Best Medicine Droppers For Babies

Your baby is the most precious thing to you, and you will always want the best for them. Feeding your baby with medicine and liquid food can be messy and stressful. Medicine droppers make it easy to dispense medication to your baby without irritating them. We have come up with a list of medicine droppers with multiple usages such as feeding water, juice, and more.

1. Baybee Medicine Dropper 

The medicine feeder is made from 100% food-grade premium material. It is a 5ml dropper with clear markings of 1ml, 2ml,3ml, 4ml, and 5ml.

The dropper is safe to use from birth. It can also be used for aromatherapy oils. The dropper is dishwasher safe and boilable.

It has a squeezable non-stick silicone that can be separated for cleaning. The dropper is designed as per European standards for the safety of babies and toddlers.

The silicone bulb is around 1.5 inches in length and 0.9 inches wide. Its total length is 4.72 inches.

2. LuvLap Soft Silicone Baby Medicine Dispenser

Luvlap baby medicine feeder has a soft food-grade silicone feeder that ensures no harm to the baby. All the parts are sterilizable to maintain hygiene.

The food or medicine is released through holes on the side of the feeder so as to avoid direct injection in the throat. The feeder comes with a precise scale for easy control.

3. Beebaby Medicine Dispenser

This medicine dispenser gives a safe, easy, and accurate way to inject the medicine. The feeder dispenses the medication bypassing the baby’s taste buds, preventing spitting up and gagging.

The dispenser is made of polypropylene plastic material and is BPA free. The nipple is made of non-toxic and 100% BPA free liquid silicone (LSR).

It has an easy-to-read scale for ease of use. It is ideal for 0+ month babies. It is top-rack dishwasher safe. The nipple can be boiled, and steam sterilized.

4. Safe-O-Kid Baby's Medicine Dropper 

It is a medicine syringe to feed liquid medicine to kids and a liquid diet to fussy and premature babies in a mess-free and waste-free way.

It has dual-angled ports on either side of the nipple to shoot liquid into the sides of the infant’s mouth instead of into the back of their throat.

The syringe reduces the risk of choking in kids. The syringe comes with a soft silicone nipple that is safe for the mouth of the baby.

The feeder/syringe is transparent with a scale displaying the syrup dose to be injected into the applicator and slowly feed into the mouth of babies.

The medicine feeder prevents the chances of baby vomiting, choking, and hurting the baby’s mouth. The feeder is made with premium quality material.

The nipple is made from food-grade silicone and pp material. The feeder is non-toxic, safe, and does not hurt the child. It has a push and pull design for ease of use.

The feeder has a capacity of 5ml to 20ml and comes with a measuring cup. The syringe is odourless, bite-resistant, safe, and high temperature resistant.

5. Mee Mee Medicine Dropper

Mee Mee accurate medicine dropper is safe to use and made from BPA-free material. It has been carefully designed to deliver prescribed doses preventing spills and leaks.

The dropper confirms the international safety standards for hygienic reasons. All parts of the dropper are non-toxic.

It has an easy to read scale of up to 3ml for ease of use. It comes with a measuring jar that can hold up to two teaspoons of medicine.

It also has a protective cap that protects the dropper from germs and other harmful external conditions. It is portable and travel friendly.

It fits into any diaper bag and is easy to clean, use, and assemble. All parts of the dropper can be washed. However, its pump should not be sterilized.

6. Pur Medical Dropper 

The medicine dispenser is free of BPA and other harmful chemicals.

It can be sterilized and used repeatedly. The dispenser is convenient to use for meeting the baby’s medical needs.

Buying Guide


Silicone makes a perfect dropper, especially if the baby is a newborn or infant. The silicone nipple or droppers can be inserted into the baby’s mouth as it won’t hurt.


Safety and Hygiene

Medicine droppers call for repeated use, and therefore it is crucial to ensure the dropper is washable, can be repeatedly sterilized, and easy to use.



he scale on the medicine dropper or feeder should be clear and readable to dispense the medicine’s required dose.


Age Appropriate

When buying a medicine dropper ensure it is for the babies. There are also medicine droppers for grownups.

Read through the instructions provided on the package for the direction of use.

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