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Mayonnaise is a rich source of nutrition and adds a rich taste to your food. A problem ensues however when you step into your food store and can’t decide on the best product to pick from the shelves. To makes things easier for you, here are some of the best mayonnaise. All you have to do is pick what you feel will suit you and your family best.

Del Monte Eggless Mayonnaise

Made with carefully selected high-quality ingredients, this mayonnaise from Del Monte gives a smooth texture and creamy taste to your snacks.

It is a 100% vegetarian, contains no MSG, no added oils, and has a long shelf life as it lasts for almost nine months.

The mayonnaise is creamy and tasty hence adds a delicious taste to your food.

It is also available in other variants such as mint, tandoori, and egg mayonnaise. Some of the ingredients used include edible vegetable oil, sugar, iodized salt, milk solids, and spice extracts.

Recommended for – People who are vegetarian, allergic to eggs or those that can’t stand the taste of egg mayonnaise

American Garden Mayonnaise

American Garden mayonnaise offers an authentic mayonnaise taste. In addition, it is gluten-free and vegetarian so that everyone can enjoy delicious sandwiches and burgers.

The mayonnaise is made from high-quality products and has a rich and creamy taste. It has a one-of-a-kind flavour that blends well with many dishes. The creamy texture makes it easy to apply on bread and buns.

Amazon Brand – Solimo Eggless Mayonnaise

This mayo is 100% veg and eggless. It is thick, rich and creamy and is perfect for using as sandwich spreads, in burgers, and as a salad dressing.

This mayo comes in a 10 inch easy to store refill pouch with a dispensing nozzle. Make sure to store the mayo in the refrigerator after opening but you should not freeze it.

The mayo contains no artificial flavours or trans fat. You should consume the mayo within nine months from the date of packaging.

Dr Oetker Fun Foods Vegetable Mayonnaise

This mayonnaise from Dr. Oetker aims at making your food creamier, saucier, and juicier. It is cholesterol and trans-fat-free and 100% vegetarian. This mayo works perfectly as a core ingredient to lots of dishes, including burgers and sandwiches.

It has authentic flavors, is clean to use and easy to store as it comes in a super-saver pack.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced mayonnaise, this India’s no 1 mayonnaise might be all you need. Ensure that you read the label, warnings, and directions of use before you start using it.

Recommended for – People who would rather go for a neutral and adaptable taste than added flavors

Veeba Mint Mayonnaise

78 % fat-free and 100% vegetarian, this mayonnaise by Veeba is not only healthy but tasty. It is trans-fat free, cholesterol-free, and free of added sugar as well. This mayonnaise is perfect for your sandwiches, salads and wraps and rolls.

The fact that the product is made in an ISO certified plant means that it is safe for you to consume without worries. It’ll give you that cooling and yummy effect, should you spread it into your veggie.

Ensure that you consume it within the shortest time possible after opening the seal as it doesn’t have a long shelf life.

Recommended for – Individuals who like the minty taste in their mayonnaise.

Cremica Mayo Squeeze Pouch

This mayonnaise comes in a creamy homogenous texture. It is off white, smooth, and with a slight sheen.

If you are in search of mayonnaise that is thicker than the normal ones, you better give this one from Cremica a try. It is also great in taste and flavor

The good thing about this mayonnaise is that should you apply it on your sandwiches, they remain fresh even after a few hours. It can be used as a salad dressing and in making coleslaw as well.

The product has a long shelf life since it’s eggless and also comes at an affordable price. The pouch has a cap that makes it easy to dispense.

Recommended for – People who don’t like sweet mayonnaise as it is non-sweet.

Wingreens Farms-Italian Mayonnaise

This mayonnaise will add a herbal creaminess to your meals. It smells and tastes good and hence great for sandwiches and burgers. If you enjoy mayonnaise in your pasta, try this out. The bottom line is that you can have it with almost everything.

Wingreens mayonnaise is purely vegetarian and doesn’t have an overpowering flavor. It is also reasonably priced and comes in an eye-catching packaging that keeps it fresh at all times.

Recommended for – People who don’t like mayonnaise with overwhelming or intensified flavors.

Buying Guide


Healthy organic oils

Ensure that the mayonnaise you buy contains only healthy organic oils like avocado or olive.

You can also go for one with soybean but also check to ensure that it is organic as well. You don’t want to take home mayonnaise with the unhealthy added oils that will only do you more harm than good.


Avoid mayonnaise that has preservatives as much as you can. Although they prevent mayonnaise from spoiling, some, like sodium disodium EDTA and potassium sorbate expose you to health risks.

Some preservatives, however, like rosemary oil, are better than the highly processed versions you’ll find in some products.

Ingredients and flavoring agents

Check the ingredients list to ensure that you get what you need. Failure to check the list might make you end up with a product you won’t use in the long run maybe because of the flavor. It might also be because you are allergic to some of the ingredients used in making it.

Be on the lookout for added flavors as well and avoid such products.

No Added color

Why would you go for mayonnaise that comes with added colors? Color adds no taste to it. You’ll only be exposing your family to health problems related to these food colors.


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