Top 7 Best Massage Chairs

Massage is one of the earliest methods of addressing health-related issues. Ranging from stress to a host of musculoskeletal conditions such as Arthritis, muscle soreness, and other soft tissue injuries.

To date, it remains a standard treatment element employed by professional health care personnel such as Doctors, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, and Massage Therapists. The massage chair has revolutionized how this treatment is carried out by automating the process to relieve the health practitioner and bringing the technique in the comfort of the patient’s home. 

However, the high-tech nature of the device makes it one of the most challenging to purchase in today’s market. There is considerable diversity among these devices, and most buyers tend to rush into decisions only to find out that the model in question doesn’t necessarily address specific needs.

This guide sets out to assist everyone interested in these devices by providing all the necessary information needed to make a well-informed decision. We’ll explore how these machines work, how to identify the best model for your needs and some of the leading products in today’s market. Along with it, you will also find a few features and Benefits of using a massage chair and a few FAQs. Let’s get started.

Top 7 Best Massage Chairs

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How massage chairs work

The mechanism underlying the massage chair is quite simple. A particular device installed on the surface or within the chair gives the user in it the sensation of manual massage experience. While other models furnish nothing more than a series of vibrating components, others incorporate rather complex mechanisms designed to resemble a professional’s techniques.

While most of the models on today’s market features a mechanical approach, scientists have strived to emerge with a range of other equally effective and better methods. Essential alternative methods include the use of water, air, and a combination.

Most models utilize a series of motors, rollers, gears, and vibrating components. Since their inception a few decades ago, they have only grown to become more advanced, often incorporating a range of convenience features.

The basic massage chair uses a set of vibrating surfaces to execute the process.  To come up with the vibrations, most manufacturers employ devices which accommodate weighted gears and wheels. The weight in the device is not centered on the wheel, thus making it rather unbalanced.

The motor within the device causes the wheel to rotate rapidly, and this leads to the vibrations. The mechanism is somewhat similar to a cellphone’s vibrating system, which is essentially a scaled-down version of this device.

If you took your time to remove the chair’s upholstery, you would notice that there is a frame that’s attached to a series of motors and gears.

Other models incorporate what is known asrollers, which roll against the body surface to produce the massaging effect. They are generally more effective than vibrating components as they roll to cover a wider area and act in a fashion that better mimics human hands.

The rollers move around in patterns which are largely dictated by the chair’s frame. Basic roller chairs have a wider range in terms of movement. They only move upwards or downwards along a track which is secured to the chair’s frame.

The more sophisticated chairs incorporate the rollers on an arm which can move both vertically and horizontally, thus allowing the rollers to move vertically and sideways. The arm can also move in circles, thus allowing an extra dimension in terms of movement, which translates into a more extensive and efficient massage.

The system also incorporates a microprocessor which controls and records different programs, which may come in as part of the chair’s feature set. Most massage chairs are recliners, and the responsible manufacturers have the task of designing electro-mechanical systems capable of operating in a variety of positions.

Most modern chairs come with a motorized mechanism which can be triggered by a system of buttons installed on the chair’s control panel. Others are limited to mechanical means, where the user has to pull a handle before pushing on the backrest.

Alternatively, some massage chairs utilize water to create a sensation. Essentially, the chairs use jets of water which are fired against an impermeable backrest to create the sensation.

A key component of the system is a waterproof membrane that’s attached to the backrest. The membrane has valves on the top surface to allow the user to fill in the water. The back surface of the membrane accommodates nozzles which are connected to a pump through a series of tubes and a temperature control system.

The pump’s function is to push the water through the tubes and nozzles to the membrane, and the pressure exerted by the water jets creates the massage sensation through the backrest. The heating and cooling system attached to the pump allows the user to control the temperature of the water

Consider the features

As soon as you are comfortable with the first two questions, your next task is to define the features which will be relevant to your case. Let’s take a walk through them.

Massage chair features can be broadly classified into three groups, namely: Core technologies, therapeutic, and convenience. 

As you will probably observe in the next few minutes, there is a myriad of them involved. The best way to go around them is to take note and make a list of the features which best appeal to your case.

Core features

As the name indicates, these are considered as essential features which should accompany every chair intended for massaging purposes. They can also be thought of as the framework upon which other components are built. These are:

The Massage Track

We cannot discuss massage chairs without this crucial element. Thus it’s the best place to start. Massage tracks exist in three distinct variations:

Fixed-Frame tracks

These are typical of those chairs within the low-end of the price spectrum. They are typically basic rectangular frames which support a stationary massage head. Since the heads don’t engage in any movement, they do not offer an exceptional massage experience as other types.

In essence, the heads vibrate in one position. This necessitates that the intended body part is perfectly aligned with the head. The result is often satisfying, but not an exceptional experience.

However, be aware that in other cases, the stationery frame can be used together with a set of moving rollers, but the rollers can also be limited as they tend to move in two directions (X and Y-axis). Additionally, the frame may not always be in perfect alignment with the natural curvature of your spine, which often leads to sub-par performance.


These types of tracks are widely considered the standard within the industry. The significant advantage they have over the previous model is that they incorporate a shape that’s adapted to the human spine. They also include rollers which move from the neck area to your lower back. Thus they are capable of offering a great experience.


These are also known as Hybrid L/S tracks, and they are usually seen in the latest designs. The key feature is an extended S track that goes all the way beneath the seat. This lets the rollers to carry out the massaging process through the entire length of the spine to the gluts and the thighs.


The rollers are the actual tools by which the massage process is carried out. There are three main types: Quad, Dual, and Tri rollers. Most modern massage chairs use Quad rollers, but as a way of saving costs, others come with Dual and Tri rollers.

Other models go the extra mile to incorporate six rollers, but they are quite rare to come across. Generally, the higher the number of rollers, the better, as it means a more efficient and effective massage.

Stationery massage heads are another variant, and they typically consist of a set of massage balls instead of the rollers seen in mainstream models. Though not so efficient as rollers, they do offer a much more affordable option.

Roller Adjustment mechanisms

To keep things flexible and manageable, rollers come with a variety of ways to offer the user a degree of control. Here are the four main options:  

Inadjustable rollers

This is quite hard to come by these days, but some models do eliminate any form of the adjustment mechanism. In short, whichever position the rollers are set, you have to accept and live with it. If the alignment is excellent, the better. If you are not so lucky, you will have to adjust your position to get a better fit.

3-Dimensional Body Scan

This is by far the most popular mechanism employed by massage chairs to improve the positioning of the rollers and the total massage area. It’s an automated system which adjusts the position of the rollers based on your body’s pressure points. A computer that’s integrated into the chair does all the math and issues instructions to get the chair to adjust accordingly.

However, the system may malfunction, and unless there is an alternative way such as manual adjustment, you are stuck in one position.

Manual mechanisms

Some models eliminate computers and settle for buttons or levers which allow the user to adjust the rollers’ positions manually. The downside is that it may take a little more effort and time to get the positions straight. It tends to be a more reliable method in terms of getting the exact positions. 

Two-Pronged mechanism

These chairs combine manual adjustment and body scans to offer the advantages of both mechanisms. If the body scanning malfunctions, you are still safe as you can deploy the manual mechanism to get things going. They tend to come in with a heftier price tag as the manufacturing cost is comparatively higher.

Massage Options

Rollers use a variety of techniques to carry out the massage process. In general terms, more methods imply a higher cost. The methods can be broadly divided into two major categories, namely: standard and advanced.

Standard techniques include necessary procedures such as rolling, kneading, and tapping. Some of the advanced techniques include Swedish, Shiatsu, and Thai.

The majority of massage chairs afford the user a level of customizability by letting them alter critical parameters such as intensity and speed.

It’s typical to find out that some low-end models offer a few control options such as a single-speed setting. Thus you may need to put in some more effort if you are expecting to have a higher degree of control.

Benefits of Massage Chairs

General relaxation

Just like regular massage sessions, massage chairs are capable of offering a great deal of general stress relief, especially when you have a rather busy lifestyle. If properly used, they have a proven ability to get your muscles relaxed, and this can easily translate to mental relaxation as well. For most users, they are a worthy delicacy after a long day’s work.

Pain relief

Apart from stress, massage chairs can offer significant pain relief, especially when it comes to a variety of painful musculoskeletal medical conditions. Let’s have a look at the prevalent conditions.


In general terms, Arthritis is a joint disease that involves wearing out of the cartilage associated with the bones involved in that joint. Due to poor distribution of forces and stimulation of pain receptors in the joint, a lot of pain results, and this also affects the muscles around the joint as they tend to become overly tense and painful.

Massage helps to relax these muscles and restore their normal function, thus helping to reduce overall pain.

Additionally, the massage stimulates pressure receptors which interact with the central nervous system to produce a numbing effect on the pain. This is why it’s a commonly recommended treatment option by Doctors, Physiotherapists, and Chiropractors. To get the best from massage chairs, always consult with the responsible health care personnel.

Muscle Trigger points and general soreness

Trigger points are knots which form inside the belly of the muscle, and they are a surprisingly common cause of muscle soreness, especially for those involved in long hours of work on office desks. Massage is a primary treatment of these knots with considerable evidence from scientific research. Massage chairs can offer a quick and less expensive option to treat this in the comfort of your home.  

Nerve impingements

A considerable number of people with chronic low back pain also come with nerve impingements. Where some nerves from the Lumbar spine get compressed by related structures such as intervertebral discs or vertebral bones.

As we pointed out earlier, some chairs come with other features such as stretches and hip swings, which may help to off-load the spinal discs, thus relieving any compressions they may be exerting on the related nerves. However, these should also be used after a qualified professional’s recommendation.

Buyers guide

Let’s spend a few minutes with an outlook on the key factors to consider when buying a massage chair.

How much are you willing to invest?

When it comes to price, massage chairs fall into three main categories. The low-end comprises of those who fall below the INR7,000 mark; the mid-range consists of of those who fall somewhere between INR8,000 and INR 60,000, while the high-end comprises of those which go above the INR60,000. 

As expected, the lower-end sacrifice additional features for affordability. The mid-range incorporate a little more but eliminate some advanced features which are typical with models within the high-end range. High-end models are quite sophisticated; incorporating premium material and a host of advanced features which we’ll consider at great length in the features section.

Why exactly do you need one?

Though it sounds a bit more like an obvious question, most buyers forgo considering their needs and rush into the market to buy something that does not really resonate with their needs. You can start answering this question by examining the two main types of massage chairs available. These are hobbyist and therapeutic. 


As the name suggests, therapeutic chairs are tailored towards addressing a range of medical needs. The most typical medical condition that benefits from massage chairs are chronic back pain.

Statistics show that at least 60 percent of individuals are bound to suffer from chronic back pain at a certain point in their lifetime. Massage is a huge part of treating this condition, and massage chairs can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to managing the health at home. 

Although these chairs are mostly known for providing a complementary treatment to back pain, they can also come in handy when it comes to a host of other conditions such as shoulder and leg Arthritis, High Blood pressure and other mental and psychological conditions. The specific condition you wish to address will determine the feature set you should settle for.

Hobbyist chairs

These chairs take a more general approach in their design. They incorporate some essential therapeutic tools but usually focus on other convenience features such as audio support and memory settings which let you save some pre-selected settings, in addition to other smart features. 

There are considerable similarities, of course. The fact that you are primarily looking for a therapeutic chair doesn’t necessarily translate to throwing other convenience features out the window.

Air Mode

There are two main modes of massage associated with massage chairs, and these are air-bag and roller-based.

Airbags have gone through a few decades of development and based on this, they can be divided into the first and second generation. Second-generation airbags are more efficient, and as a rule of thumb, the more airbags a chair has, the better.

Just like roller-chairs, airbag based devices afford the user a degree of control through customizable speed and intensity settings. As expected, earlier and low-priced models offer fewer options in terms of speed and intensity adjustments.  

Control interface and options

Three main methods of control exist. Most of them provide for an LCD control panel that harbors touchscreen functionality. Most modern models also incorporate remote functionality to add an extra layer of convenience. High-end models tend to come with applications which can integrate with your smartphone and other external devices for an even more convenient experience.

Therapeutic tools

As pointed out earlier, these tools allow you to customize the chair towards addressing specific medical issues. 

No matter how good the advertisement sounds, the fact is that there is no perfect massage chair, as no one chair can offer the best of everything. Therefore you must consider this part carefully, especially when you have any medical concerns to address.

Deep Tissue Massage

A basic roller-based massager has the capacity to offer some relief and therapeutic effects to some extent, but it may offer a lot more if it is equipped with deep tissue massage functionality. Deep tissue massage is a common technique utilized in a range of conditions, including muscle soreness and other chronic conditions involving tendons, ligaments, and joint capsules.

If you check different model’s specs descriptions, you will notice that this is listed in a variety of ways. In some cases, manufacturers will just go straight and indicate “deep tissue massage,” otherwise it goes by the name 3D/4D Technology.

Zero-Gravity Seating

Though seemingly a little detail, this feature serves an essential purpose. It significantly enhances the massage experience by putting the body in a position that facilitates the massaging process. In general, your knees are positioned in such a way that they are slightly above the level of the heart. Thus giving you a general feeling of weightlessness while letting your body weight press more securely on the backrest. This allows the rollers to exert a more profound effect.

Less than 40 percent of today’s models offer this feature, and those that do, afford about 3 to 4 positions to choose from.

Heat therapy

This is an extra feature aimed at complementing the massaging effect. Most conditions which require massage as part of the treatment also benefit from deep tissue heating; thus, this could be an excellent addition for most people. More than 50 percent of today’s models offers some form of heat functionality, with the majority catering to lumbar spine heating. 

A handful of them affords more extensive heating functionality. While others offer full back heating functionality, others tread the extra mile to incorporate a heating blanket to provide a form of full-body heating procedure.

Generally, the more extensive it is, the better. However, this translates to an inflated price tag. Another important point worth noting in connection to this is that you also need to check if the chair offers some control as to how much heat can be delivered. This allows you to tailor the heat intensity according to your Doctor’s or Physiotherapist’s recommendations.

Body Stretch

This is one of the most powerful features, especially for those suffering from compressed or herniated discs of the lumbar spine. It can offer considerable pain relief by relieving the pressure off the problematic discs. However, it’s essential to seek advice from qualified health personnel before you spend any money on this as it may not always be appropriate. 

There are other less aggressive features which offer a similar effect. Good examples include the Hip Swing and Waist Twist. Some advanced chairs seek to provide the best of both methods by incorporating all of these to allow for some flexibility of choice.

Point and Zone Modes

This is simply another great feature that lets you focus the rollers where you need them most. It basically interrupts the current program to zone-in on a specific area. In this case, you are free to let the massager work on the specified area before moving forward with the current set program.

Foot and Leg Massage functionality

Less than 40 percent of today’s models offer leg and foot massage functionality by means of leg massage ports. In most cases, the foot massage is carried out by a set of rollers, while as airbags do the leg massage.

High-end models provide more efficient mechanisms such as Tri and Quad massage from the feet, heat pads, and more.

Convenience-related Features

Though these features aren’t directly related to the actual massage process, they prove an attractive prospect to most users. Let’s take a walk through the most popular features.

Space-Saving features

This is crucial, especially for those who may not have the space to accommodate the bulky and expensive models. The majority of models need a clearance space of about 18 to 24 inches with respect to the wall nearby. 

The key here is to have a clear idea of how much space you have and then relate that to the dimensions associated with any model that comes along. Chairs with a broader angle of adjustment(ideally 120 degrees) between the seat and backrest tend to adapt very well in a wide variety of space sizes.


You don’t want to bring in a chair that’s too small or too big for your size, let alone the weight. Thus you need to consider the associated overall capacity. The majority of chairs are made for people who fall somewhere between 5? and 6.1? in terms of height. More than 50 percent of today’s models come with an Ottoman that also features what’s known as an extension module. These allow the chair to accommodate users of up to 6.5?. 


Aesthetics can be a crucial factor for most people as no one likes a piece of furniture that sits into the home decor rather awkwardly. Therefore, it’s important to consider your decor before choosing any models. Other models can be adjusted in such a way that the chair fits into the living room just like a normal chair. 

A good example is the Hideaway Ottoman feature where the leg ports can be easily retracted to assume a normal shape. The material is also a significant player when it comes to this factor. Whether it’s leather or fabric, ensure that it lives up to your expected standards.

External device connectivity

Considering the fascination we have with music, most modern chairs come with the ability to integrate with smartphones for MP3 functionality. If you enjoy music while burning off the day’s stress through massage, this could be a feature worth considering. Others incorporate other connectivity options such as USB interfaces, Bluetooth, and SSD hard drives which allow you to use additional storage media such as flash drives and SSD cards.

Air Ionizer

This is another convenience feature that’s found in less than 15 percent of models. It adds on to the relaxation by blowing a breeze of ionized air across the face as the process is being carried out.


This uses the relaxing effects of light to give the chair an extra edge. For some users, a gentle glow of LED lights installed on the chair combined with some soothing music provides a great deal of relaxation; thus,, some models incorporate this feature. 


This feature can be priceless, but unfortunately, not a lot of models afford it. It is valuable in the fact that it allows you to eliminate the need to set the massage chair every time you want to use it. 

Once you realize your ideal settings, you can save them and access them in the next session without a lot of fuss. This creates much-needed consistency, especially when it’s a therapeutic massage chair where you need a consistent approach to realize long term benefits.


Lastly, these chairs can be expensive. Thus you need to ensure that you get the value you deserve. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are safe from any manufacturing defects which may come with the product, especially when you are ordering it online.

There is a wide variety of warranty packages that may come with the product. The more comprehensive it is, the better. Warranty periods range from one to several years and may cover either the whole product or just the essential parts.

Top 7 Best Massage Chairs

1. JSB MZ16 – Our Choice

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JSB is one brand that’s taken the massage chair manufacturing industry by storm through a good number of top-notch models which continue to linger among the best in all price categories. This beautiful design from the same brand is an excellent example within the high-end price tag category. It is known for its wide functional range, durability, and operational efficiency. Let’s get to the details.

Main Features
  • Weight and size: 75 X 45 X 36, 109 kgs.
  • Type: Full-body therapeutic massage chair.
  • Track: Hybrid L/S track.
  • Adjustability: 3D body scanning.
  • Massage mechanism: Rollers and airbags,
  • Massage techniques: Tapping Massage,  Kneading Massage, Rolling, Shiatsu, Thumping, air squeezing.
  • Additional features: 5 automatic modes, spot massage, stretching massages, zoning and focusing functionality, zero-gravity seating.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It features a powerful massage system combining the advantages of rollers and airbags.
  • It comes with a wide array of massaging techniques.
  • Solid frame material and construction.
  • Durable upholstery material.
  • It is beautifully built.
  • It helps in full-body relaxation, stress relief, relieve muscular pain, and much more. 
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Expensive.
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2. Body friend 4D massage chair – Beautifully crafted

Body friend 4D massage chair
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The Bodyfriend 4D massage chair offers one of the most exquisitely built chairs on the market without sacrificing a drop of top-notch quality and reliability. Almost everything; from the upholstery to the system of rollers is built to meet the standards of a high-end massage chair. Let’s take a closer look.

Main Features
  • Weight and size:  120 x 76.5 x 72.5 cm.
  • Type: Full-body therapeutic massage chair.
  • Track: SL track(1450 mm long).
  • Massage mechanism: Rollers.
  • Adjustability: 3D body scanning, speed adjustable through 5 levels.
  • Massage techniques: Tapping Massage,  Kneading Massage, Rolling, Shiatsu, flapping.
  • Upholstery: Leatherette and foam support system.
  • Additional features: Zero gravity, Bluetooth connectivity, Intensity control.
PROS (What we liked)
  • An impressive set of rollers for an enhanced massage experience. 
  • It features a great variety of massage techniques.
  • Durable material and construction. 
  • Visually appealing.
  • It has multiple airbags on various parts of chairs
  • It is extremely comfortable and easy to operate. 
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Comes with a high price tag.
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3. JSBMZ15 – Versatile

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This may well be called another masterpiece from the JSB brand for obvious reasons. Solid construction is coupled with a highly efficient massage system to set it up as one of the highly esteemed massage chairs despite its rather hefty price tag. Let’s go ahead and have a look.

Main Features
  • Weight and size:  75 X 45 X 36, 109 kgs.
  • Type: Full-body therapeutic massage chair.
  • Track: DL track.
  • Massage mechanism: 6 Rollers.
  • Adjustability: 3D body scanning
  • Massage techniques: Tapping Massage,  Kneading Massage, knocking, Rolling, Shiatsu, flapping.
  • Upholstery: Leatherette and foam support system.
  • Additional features : Zero gravity, remote control panel.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Advanced 6 roller mechanism for enhanced massage efficiency.
  • Wide variety of massage techniques.
  • Solid material and construction. 
  • Highly appealing design to fit a variety of modern home decors.
  • The footrest is adjustable up to 10 inches
  • It is very comfortable and easy to use due to its user-friendly functions.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Hefty price tag.
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4. Cosmocare Shiatsu massage chair – Advanced connectivity options

Cosmocare Shiatsu massage chair
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Cosmocare furnishes another great example of a modern massage chair with all the amenities typical of an advanced, high-end system. Great controls, durable material, and a range of massage options earned the chair a place on this list. Let’s have a look at the associated details.

Main Features
  • Weight and size: 24.8? x 28.3? x 35.4”-41.3”, 120 kg.
  • Type: Full-body therapeutic massage chair.
  • Track: S track.
  • Massage mechanism: 6 Rollers,  26 Air bags.
  • Capacity: Up to 6ft (height)
  • Adjustability: 3D body scanning
  • Massage techniques: Tapping Massage,  Kneading Massage, pressing, tapping.
  • Additional features : VFD control panel on right armrest, flip cover, and smart sound and light navigation system.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It combines rollers and airbags for a more effective full body massage system.  
  • Advanced control features.
  • Beautiful build and upholstery material.
  • It helps in relieving muscle tension and in better blood circulation 
  • It uses a variety of techniques to address a wide range of needs. 
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It features a rather bulky frame.
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5. Osim uLove massage chair – Well-moulded

Osim uLove massage chair
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Simply another great product from the Osim brand. From the first glance, it’s easy to agree that this is one of the most beautifully designed pieces of furniture in this category; making it one of the most increasingly popular models on the market. An impressive list of additional features also adorns the product, in addition to an efficient massage system. Let’s have a look.

Main Features
  • Weight and size: 72×166×125, 82kg.
  • Type: Full body therapeutic massage chair.
  • Track: SL track.
  • Reclining angle: 123 to 155 degrees.
  • Massage mechanism: Rollers and airbags.
  • Massage techniques: Tapping, Rolling, kneading, Vibrations.
  • Additional features: Onboard Audio system.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Sturdy, beautiful design. 
  • Efficient functional system.
  • Easy to install and operate. 
  • It incorporates a great audio system.
  • The after-sales service is excellent.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Fewer massage options considering its price tag.
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6. Robotouch Maxima massage chair – Full-Body Therapeutic

Robotouch Maxima massage chair
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Robotouch has made waves on the massage chair technology landscape through this delightfully designed work of art. It doesn’t fall short of the characteristics of an advanced system that’s worthy of a sizeable investment, especially if you are up for something that offers unprecedented therapeutic value. Let’s dive into the specs.

Main Features
  • Size:  85×90×15cm.
  • Type: Full-body therapeutic massage chair.
  • Track: SL track.
  • Massage mechanism: Rollers and airbags.
  • Adjustability: 3D body scanning
  • Massage techniques: Tapping Massage,  Kneading Massage, knocking, Rolling, Shiatsu.
  • Additional features : Zero gravity, Internal memory.a
PROS (What we liked)
  • Efficient full body massage system. 
  • Durable.
  • Highly convenient and easy to operate.
  • Sleek, modern design. 
  • It provides leg and arm airbag massage
  • It has an auto heating feature which helps in warming back muscle and enhances the level of comfort
  • It is very effective and makes no noise at all.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed.
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7. Osim Uinfinity massage chair – Great design

Osim Uinfinity massage chair
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If you are looking for a high-tech chair that’s capable of effectively delivering a wide range of techniques while offering a great design to fit into your homes modern decor, this chair from Osim might have something

Weight and size: 125 x 72 x 116 cm (upright), 82 kg.

Type: Full-body therapeutic massage chair.

Track: SL track.

Reclining angle: 122 to 155 degrees.

Massage mechanism: Rollers.

Massage techniques: Tapping Massage,  Kneading Massage, Rolling, deep tissue massage.

Additional features: Android and iOS integration, auto timer.

worthy of consideration. Excellent connectivity options are also one reason why it’s becoming popular among current users. Let’s get into the details.

Main Features
  • Weight and size: 125 x 72 x 116 cm (upright), 82 kg.
  • Type: Full-body therapeutic massage chair.
  • Track: SL track.
  • Reclining angle: 122 to 155 degrees.
  • Massage mechanism: Rollers.
  • Massage techniques: Tapping Massage,  Kneading Massage, Rolling, deep tissue massage.
  • Additional features: Android and iOS integration, auto timer.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Sturdy, durable design.
  • Excellent external device connectivity.
  • Highly efficient massage system.
  • Easy to install and operate. 
  • It is a zero gravity massage.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Comparatively large footprint.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the best massage chair?

Different people have different needs, and these dictate the kind of massage chair they should choose. This implies that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, the best approach is to understand your personal needs and look for the model that’s most likely to deliver on those needs effectively.

2. I have a chronic back pain problem, which features should I look for?

The best approach is to look for a massage chair that offers the broadest range of techniques across the back. Also look for additional features such as heat therapy functionality, as it is commonly recommended for those suffering from this condition.

3. How do I know if the chair really delivers the techniques as required by my medical practitioner?

First of all, take your time and go through the reviews from current users. Secondly, make sure that the chair comes with a reasonable warranty policy in case the performance is subpar. Any consistent issues relating to performance should not be tolerated.


Landing the best massage chair is a question of understanding three main things: how they operate, the key factors that dictate the decision-making process, and how different models present themselves on the market.

The three sections of this guide took you through these aspects as an effort to take you by the hand towards the best model you can find depending on your needs.

Exercise a little patience, take note of the key points, and try to define your ideal model in light of the products we’ve discussed above. This will take you a long way in making your investment a worthwhile endeavor. All the best!

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