Best Litter Boxes For Cats

Cats love to keep their surroundings clean, including where they answer nature’s call. Their tendency to use a litter box also stems from their ancestors, who wished to remain hidden when doing the deed. A good litter box not only caters to your cat’s picky bathroom habits but also satisfies their natural instinct by making them feel safe and protected. Looking at litter boxes, you might think they are all the same, but all litter boxes are not made the same for all cats. Read on to find the best litter box for your cat.

1. PetCrux Cat Litter Box

The PetCrux Litter box measures 53cm x 40cm x 10 cm, which is suitable for small cats. Since it is made of plastic, it weighs very little and is easy to carry around. The tray comes in various assorted colours.

The edges are rounded and not sharp, so it will not hurt your beloved pet. The rounded edges also make it easy to clean.

2. Trixie Vico Cat Litter Tray

Trixie Vico cat litter tray comes with a dome and a swing door for easy access. The dome provides privacy to your pet cat. The tray is largely suitable for all cat breeds. The litter comes with a filter system that locks in the odour from spreading.

You can lift the top part of the tray that is detachable for easy cleaning. Trixie Vico cat litter tray helps you in keeping the house clean and neat.

3. Futurekart Cat Litter Tray

This cat litter tray from Futurekart is made with high-quality plastic. It is a semi-closed style and is an attractive colour. The tray has tall sides so that the litter does not fall out easily.

As it has an open-top, it is easy to clean. It also comes with a shovel that is handy and convenient. It is lightweight and also designed to reduce odour from cat litter.

4. Savic Nestor Cat Toilet

Nestor cat toilet has a modern design made of plastic that is easy to clean. The specially developed folding front side opens wide. This allows the soiled cat litter to be removed carefully and quickly without removing the top part.

The tray has a raised back, which prevents leakages from the other end. It comes with a handle and a plastic swing door. This product is recommended for multiple cats or large cat breeds.

5. Moderna Flip Cat Litter Tray

This litter box comes with a scoop and a charcoal filter to help reduce odour. It has a semi-translucent door for better privacy. The top flip-door opens up, which makes cleaning easier.

It has a handle that can be hidden when not being used. This makes it ideal for carrying if you are outdoors or travelling with your cat. It also features two clever clip-locks that keep the box secure.

6. Trixie Berto Cat Litter Tray

This litter box is worth its price as it completely eliminates the need for scooping. We were impressed with how easy it was to clean the litter.

The litter trays and the rim are connected with easy click clasps. When you have to clean the litter, just release the clamps and dump the whole litter in the filter tray. You can lift the filter tray to isolate the clumps and dispose of them.

7. Foodie Puppies Litter Tray for Cats

The litter tray has a specially designed removable rim that stops litter from flying around and helps keep the surrounding area clean and tidy. The non-stick plastic also helps with easy cleaning.

The tray has a low entry height for easy access. The curved faces ensure that litter is not thrown around when your cat starts digging. We recommend this product for clean freaks who love to keep everything spick and span. Its dimensions are 45cm Length, 35cm Width, 10cm Height

Considerations When Buying a Litter Box

Number of Cats

If you have multiple cats, they may or may not be okay with sharing the same litter box. If they are not, then you immediately need to buy a separate box for each cat before they mess up their habits.



As with any other product, the size of your pet is an important factor. You want to be buying a box that makes your cat feel protected, but it should be big enough that your cat can use it comfortably.


Type of Box

Cats are unsure and picky creatures and may prefer some boxes over the other. Some cats may like the open box, while some may be drawn to the safety and privacy of a closed box. So you should consider your cat’s preferences and habits before buying.


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