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Whether you want to make a cup of coffee or tea or want to enjoy a piece of any sweet, you need sugar as essential ingredients to relish the taste. Sugar is a common partner in our daily lives as most people are born with a sweet tooth. But we all know the sugar is nothing but a bundle of high calories and the biggest contributor to many chronic diseases. Compared to sugar, Jaggery can be a healthier choice that can serve the sweet nerves and cravings of people who love sweets. Here we have brought a list of best jaggery powder products that can bring the power of sweetness through natural means.

1. 24 Mantra Organic Jaggery Powder

This jaggery powder is naturally processed from the sugarcane that is grown organically and is overwhelmed with wholesome pure delicious sweetener carrying the natural goodness of various minerals and vitamins.

This holds the credentials of 100% natural organic and unadulterated because no pesticides or GMOs or chemical fertilizers are used, and also no genetically developed methods of crops are being practiced. Fresh juice is extracted from the sugarcanes that are organically cultivated and then it is clarified using natural vegetable ingredients that keep the nutrients balance intact in it.

This 24 mantra organic jaggery powder is a great source of energy and a healthier choice as compared to refined sugar. It helps in the purification of the blood and also has anti-oxidant properties that work well in cold.

2. Organic India Jaggery Powder

Organic India’s jaggery powder is made from certified sugar cane. It does not contain any chemical additive or sweetener. It is a healthy sugar substitute that can be added to all your meals.

It is naturally sweet and contains iron, vitamins, and minerals for added health benefits. The jaggery powder is a good blood purifier that helps alleviate digestive issues.

Having it regularly can detoxify the liver to boost energy levels. Adding the jaggery powder can elevate the taste of your tea and coffee.

3. Amazon Brand Vedaka Jaggery Powder

Vedaka jaggery powder is free from any adulteration, added sugar and added flavours, making it an ideal healthy alternative for sugar and honey.

It is hygienically packed to maintain its freshness. You get 1kg worth of product in this jar.

The jaggery powder has a unique taste and can be used in everyday cooking to make various dishes and desserts. The powder has a long shelf life of 12 months.

4. Nutriplato-enriching lives Jaggery Powder Premium

Nutriplato brand needs no introduction and this jaggery powder product is another step from them to bring the best from the world of natural food items that are stacked with numerous health benefitting minerals and vitamins.

It is prepared under the strict direction and observation of the Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research. It holds the natural colour as it is processed from the unadulterated and pure juice of sugarcane without using any kind of unnatural synthetics and chemicals. Its processing method is a result that is gained from the demonstrated experience of hundreds of years old assembling techniques.

Accumulated with minerals, rich in antioxidants, and characterized as a wellspring of sequels, it is best for maintaining good health without compromising your love towards sweet.

5. Truefarm Organic Jaggery Powder

When finding an alternative for refined white sugar clubbed with some natural benefits of rich minerals, Truefarm organic jaggery powder stands as a great substitute among all. With no synthetic substance, chemical additives, and prepared with organic sugarcane sticks it has a more beneficial and healthier natural sweetener capability.

This 100% organic and sulphurless jaggery retains the molasses content that makes it more nutritious. It also offers the ability to act as a prominent digestive agent, helps to purify your body, and caters your cravings of sweets.

It is prepared from the natural and organic compliant processes from the best crops of sugarcane grown organically. It is widely used in chocolates, sorbets, confections, and conventional sweet dishes.

6. RELISH Pure and Natural Chemical Free Jaggery Powder

RELISH Pure and Natural Chemical Free Jaggery Powder come from those market leaders who are operating in the industry from the last three decades. This is enough to prove the reliability and credibility of this product as it sustained in the market for long and listed as a favourite among users.

This genuine and natural jaggery powder holds all the natural benefits that make your body healthier and meet the needs of your sweet senses with its charming smell. “Natural” here is not just a tag to define this eminent and earthy coloured sweet delicacy but actually a bundle of armoury filled with iron, nutrients, and minerals.

A great contestant among best jaggery powder products it has exceptional well beings properties such as calcium absorption, liver detoxification, etc. This powder is pure and contains no extra chemical additives or fabricated hues & fake flavours.

7. Nutriorg Certified Organic Jaggery Powder

Nutriorg Organic Jaggery is USDA Certified, pure, and organically manufactured in the floodplains of river Ganga and is well-known among customers due to its wide advantages.

It is prepared from the organically grown, without using the harmful and chemical oriented fertilizers & pesticides, sugarcane juice. This product holds amazing culinary characteristics enriched with minerals and vitamins.

Its fundamental nourishment components prevent digestion issues and cleanse the body naturally. This product appreciates the benefits of nature and relishes the nutritious value of the items that are unadulterated and are synthetic-free food.

As compared to refined white sugar, this jaggery powder doesn’t add calories to your body; rather it helps to strengthen the immunity. It adds a rich flavour to everything in which you use it.

Buying Guide


Taste plays an elemental role when you want to check the purity of the jaggery. The taste should be sweet, if it tastes salty, even slightly too, then it indicates that there is a high concentration of mineral salts in it. Saltiness also means that it is not fresh. If it tastes bitter, then it means it has been put under the caramelization process while boiling the sugarcane juice.


Presence of Crystals

If jaggery powder is not smooth and has petite yet thick crystals like small bubbles then it is crystallized. The presence of crystals symbolizes that other means are used to make the jaggery sweeter.



The colour of the jaggery also signifies a vital role in recognizing its purity. If the jaggery powder having a dark brown colour just like an earthiness tone with a faint smell, then it is pure. But if it is yellow in colour, then there may be a chance that some chemicals or artificial flavours are added to give it more sweetness.


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