Best Kajal and Kohl in India

It is really usual in Indian women to prefer putting bold colors around the eyes to provide more definition and beauty to their face. It also depicts a stronger personality once it is applied around the eyes. Since it is applied near the eyes, it is only mandatory to know the best kohl in the market to ensure that the product that you will buy is completely safe to use and will not harm you in any way.

They have been used for many years already, mostly in the Middle East part of Asia and India. Before it is made of all-natural materials primarily of different herbs to produce a highly-pigmented substance throughout the years, the innovation on cosmetics took place, which gave a whole new look to kajal and kohls. This is the main problem of Indian women out there which is to choose the brand that will perfectly suit their needs.

This is the primary reason why we came up with this article to provide Indian women out there some sort of help with regards to buying their first kohl. We will list down the best kajal and kohl in India right now and aside from that, we will have a brief guide to help you in your buying decision.

In this article, you will find all the needed information to get yourself the best kajal in the world like the difference between kajal and kohl, why should you buy it? a comprehensive buyers guide, Our Top Products and a few FAQ’s.

Kajal vs Kohl – The Comparison

With regard to the difference between kajal and kohl, it only comes to a few factors since they primarily have the same use. If you are confused with them we listed down their differences on the bulleted points below.


  • Also called eyeliners by many but there is little difference among them. Kajal is composed of a mixture of soot and natural ingredients.
  • They are usually gentler and will not cause irritations because of the natural ingredients.
  • It is a much older form of cosmetics in the world and known to be first utilized by Egyptian women with royal blood before it came to India.
  • It gives smoky eyes and an extremely bold color much quickly and deeply.


  • It is also an eyeliner but it is powder-based. It is invented at a much later time compared to the kajal.
  • They usually last longer compared to the traditional eyeliners.
  • The black is not that deeper compared to the kajal but is considered as grey.
  • More smudgy and requires you to put it more carefully to avoid a mess.
  • Its texture is creamy that is why it can glide easily and much faster saving you a lot of time.
  • Perfect for pierce-eye flick effect.

Why Should You Buy a Kajal and Kohl?

Tried and tested already

Since these products are around for thousands of years already, they are proven to be very effective with regard to accomplishing their functions.

Safe to use

The two are mostly made of natural ingredients that is why they are gentle to the skin and will not irritate the eyes.

Easy to use

They do not require professional training in order for you to perfectly use them.

Enhances your look

Kajal and kohl are known to provide more definition to the eyes of the person that is wearing it making them look more beautiful and awesome.

What to Look For When Buying a Kajal and Kohl?

Expiration date

Now if the product is still desirable and advisable to use. As we all know, expired products won’t bring any good to the people who use it.


Now if the price is good enough for your budget to ensure that you will not overspend on cosmetic products if you are currently on a tight budget.


Check if the brand is credible to ensure that it will meet your expectations and needs.

Size and weight

If you are the type of woman who loves to go outdoors it is important that the kajal or kohl is portable so that you will not have difficulties bringing it anywhere you go.


It is advisable if you will buy a waterproof kajal and kohl because it will make the effect of it last longer.


Check the ingredients if it is free from harmful chemicals such as paraben for you to avoid any side-effects while using it.


It is advisable for the kajal and kohl to smudge-proof so that the application of the product on your skin will not be messy.

Top 7 Kajal and Kohl in India

1. Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal 

All over the world, Maybelline is a well-known product when it comes to cosmetics and beauty products. When we are talking about kajal they have a special treat that you will surely love. This one of a kind product will make your eyes and face more desirable to look at.

Introducing the Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal, this product is loaded with vitamins and minerals that came from the various natural ingredients that it has. The intense black formula will give your eyes more definition for up to 24 hours.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Despite that it is made by a well-known brand the price is super competitive.
  • It has vitamins C and E to enrich your skin and give it a youthful glow preventing any wrinkles that might appear in the vicinity of your eyes.
  • This kajal is really easy to grip that is why you will not have any difficulties when applying it.
  • It is superbly reliable and can last for extended period of time.
  • The gentle ingredients that it has will keep you safe from any irritations.
  • Since it is waterproof you do not have to worry if you sweat a lot.
  • It does not smudge that’s why expect that it is not messy when you apply it.
  • The aloe vera content will leave your skin supple and soft.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The stick is prone to breaking.

2. SUGAR Cosmetics Kohl Of Honour Intense Kajal 

If you are seeking for a creamy texture and has an opaque effect then SUGAR Cosmetics Kohl Of Honour Intense Kajal is the solution. It is made of materials that are all high-quality making you look good as possible. Aside from that, it does not contain harmful chemicals that can harm your eyes or skin. You will surely nourish yourself with this lovely treat making you look best as possible.

The smudge-proof formula will make everything non-messy while you are applying it. So the application of this kajal is easy and the good thing is it will not impose any side-effects!

PROS (What we liked)
  • It does not contain any paraben which makes it safe to use and will not bring any bad effects on your health.
  • You do not need to sharpen it frequently which will save you a lot of effort and time.
  • It glides smoothly on the skin which makes the application more hassle-free.
  • This stays on the skin for 12 hours that is why you will not have to re-apply it from time to time.
  • It is Indian made that’s why rest assured that it is perfectly suited for the skin of Indian women.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A little bit expensive.

3. Elle 18 Eye Drama Kajal 

If you do not have that much budget and you are still aiming to buy a kajal then Elle has a treat for you. This Elle 18 Eye Drama Kajal is affordable and at the same time made of high-quality materials. It is easy to apply on the eyelids and water line because of its easy twist-up format.

This dermatological-tested kajal will provide you a safer way of beautifying yourself minus the side-effects. Once you apply it rest assured that you will impress a lot of people of your new look.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Since it lasts for up to 12 hours, you do not need to reapply it more often which will save you a lot of time and money.
  • It is a hardened pencil type that is why you do not need to sharpen it frequently.
  • The price is super affordable making it suited for women from all walks of life.
  • It has a unique design that will surely impress other people when they see you using it.
  • It has a smudge-proof formula that will make everything non-messy.
  • The formula will give you a smooth and glossy finish that will surely beautify your face.
  • This kajal is tested by ophthalmologists that’s why rest assured that it will not irritate your eyes.
  • It is pocket-friendly that is why it is easy to bring anywhere.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It breaks a little bit when you put some pressure on it.

4. Lakmé 9 to 5 Naturale Gel Kajal 

Lakme has been providing a lot of good cosmetic products for Indian women throughout the years. Just like this kajal, the Lakmé 9 to 5 Naturale Gel Kajal is one of the best in their product catalog because of its promising features. One of the best attributes of it is its capacity to nourish your skin.

It has a calendula and aloe vera to moisturize and help enhance your skin more. You will have a better-looking face and at the same time beautify yourself in the long run. So this is the kajal that you should consider buying to make the most out of yourself.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Since it is made by Lakme expect that it is made of high-quality materials.
  • This kajal is mostly composed of natural ingredients that is why rest assured that it will not harm your skin or eyes.
  • It has a unique applicator that makes it easier for you to apply the kajal without putting too much effort.
  • The formula will protect you from the harmful effects of pollution.
  • Its intense black finish will make you look more desirable and promising.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The brush is too small and sometimes it smudges

5. Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal 

When it comes to kajal we always make sure that it is gentle and reliable because we apply it near our eyes so one wrong move can ruin everything. So with regards to that, Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal is truly worth considering because it has passed a lot of quality checks to ensure the safety of the people who will use it.

Aside from that, it works really well on Indian skin that is why rest assured that it will be compatible with you whenever you buy it. The next time you shop for a kajal this is surely a must-have on your bucket list!

PROS (What we liked)
  • It is resistant to smudges when you apply it which is perfect for non-messy and smoother finish.
  • Since it is lightweight expect that you can bring it anywhere you want to without having a hard time.
  • The twist cap makes it easier for its users to apply it, especially when they are outdoors.
  • It has a stylish design that will impress other people.
  • You can also choose from the various combo packages that this product offers to make your beautification much more effective.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It leaves a residue sometimes when you are applying it.

6. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Pencil 

Having the ability to glide smoothly is definitely a must if you want your eye pencil to be precise and effective. When it comes to that the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Pencil, No. 01 Jet is truly a blessing when it comes to cosmetics products particularly eyeliners.

Since it can glide easily on the surface of your skin rest assured that you can apply it without any difficulties. It is also made of carefully chosen ingredients to ensure that you will be satisfied when you are using it. Bring out the beautiful you with the help of this product.

PROS (What we liked)
  • It lasts for a really long time that is why you do not have to worry about reapplying it from time to time.
  • The body is sturdy enough to grip so that you can easily apply it.
  • Its formula is super gentle to the skin and will not irritate your eyes in any way.
  • Since it is enriched with vitamins you will have an assurance that it is healthy to use on the skin.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The price is pretty expensive.

7. Plum Natur Studio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal 

When buying cosmetics it is a must that the ingredients are gentle so that you will have a fair share of benefits that you can get from the product. Gentle products are known not to cause any harm or irritation on the skin that is when buying kohl always makes sure that you will get a lot of benefits from it minus the side-effects.

Plum Natur Studio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal With Free Sharpener

It is always full of hassle if the kohl and kajal that you will buy have no sharpener because you still have to buy one. With this Plum Natur Studio, All Day Wear Kohl Kajal is the answer to that dilemma because there is a free sharpener that comes along with the deal.

You will surely be amazed by its wonderful attributes while you are using it. It is made of natural ingredients to ensure that will make your skin more supple and provide a good pigment that can enhance your appearance, particularly in your eyes. Come and let us take a look its advantages and disadvantages.

PROS (What we liked)
  • It is stable and does not break easily.
  • This kohl provides a lot of definition on the eyes because of the opacity of its color.
  • It contains castor oil which moisturizes the skin to make it suppler.
  • This product does not contain paraben and any other harmful chemicals that is why you will surely never experience any side-effects from using it.
  • Perfect for vegan people because it is 100 percent vegan.
  • The barrel is easy to grip making it comfortable to apply at all times.
  • It contains antioxidant ingredients to nourish the skin by removing excess toxins on it.
  • It is smudge-proof that’s why you do not have to worry about any mess when using it.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The effect does not last that long.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is kohl safe to use on the eyes?

Yes, it is completely safe because they are mostly made of natural materials.

2. Is it safe to buy kohl and kajal online?

Yes, just make sure that it is from highly credible websites such as

3. What is the best brand of kajal and kohl?

Well, it primarily depends on your preferences but with regards to ours and with our tremendous research as well as trial and errors we have come up with a conclusion that Maybelline is the best one because of its features and high standards of quality.

4. Is it advisable to use kajal and kohl on a daily basis?

Yes, because they are mostly made with natural materials that is why you will never experience any irritations or whatsoever.

5. What is Kajal?

Also known as “Kohl” in the English language and has been used throughout Asia and Africa. It is usually composed of stibnite.


A simple line in your eye by using kajal can really enhance your facial features. Kajal has multiple eye benefits and using it can help you increase confidence. Now that you have learned a lot about Kajal and Kohl we will pick the best product among the list. With regards to our preference and the attributes that kohl must have, we have concluded that Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal is the best one out there because of the premium materials that it possesses that is truly promising.

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