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One of the best ways to increase your child’s cognitive, memory, and problem-solving skills is through the use of games. Board games are the best way for them to get such skills. Check out these top 5 board games for kids to select the best one for your kid.

There are a whole host of fun memory and puzzle board games available to draw your children away from addictive computer games and social media.

Here are some of the most exciting, innovative, and entertaining kids’ board games in the market for you to choose from.

Play Panda Magnetic Puzzles Board Game

The 400 magnetic pieces that are included in this game allow your child to go wild with their imagination.

It is primarily designed to help your child develop geometric and spatial understanding. It will also develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

The game includes a book that has 200 patterns to start your child out.

The creations that your child makes can be displayed using the display stand, giving your child a boost of confidence.

This game is suitable for both male and female children.

The magnetic circles of the game come in 10 different colours. It also includes a magnetic canvas for making the images and a magic seal pouch to store the magnets.

Mattel Scrabble Board Game


Mattel Scrabble board game is an educational game that all can play. This game is very helpful in developing vocabulary and strong spelling ability. Playing this game can prove to be a great mental exercise.

There should be 2-4 players to enjoy this game. The game allows you to make the best word using seven letter tiles drawn at random. It is a great way to teach kids new words.

Millennium Snakes & Ladders Ludo game


Millennium indoor game set comes with snakes and a ladder on one side and ludo on the other. The set comes with game pieces and two dice. The games can help improve observation, visual discrimination, concentration and hand-eye coordination skills.

Snakes and Ladder and Ludo games can be played with 2 to 4 people. This is a perfect family game to spend some quality time and create bonding among the family members.

Toiing Spytoi – Fun Educational Spotting Board Game

Toiing Spytoi Spotting Game is not just a game, but a learning tool. By spotting emotions on the board and taking an interesting quiz, it propagates the development of emotional intelligence in the children.

The second game pits the kids in a race against time to find images from cards on the board. This improves observation skills, logical skills and quick thinking on the feet.

These games are designed to be short, simple and enticing enough to hold the children’s attention. It teaches them important skills without boring them.

Zephyr Memory Skill Board Game

This game has been designed to be portable so that your child can be entertained while traveling.

It comes with 36 pegs to close the pictures on the board. It also comes with a free gift wrap to present it to your child as a gift.

This game increases your child’s memory and thinking abilities by forcing them to remember which pairs go where on the board when the pictures are covered up. The game can be played by multiple children or adults.

This board game measures 21.6cm x 34.4cm x 4.2cm and weighs a total of 440g.

It enhances your child’s mental abilities, memory recall, and analytical ability.

Creative Educational Aids Fun With Words Board Game

This lovely puzzle game comes with 30 individual mini-puzzles! This means that your child will learn 30 extra words while developing spatial reasoning skills and spelling skills.

It also develops your child’s observational skills and hand-eye coordination.

This game also comes with a 24-page activity book and activity guide. Each of the puzzles is 4 or 5 letters long in order to develop your child’s vocabulary further.

The game has been made with durable materials to ensure that your child can enjoy it for a prolonged period of time.

Funskool Memory Match and Move Board Game

This game is designed to improve your child’s visual recall skills. It requires your child to match items and move them to win the game through analysis and memory recall.

This game can be played alone by your child, with adults or with other children as a group game.

It includes 1 game-board, 4 playing games, and 25 picture sets. It is recommended for children above the age of 5.

All the parts of the game have been made to high-quality standards to provide years of fun gaming entertainment for your whole family.


Craftland Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Board Game

This interesting puzzle game uses real treated wood as its main material.

The large puzzle pieces feel good to touch and develop your child’s tactile sensation. The dimensions of the game are 16.5cm x 16.5cm, and it weighs a total of 300 grams.

The game allows your child to get creative to create a mosaic on the board so that all the pieces fit. The wood is from the rosewood tree (Sheesham), and it is resistant to termites and decay.

The puzzle will be sure to expand your child’s analytical abilities and logical thinking skills.

Buying Guide/Tips


Memory Capacity Building

There are board games that are aimed at increasing your child’s memory storage and recall abilities. As with all skills, your child’s brain develops additional memory capabilities through repetitive exertion.

Try to find board games that require your child to remember cards, pieces, or moves while playing.


Spatial Reasoning Skills

Puzzle games are great at improving your child’s spatial reasoning skills. There are also 3D puzzle games that require your child to solve 3D spatial issues.

Practice on these games will allow your child to build the skills required for architecture, driving, and a whole host of other practical tasks and vocations.


Fine Motor Skills

Puzzle games, in particular, are great at fine-tuning and developing your child’s fine motor skills. Your child’s fingers start to move more skillfully at placing and fixing missing pieces as the games get more and more complex.

Choose a puzzle game that matches your child’s current fine motor skill level.


Analytical Skills

Memory games and puzzle games both develop your child’s analytical skills. Two-person memory games are especially adept at this.

Choose games that your child will be able to get a grasp of quickly so as not to discourage him/her.

The game should ideally require exponentially higher skills to master.


Materials Used

As children are prone to absent-mindedly stick objects into their mouths or chew on pieces, any game, you present your child with should be made from food-grade materials.

This will keep your child safe if he/she swallows a small piece of the game until it is extracted.

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