Best Laptop Accessories

So, you finally managed to get a good deal on the laptop you wanted for a long time. However, now its time to purchase the essential accessories which you will need for your new laptop. It sounds like another cumbersome task, right? But you don’t have to worry because we have got you covered!

This article provides a comprehensive guide to the best laptop accessories. These accessories will help you maintain your laptop and will also add to your convenience. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive in and find all the basic laptop essentials, which you will require in no particular order.

Best Laptop Accessories

Laptop Bag

You obviously cannot carry your laptop around with you without a laptop bag. Hence, you need to purchase a compatible laptop bag. There different types of laptop bags available in the market to choose from. The most common laptop bags are backpacks, messenger bags, totes, etc.

However, a laptop backpack is considered a more suitable and convenient option, as it is easier to carry around. While purchasing the bag for your new laptop, ensure that it is made using good quality waterproof material that is resistant to wear and tear. The water-resistant material protects the laptop against rain and other weather conditions.

Added inner padding and cushioning is required for absorbing any kind of sudden impact. You can also opt for anti-theft backpacks, that comes with a laptop compartment. They are designed to keep your valuables safe and secure with added safety features.

Laptop Stand

Working on a laptop continuously for a long period may cause you a lot of pain and discomfort. It is always recommended to set your laptop screen 2 inches above the eyes level. For this, you will require a laptop stand.

A laptop stand is designed to raise the laptop above the desk or table surface to a comfortable height. This set up ensures a comfortable workstation to the user and also prevents pain in the neck, arm, and back. There are many other advantages associated with a laptop stand. It manages to enhance your work efficiency while also reducing fatigue and tiredness.

You can consider going for a fixed or an adjustable stand. However, an adjustable laptop stand is a preferable option, since its height can be adjusted to meet your requirements. It is also important to consider essential factors like the design, ergonomics, size, and stability of the stand.

Antivirus Software

Laptops and computer programs are prone to malware, also referred to as Virus Software. This virus corrupts the functioning of the programs and also slows down your laptop. The antivirus software will be needed to combat these issues efficiently.

The software is designed to detect the presence of any malware in the program. On detection, it removes the virus from the entire system, and it also manages to prevent the entry of the virus. Nowadays, antivirus software is also capable of combating overall threats to the computer or laptop. Hence, this is a must-have as it protects all your confidential information and data.

You should know how to install this software on your laptop. Moreover, it should be easy to use. Software with a high-malware detection rate, and features like web and email protection should be considered.

Wireless Mouse

A wireless mouse provides you the freedom of moving your mouse, without any restrictions that are usually caused by the wired mouse. It also allows you to work on your laptop with ease.

There are three types of wireless mouse available, based on the kind of technology used. An RF technology mouse is a good option because of its long battery while a Bluetooth mouse is a wise option since it ensures an easy, interference-free connection.

The wireless mouse you purchase should be comfortable to use. Also, check on the DPI or Dots Per Inch of the mouse. A higher DPI ensures faster work, while a lower DPI provides accurate work.

Screen Filters

Screen filters are essential accessories that will enhance the durability of your laptop screen. There different types of screen filers which differ from each other in terms of features and specifications. However, all of them are designed to protect the screen of your laptop from scratches, dust, and glare from sunlight or other bright light.

Before deciding on the screen filter, you wish to buy, check your laptop screen type and measure its size. If you don’t find a filter that matches your measurements, go for a small size filter that is close to your measured size. Also, you can go for a frame design based on your preference.

Hard Drive

External hard drives are essential for storing your essential files and documents, especially when you are running out of space on the internal hard drive of your laptop. This compact device provides a physical backup to all your files. Hence, you will be able to access these files whenever required, irrespective of having access to the Internet or not.

They are portable devices that are convenient to use. External and internal hard drives, basically are of two types-Hard Disk Drive (HDD)  and Solid State Drive (SSD). For a higher transfer speed, SSD is a good option. However, they cost more and have less storage capacity.

While making a purchase, ensure that the hard drive is shock and damage-resistant for higher durability. Also, consider factors like cache memory, failure rate, and price.


Headphones are a must for watching movies, videos, or for listening to music on your laptop. Many brands are offering different types of headphones, which are comfortable and user-friendly. These include over-ear, in-ear, and on-ear headphones

A noise cancellation headphone is a great choice, as it blocks noise from the surroundings. This allows you to enjoy an immersive sound experience, without any distractions. Ensure that the headphone you buy provides a high-quality sound with enhanced treble and bass.

Durability, connectivity, and compatibility of the headphone should be given prime importance. It should be able to connect to your laptop easily without any disruption or interference. Also, look out for features such as in-built mic, remote control mic, etc. while making a purchase.

USB C Hubs and Docks

USB C hubs and docs along with the type-C cable have gained immense popularity over the past years. These hubs have been designed to include several ports, such as- HDMI, Port A, Display Port, SD card reader, etc. This is an essential accessory since it is required for connecting multiple devices to your laptop, when in use. The Type-C cable ensures the transfer of data between the laptop and the other devices.

The two most current types of USB C hub are USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt 3. The USB C hub you purchase should ensure fast data transfer. If you have to do heavy work, go for a hub with a fast read/write speed. You also need to consider factors like the number of peripherals required, laptop-charging time, and your budget.

Wireless Router

This is another essential requirement for your laptop. A wireless router with a good internet package is all you need for seamless internet browsing. There are different types of wireless routers for you to choose from, based on its average speed. Be sure to go for a speed that will meet your work requirements.

The router you purchase must offer USB connectivity and an on/off button so that you can switch off the router in case of interference. A detachable antenna will help you to obtain higher gain when needed. It should also come with a built-in firewall to prevent the entry of the virus into your laptop.

USB 3.0 Thumb Drives

This is a flash drive, used to store 256 megabytes to over several gigabytes of data. There are different types of thumb drives, designed to fit into a confined space of your laptop or any other device. However, your laptop and other devices should come with a USB 3.0 port. It is very easy to use, as you simply have to connect it to the system for reading the stored data.

All thumb drives are compact and light-weight so that you can easily carry it around. The drive must be compatible with your laptop and should be having a high transfer speed. Other important factors, which you should consider are the cost, connection type, quality, and durability of the USB thumb drive.


We hope to have helped you with our list of the best accessories for your new laptop. This list covers all the laptop essentials that you will need. These accessories will improve your work efficiency and will also help to keep your new laptop safe and secure.


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