Best Magnetic Knife Holders

Do you know that the way you store your knives is very important? The best storage method ensures that your knives remain in their condition, don’t rust, or put your safety at risk. Get yourself a magnetic knife holder, and you’ll always have your knives perfectly organized and within reach. A magnetic knife holder should match your home’s décor, fit in your kitchen space, and have strong magnets to hold your knives in place at all times. This list contains top magnetic knife holders that you can find in the Indian online today.

1. Magnetic Knife Rack Stainless Steel Holder Strip by Ikea

Made from stainless steel, this magnetic knife holder helps store knives within easy reach. With it, you won’t lose your knives anymore. It won’t scratch your knives and looks great on your wall.

The holder will securely hold your knives in place at all times. If you have a small kitchen, this holder will come in handy. It has room for about six knives and has powerful magnets.

It is also easy to clean since all you have to do is wipe it clean with a soft cloth after dampening it with water.

2. Angel Bear Magnetic Knife Holder

Angel bear knife holder is made from strong, high-grade neodymium magnets.

Angel bear magnetic knife holder is wall mountable. It has a space-saving design and can be hooked up on any desired wall. The magnetic surface is made from a neodymium magnet that is quite strong and can hold other things like peelers and scissors.

The frame is made from high-quality plastic for durability. It has a sleek design that does not look odd on the wall.

3. EzLife Magnetic Knife Holder

It is a magnetic strip for organizing knives, keys, scissors, lighters, and more. It is designed with a thermoplastic frame and metal rails. The product comes in packaging containing a magnetic knife strip and fixing screws.

The item can be used to keep sharp objects away from the reach of kids. It is compact, saves space, and helps keep things organized.

4. Professional Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder by Luvina

This top-quality knife holder enables you to hang your knives on the wall, helping you eliminate that bulky knife block. It also allows you to save your valuable drawer space and gives you convenient access to your knives.

The holder has a powerful magnetic strip that holds your knives securely in place. You can use it in the kitchen, garage to hold any metal objects, laundry room, or office. With it, your kids will never have access to your sharp knives.

It is a convenient way to store your knives and other metallic kitchen utensils like whisks, stirring spoons, spatulas, among others. It is easy to install and can be mounted on your kitchen wall with ease.

5. 13 Inch Magnetic Strip Bar Rack by Flipco

If looking for a modern magnetic knife bar, try this bar from Flipco. It is made from strong magnets and covered in high-grade stainless steel. It has satin finishing and will most likely match your kitchen décor.

The knife rack has a fully magnetic surface that is powered by a powerful neodymium magnet. The magnet allows the holder to let even the largest of your knives to hang securely and safely.

You can use the magnetic strip to hold your knives, keys, children’s toys, scissors, among other things. It comes with easy to follow instructions and mounting hardware that makes it easy to install.

6. Home Center Magnetic Knife Block

This magnetic knife block from Home Center will help you store your knives safely and within easy reach. Its textured surface makes it appealing to the eyes.

The bamboo construction of this block makes it a strong and reliable storage space for your knives. It is handcrafted to keep your items organized. It is also eco-friendly and offers a huge space to store your knives and spoons.

Buying Guide

Easy Installation

Ensure that the knife holder you get for your home is one that you can install with ease. If possible, go for one that comes with mounting hardware to make things easier for you. It should also come with an instructions manual that is easy to read and understand.


Saves Space

The reason why most people go for magnetic knife holders is that they help save space. If you have a small kitchen with less space to store all your kitchenware, such a holder creates space since all you need to do is mount it on the wall.

Go for one that is small but enough to hold all your knives in place. It should also help you hang your spoons, kitchen scissors, and keys.



The design of the magnetic knife holder depends on personal preference. However, go for a strip that matches your kitchen décor. It’ll improve the appearance of your kitchen by giving it a classy look.



Most magnetic knife holders are made of stainless steel or wood. What to go for will, however, depend on individual tastes and preferences.

If you have a modern kitchen, a sleek stainless steel magnetic knife holder might suit your best.


Strong Magnets

A magnetic knife holder needs to have strong magnets if it has to hold your knives securely in place at all times. The stronger the magnet, the more you will get the use out of it.

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