Best Kids Study Tables

All parents want their kids to study in a posture that keeps comfortable and alert. A simple solution to this is to have a proper chair and study table for your kids. Study tables are specially designed to make sure that kids have a proper posture while reading or writing. Here are some of the best kids study tables to help you choose the right one for your child.

1. Memeho Table

This is a multipurpose table that your kids can use for study, drawing, or as a small dining table. The dimensions of this table are 60*40*27 centimetres.

It is suitable for all adults and kids above 5 years of age. The sturdy and durable structure of this table is due to powder-coated metal tubes.

The top board of the table is made of engineered wood. With outstanding quality, this table has anti-skid and added machine pads for a new experience altogether.

Ergonomic design with a multifunction groove in these tables is another feature to count on. With an option to fold it when not in use it is easy to store.

It has a beautiful finish and a unique design. You can use this table in the office, cars, home or outdoors as it is easy to carry from one place to another.

2. Passion Petals Foldable Table

Passion petal offers this multipurpose foldable table that can be used for laptop, study as well as a serving table. It is lightweight and has a space-saving design.

The table comes with a groove to place your book or tablet. It even has a slot to store your cup. The foldable legs have a grip on them for stability. The dimensions of the table are 60 x 44 x 28 cm.

3. Kidomate Table

This study stable has an adjustable height and chair. This allows you to adjust it according to your child’s height.

It is thus suitable for all age groups. It is made of child-friendly material. It has a metallic frame of only 17kg only and can bear a load of 100kgs.

It will help in your child’s posture with the ergonomic design of this study table. It has a non-reflective and tiltable desktop that allows you to read, write and draw at a better angle.

It provides more than enough space with compartmentalized storage. This study table has an embedded groove that you can use to hold pencils, pens, markers and crayons.

It also has a multifunctional hook that you can use to hold schools bags, cups or glass. You can store stationary in the compartmented drawer in this table.

4. Cello Table

With a seating capacity of 2, this rectangular shaped study table has a contemporary style. This table’s dimensions are 20.04* 15.21*11.00 inches (Length * Width * Height).

It is a washable study table. This table is made of polypropylene material, making it rigid, corrosion-resistant and lightweight. It is easy to clean and is lightweight.

The games on the table make a perfect gift for birthdays and other such occasions for kids. They will enjoy using this table for hours.

5. Avani Table

This study table is recommended for kids of age 2~6 years. This chair and table set is multipurpose.

It has a body frame made of heavy metal, and the base is made of designer plywood. It is an ideal setting for studying, drawing, playing games and even for food.

The set looks smart and attractive. It doesn’t leave fingerprint marks on it. This is a strong, sturdy and durable table set.

It is lightweight with a total weight of only 3 kgs, making it easy to carry. The dimensions of this table are 70*60*40 centimetres.

6. Compaq Table

This is a multipurpose table that you can use as a kids study table, a laptop table, dinner tray, TV watching, standing desk for offices or tablet holder. The sturdy structure of this table makes it a durable one.

High quality engineered wood is used to make the top board of this table while the tubes are made of powder-coated metal. It has good compression resistance as well.

This table is suitable for kids and adults. With a smooth top surface, you can use this table to read a book, surf the internet on your laptop, enjoy snack time, or use it outside as an extra table.

This table has a size of 60*40*27 centimetres when opened up and can be folded to 60*40*6 centimetres. This table’s legs are connected with a high strength ABS plastic that makes the joint more load-bearing and strong.

The legs have anti-skid pads for uniform load distribution and better stability. It also keeps the surface safe and secure.

7. Star and Daisy Table

With multiple adjustments, this is a sturdy table for kids. The strength of this table lies in the material used to manufacture it. It includes ABS plastic and Q195 cold and rolled steel.

Powder-coated paint on the table ensures its durability and protection against rust. You can adjust the height of the table according to the need of your kids.

Normally study tables have a space of 60~70 cm, but this table has an extra-wide surface with the size of 80 centimetres. It allows convenient learning with more space to organize your stuff.

Its ergonomic design includes a pen holder and a reading stand. All of these features make this table a perfect choice for your kids.

With an LED lamp light on this table, light options are suitable for writing and reading. As a parent, you want your child to read and write with proper light, and this does exactly that.

The scratch-resistant veneer used to coat the desktop of this table ensures diffusion of light instead of reflection. Reinforced brackets of this table keep it stable on different surfaces.

It has a storage cabinet and book holder as well.


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