5 Best Maybelline Lipsticks

Most ladies love a full and creamy lip color when going out for a function or to protect the lips from some environmental effects. A good lipstick helps to keep the color of one’s lips to last for the whole day.

To keep your lips glittering and full, you would need a good brand lipstick. The Maybelline lipstick is known to be bold, sophisticated, and are not sticky on the lips.

The Maybelline lipstick is reputed to be one of the first hydrating creamy matte colors in India. These lipsticks are fully enriched with an ultra-care formula and come in different shades and hues.

The Maybelline lipsticks come in different varieties that can suit different skin colors and tones. It keeps the lips hydrated and kissable. Maybelline lipsticks are known to last for 5 to 8 hours at the minimum as it keeps you refresh.

Here we have reviewed  5 Best Maybelline Lipsticks and important information like Steps to choose best, How to use, Benefits, a comprehensive buyer guide and a few FAQ’s so you can find the best lipstick in India for yourself.

Steps to choose the best Maybelline lipstick

In selecting a lipstick, one needs to consider the skin tone, which may be warm, cold, or neutral. For different skin tone and texture, different lipstick types will be selected. Here are some examples of lipstick suitable for different skin tones.

Warm skin type

For individuals with warm and light skin, it is necessary to stick with a muted orange-red lipstick. These types of lipsticks are less orange with more red. This less orange color helps to reduce the skin from looking too pallid and yellow

Cool skin type

Individuals with cool light skin will require a raspberry red lipstick that is blended with pinkish-purple tones. This lipstick tends to lend a cool appearance for someone wearing the lipstick. It is comfortable for people with fair skin.

Warm medium skin

For people with medium skin types, a red brick type of lipstick will be great.  These colors are known to be of vibrant shades, and also, they don’t contrast with one’s skin tone. With the warm tone in this red shade, it helps to highlight the golden undertones hidden in the skin.

Cool dark skin

These skin types and tones will work well for individuals within the vampy reds such as oxblood and maroon. 

Warm dark skin

The best option for those individuals with warm dark skin is a bright orange-red. This will help to bring out the golden glow to light up one’s face.

Olive skin

For those with an olive skin tone, they must make use of red lipstick shades that come with the inscription wine in it. Therefore, go for lipsticks that are wine red in other to bring out the glow on the skin.

How to Use Maybelline Lipstick?

In applying the lipstick, some important things need to be put into consideration to have a perfect outcome. Here are ways to apply Maybelline lipstick.


Before using a lipstick, it is necessary to use a lip scrub first to get rid or exfoliate any dry skin on the lips


Use a soft and damp toothbrush to remove any flakiness

Lip Balm

For those individuals that want extra moisture, rub some lip balm to add some moisture on the lips

Upper lips

Start the application of lipstick by starting from the upper lip. Then proceed to the outer part of the mouth

Bottom lip

Move the lipstick by gliding over the entire bottom

Blot off

Finally, use a clean tissue to blot off some excesses.

Benefits of using Maybelline Lipsticks

Some of the benefits of using Maybelline lipstick as listed by the manufacturers and past users include


The use of Maybelline lipstick helps to keep one’s lip hydrated all day long

Protect the lips

The use of this lipstick helps to protect the user’s lips from fading, humidity, extreme heat, and other environmental effects.

Different color

The Maybelline product comes in different arrays of colors that keep you glittering and exotic


Maybelline lipsticks last for a long duration after one applies it on the lips

Maybelline product features and buying guide

The Maybelline lipstick is designed with the following features that make it stand out


The Maybelline lipsticks often come in a classy tube with a rim at the center of the tip that corresponds to the lipstick shade. The product package is sealed with a wrap that contains information such as the manufacturing date, the ingredient list, and other important info.


The product is lightweight and can easily be carried around in a bag.

Shade name

Check for the shade name of the product at the bottom of the lipstick to confirm that it suits your skin tone before buying


Most Maybelline lipsticks are designed in a way that closes with a slight click. This helps to keep it safe at all times

 Texture and fragrance 

The Maybelline lipstick glides smoothly across one’s lips without tugging or pulling off. It is quite easy to apply since the texture is quite creamy. The product also comes with a sweet fragrance that varies. Note that the scent is dependent on the shade of the lipstick.

Staying power

These lipsticks can last for about four to five hours and can last even after a light meal.


Check for the price of the product variety before buying. Note that a high price does not equate to being better than others.

Top 5 Maybelline Lipsticks

1. Maybelline Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick 

The super stay Matte ink liquid lipstick is designed in a way to give users a perfect finish. It comes with a wide shade of colors that suits one’s different needs. It is designed in a way to last for 16 hours and available in over 25+ shades. 

PROS (What we liked)
  • Gives one a great and kissable lips
  • The product is available in over 25+ saturated shades.
  • The lipstick comes with a unique arrow applicator
  • It provides a more precise lipstick application
  • It is designed in a way that does not dry out lips.
  • It comes with an intensely pigmented formula
  • The lipstick shades suit most Indian skin tones
  • The lipstick does not get flaky or fade-off easily.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A little sticky after applying

2. Maybelline New York Lipstick 

The Maybelline lip graduation comes in 8 bright matte shades that keep one lip radiating. With the color stick, it will give you a gorgeous pop of color, and the cushion blender tool gives a sexy and graded look.

PROS (What we liked)
  • The lipstick comes in beautiful and bright shades that are meant mainly for your lips
  • The lipstick is ideal for bold and adventurous women.
  • The lipstick comes with a buttery soft powder stick
  • The lipstick comes with saturated pigments that give one an inviting flair and look
  • It is available in 8 vibrant shades
  • The product is retractable
  • A single swipe of the product gives a lot of colors.
  • It suits a medium to dark skin
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The price is quite high
  • The product might be too buttery if not handled with care

3. Maybelline Matte Lipstick 

The Maybelline matte lipstick comes fully infused with pure precious oils and filled with moisture. This very smooth, non-drying, and creamy lipstick gives your lips a sensuous finish that leaves you comfortable all day long.

The lipstick comes in 35 shades and stunning and highly-pigmented shades. These shades include flawless nude lipsticks like Nude Embrace and Daringly Nude and classic red lipsticks such as Rich Ruby and Siren in Scarlet.

PROS (What we liked)
  • The lipstick is designed to define, line, and fill your lips. 
  • The matte cream lipstick gives one a non-drying and uncracking finish
  • The lipstick is designed to stay comfortably on one’s lips all day long
  • The lipstick comes in 35 pigmented shades.
  • The Lipstick is blended with honey nectar
  • The creamy matte lipstick glides smoothly while keeping the lips moisturized
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No such cons were observed

4. Maybelline Loaded Bold Lipstick 

This Maybelline bold lipstick comes with hyper color pigments and an Opaque but creamy clay base. It is designed in a way to give one-stroke intensity.

PROS (What we liked)
  • It is blended with sumptuous honey Nectar that leaves you with a creamy look
  • The product is dermatologist tested
  • It is allergy-tested
  • The Maybelline bold comes in a wide range of pigmented shades
  • The lipstick is sensational on the lips
  • The product comes with an excellent package 
  • This lipstick comes with 16 pigment-loaded shades.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Just one stroke is enough. If you apply make coats, it can get messy

5. Maybelline New York Color Lip 

The Maybelline products come with the new color show intense crayon lipstick. It is a perfect option for one’s lips, no matter your shade. It comes with a high pigment that helps to cover dark and uneven lips. The product is blended with Honey and SPF 17 that helps to protect one’s lips from dryness and darkening. 

Color show intense lip crayon comes in 10 intense lip perfecting matte shades. It comes with an ultra-care hydrating formula that helps the lips color not to fade in extreme humidity or heat.

PROS (What we liked)
  • The product shades are designed in a way that it suits all India skin tones.
  • It gives you a perfect lip not minding the shade you wear
  • The blended Honey and SPF 17 protect the lips from darkening and drying
  • It comes in 10 intense lip perfecting matte shade
  • Easy to apply
  • It comes in vibrant moistures
  • The lip color will not fade even in high heat and humidity
  • It is enriched with ultra care hydrating formula
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • After the removal of the lipstick, the color remains for some time

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I buy Maybelline products 

Maybelline products (Lipsticks) can be bought from market retailers, supermarkets, and drugstores or online.

2. Do lipsticks expire?

Yes. Such as any other product, lipsticks also expire.

3. How long should a lipstick be kept for it to be safe?

A lipstick can be safe for one year after opening.

4. What is the best price to pay for a Maybelline Lipstick?

Price is not really important when making a selection for a Maybelline lipstick since it is quite affordable.


Like we have rightly started, Maybelline lipstick is an ideal choice for anyone looking for high quality, affordable, and creamy formula. It comes with a whole bunch of shades for one to choose from. This gives everyone something that suits them. 

Even for those with parched lips, these lipsticks will work for them. In choosing the lipstick color, it is important to identify your skin undertone.

It is therefore recommended that you go for the Maybelline product range.

The colors are so bold and do not budge. It is also easy to apply at all times. The Maybelline lipsticks score well on all front and for all classes of individuals. 

Good luck to you as you select from the variety of product

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