has a plastic mic clip. The product is ideal to use for recording YouTube videos and voice sound.

The stand is foldable and easy to carry. It is suitable for handheld/dynamic microphone and not suitable with Blue Yeti USB Microphone. The product has a soft pad that helps protect from scratches. It has a max load capacity of 1 kg.

3. Powerpack MS-1001 3 Leg Boom Microphone Stand

The Powerpack microphone stand comes with an adjustable height feature. You can adjust its height from 90-148 cm. It serves as an excellent, all-purpose microphone stand as the 30″ boom makes it easy for you to position the microphone.

Whether you have a studio recording or a stage performance, the powerpack microphone tripod is your go-to equipment. The convenient design makes it easy to pack up and carry it on the go.

You can adjust the tripod’s legs to place it on any rough or uneven surface. Pick your sturdy and compatible powerpack microphone tripod today.

4. Hawk Proaudio hms65 Tripod Mic Stand With Length Boom

The Hawk Pro Audio tripod stand is available in black color, and the stand comes with a fixed-length boom. The boom securely holds the microphone in place.

The stand has an easy adjustment knob that allows you to adjust the microphone easily.

Besides, it also has a clutch that can be turned to raise or lower the stand. The body of the tripod is powder-coated and has a black finish. The detailing gives the stand an elegant look. It is scratch resistant.

You can use a 3/8 inch to 5/8 inch adapter with the tripod stand. It also keeps the cord out of the way with the fantastic clip-on holder. The tripod stand is perfect for your rigorous tour or recording schedules.

5. Ceuta Table Desktop Mini Microphone Stand

If you want a sturdy and high-quality microphone tripod stand, Ceuta is the brand you must go with. It brings to you the most indispensable kits that make an excellent boom microphone stand.

. The Ceuta comes with a cut-out clamp clip design. It has adjustable legs that allow the tripod to sit on uneven surfaces. It is portable to carry with a compact design.

The stand has an elegant outlook that well-suits all kinds of occasions. It also comes with a microphone clip holder. The clip holder is super convenient to use at conference rooms, desk, church, or other public places. The clip can rotate for 180 degrees. The base of the tripod is made of metal for durability.

6. MX Microphone Stand

The MX microphone tripod stand can be smoothly raised and lowered up to height from 4.7 inches to 8.7 inches. It has a reliable clutch. The MX tripod makes a perfect choice that meets all of your desktop needs.

The tripod legs are stable and provide balance to the boom and microphone. It ensures that the stand doesn’t collapse. The stand is professionally designed for a desktop application. You can use it to record podcasts or do video chats or screencasts from the comfort of your desktop.

The Microphone holder has a heavy-duty lock-tight tension knob. It ensures that there is no unexpected slip off of the microphone. The base has a firm grip, which avoids it from falling.

Buying Guide

Before buying a microphone stand, you must consider a few things.


The Height Range

The microphone’s height range determines till how much height your tripod is adjustable. A good tripod has a standard range of 35 inches to 65 inches. The stand should be designed in such a way that it can go much lower and higher.



The base of a tripod is essential. It comes in two designs – flat and tripod. Flat bases can prevent the stand from tripping over. Simultaneously, tripod bases can easily be folded down smaller and thus become easy to carry.



Your microphone stand should be lightweight. A more massive stand becomes very difficult to carry. Hence, a lightweight and portable stand makes a wiser choice.

The list of tripod stands mentioned above gives you several options. For a budding or a professional singer or a performer, a tripod stand becomes a convenient option that helps to stand out from the crowd.

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