Top 10 Best Selling IP Cameras in India

Security in many forms is essential to our daily life. Internet Protocol or IP camera plays a vital role in providing residential and industrial security.

In India usage of IP cameras has certainly increased, both for residential use and mostly in industries. It feels quite secure when you have trust in something that is monitoring the surroundings. One to choose their perfect conditions for monitoring, IP cameras comes with significant varieties.

While buying an IP camera, few opinions should be considered which would help you to get the item which you require.

Questions like the type of IP camera and the accessories required for it?

Does the home security camera india also monitor at night?

What should be the range and quality of the image broadcasted by the camera so as to suit the perfect environment?

We will detail you more and will provide a tour of the IP cameras which you desire. We shall provide you with the types of IP security cameras, features, and benefits of IP camera, basics information like working of IP camera and buying an IP camera and Frequently asked questions. Our recommendations for the top 10 cctv camera in India available in the Indian market are listed below. Read on to know more.

Top 10 Best Selling IP Cameras in India

Benefits of IP Cameras

Better Screen Resolution

As compared to other cameras like analog, IP cameras provide much higher screen resolution. With IP cameras we can zoom in any picture, and there won’t be any blurry image.

Can be specific

IP camera lets you highlight any footage. Other analog cameras do not have that feature. IP camera saves time because you don’t have to go through all the footage.

Better Network

IP cameras have encryption built right into them providing a more secure network whereas the other cameras like DVR and analog camera network is an issue. Interference is also not a problem with IP-based models.

Two-way communication 

You can send commands to the camera, and you will receive the information. For example, you can adjust the focus of the lenses through remote or through your computer or mobile.

No need for new wiring connection

The analog camera requires a different system to be installed each time. IP-based cameras act as their network device; you can use the existing network and install the new camera. This can make the installation task much easier.


IP camera system allows new cameras to be added to the same network. An analog camera system does not let you have multiple networks; you will need new cabling for each new camera.

Better view 

IP camera gives you a better view of the field. Which means IP camera can record areas where multiple cameras were required to do the same.

High price, less maintenance

An IP camera is a one-time investment. You can use the existing system to have multiple networks as you go on an increasing number of cameras also can easily find any specific footage you need easily.

Features of IP Cameras

Night vision

If you are someone that wants to keep IP surveillance camera working 24*7, then opt for a camera that can kill IR filter which provides clear night vision. Clear night vision can provide a better recording, and so the footage can be analyzed easily.

Recording along with audio 

Vandalizing of public property or trespassing occurs when no one is home. In such situations, recording from a surveillance camera can help in understanding the whole story of what happened. Newer models now provide audio recording as well.

Picture quality 

Even if  IP camera has amazing features and records 24*7 if the picture or video quality is not good and you can not recognize faces or objects it is of no use. Opt for IP camera that provides a very clear picture and video quality.

Weather resistance

Ip camera needs to be weather resistance because it is mounted to the wall and requires to record 365 days of a year. It should stand harsh winds and hot temperature. Some cameras are water resistant making them suitable for all season.


WDR stands for Wide Dynamic Range camera. This feature lets the camera adjust automatically to a bright and dark area. It eliminates over and under exposure to provide clear video quality.

Motion detection 

Motion detection in an IP camera creates an alert every time there is a moment. Sending alerts in the form of messages, email or by sending that particular video footage.

Remote Monitoring

A newer IP camera has supporting mobile app, from where its use can see real-time footage, adjust its lens and fix its rotation. This provides a sense of security to its user. Some of the models also have an audio feature, where you can record a message, and it plays via the camera.

Working of an IP Camera

IP camera stands for Internet Protocol camera, is a digital video camera like analog and webcam which transmits and receives data over a network with the use of the internet. An IP camera connects to a network similar to how a laptop, tablet or printer connects to a network.

An IP camera is a single unit and does not require anything to connect; it has its IP  address that when connected to a network transfers file. IP camera compresses the file and transmits over the network. One of its main features is that the footage captured by IP camera can be viewed from any part of the globe via the internet.

Types of IP Security cameras

Centralized vs. Decentralized IP camera

Centralized IP cameras behave as the eyes of a central video recorder. These cameras are linked in a network to a central server which acts as a controller and also as storage. These cameras function according to the specified direction allocated from the center. The central storage facility ensures the safety of the security footage even if the cameras get damaged or stolen.

Decentralized IP cameras record footages independently. They have in-built local storage devices such as SD-cards or thumb drive. There is very less chance of deletion of all the security footage at once.

Dome vs. Box IP cameras

Dome and box-shaped IP cameras are differentiated by their shapes. Dome-shaped IP cameras as their name goes are dome in shape and can be well hidden. They have a 360º vision and does not require any protection.

Box-shaped IP cameras are enclosed in a box. They are easily visible and are at a fixed angle. Changing lenses is easier in Box IP cameras.

Day and Night IP cameras

These type of IP camera provides 24×7 surveillance. They are used as regular IP cameras in the day and uses infrared light in the night to provide monochromatic images.

Fixed vs. PTZ IP cameras

Fixed IP cameras as their name goes are fixed at a particular angle and direction. Being fixed at one position they are used to survey the same area even minutely. They also come with the feature of lenses which can be replaced or enhanced.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom or PTZ IP cameras can pan, tilt or zoom either automatically or manually. These cameras can survey in different directions or they can be used to monitor or zoom in on a particular object for close surveillance.

Guidelines For Buying IP Security Cameras

The following factors must be considered when a purchase is being made:


We have already mentioned the types of IP cameras above, which would help you choose the camera you wish to buy.

If you need IP cameras in an office, Centralised IP cameras are recommended.

Do you want to monitor the outdoor surroundings of your home while you are away, you may just try the Day and Night IP cameras.

For using only a one or a couple of IP cameras Decentralized cameras may be used.

Fixed cameras hold HD graphics and can do detailed surveillance on one object.

You can go for PTZ IP cameras if you want to do automatic surveillance of the surroundings.


Resolution plays a vital part while video recording. IP cameras normally suit VGA graphics but now Megapixel IP cameras are also becoming mainstream.  VGA based video produce square pixels which match the computer pixels. Megapixel IP cameras have finer detailing extending to HD graphics.


LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes are present in IP cameras which provide night vision. These LEDs produce infrared light at night or in the dark. The infrared vision is necessary if you want 24 hours of surveillance. Infrared light produces black and white videos which come in handy.

Motion Sensing and Alerting

The flexibility for an IP camera is necessary if a wide range surveillance is required. Most IP cameras now can rotate 360º and have independent vision.

Traffic can be monitored by these cameras as they have inbuilt and accurate motion sensing. Zooming along with motion sensing is also provided. An alerting system is also present which sends SMS/emails if any suspicious ‘caught in the act’ is recorded.


Well, the obvious question that arises, what is the power source for the cameras to function. Few cameras use batteries whereas few needs to be plugged into a main source of electricity.

But above all, there is a power-over-ethernet, which allows transmitting power to the cameras simultaneously using the internet connection through the ethernet.


After the recording has been done where does the footage go? That’s why there are multiple options present for storing.

Personal Computers(PC) or Laptops can be a reliable and a huge source to store recording footage. Multiple connections with IP cameras can be made and it can act as a central server operator.

SD Cards can be used in case the data stored is transported. SD cards are not so reliable as they might get stolen.

Cloud storage is the most reliable source for storing the video footage. Each camera being linked to a cloud account helps in operating the cameras or viewing live footage from any multimedia device.


At the end, there come few points for performance enhancement of IP cameras.

Remote control setup – You can use your Moblie or Tablet to operate the IP camera anytime, provided there is a Wifi connection available to both of the devices.

Speaker – It enables a two-way audio interaction. It is helpful if any message is to be delivered to a mass of people.

Mounting the IP camera is vital. Before setting up one must have the idea how much range the camera has and which angle it needs to cover.( Universal Travel Adapters for Tech savvy)

1. Royallite Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV Indoor Security Camera

Royallite Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV Indoor Security Camera
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A royallite wireless IP camera is a 360-degree CCTV with mobile control. Motion detectors in the camera will send messages in emergency alerting the users.

Main Features
  • Royallite has HD night vision with inbuilt IR lens for a clear image in the dark.
  • The camera has two-way audio and SD card slot.
  • Cloud recording keeping File Transfer Protocol server on for backup.
  • Simple steps in setting up the camera via iOS and Android devices by using the free app provided.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The camera has motion detectors.
  • Can switch from night to day vision from mobile itself.
  • Comes with Screw mount which lets the camera rotate in every angle.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Should have provided an app to control the camera from laptop or pc.
  • The built quality could have been better.
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2. IFITech IFIPT1 Indoor HD 720P Wireless Camera 

IFITech IFIPT1 Indoor HD 720P Wireless Camera
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IFITech allows you to test before buying. For that, you can download their app ifiview and view the demo. This IP camera rotates 355 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically, covering every corner for better surveillance.

Main Features
  • One of its kind this Hd mini IP camera can hide discreetly.
  • Offers truly HD video quality of 720P resolution stream.
  • The user can view footage on any PC browsers and safari for MacOS users.
  • IFIPT1 uses IR LED’ lense to get clear images at night.
  • Provides motion detection alerts through email, snapshot or sd recording.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Offers remote access and listen in via mobile app.
  • IFIPT1 can record to an SD card, PC’s the hard drive and even to FTP server.
  • Setting up is easy due to instructions provided by their app.
  • The quality of the video recorder is good.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Syncing time with mobile is an issue, providing wrong time while recording.
  • The basic built quality is not up to the mark.
  • Need to refresh settings to keep the recording go on continuously.
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3. Sricam SP005

Sricam SP005
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Sricam has been in the lead in all domain related to security with a lens. The Sricam SP series is the bestseller for IP cameras. It has maintained a positive record for a long time. The top notch for this series is the Sricam SP005.

This camera is best for indoor security like in home or shop. With HD picture quality and motion sensing alarm, it is highly recommended.

Main Features
  • Embedded Linux OS.
  • CMOS Colour Sensor.
  • Display Resolution 1MP.
  • 720P HD Resolution with frame speed 30fps.
  • IR Night Vision.
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom from anywhere, anytime.
  • App based control from smartphones or tablets.
  • Instant alarming Motion Sensing.
  • Build in 128GB SD card slot.
  • Two-way audio slot with build mic and speaker.
PROS (What we liked)
  • A user-friendly app and easy to control.
  • Image frame rate is high-30fps.
  • Supports both ethernet or Wifi connections.
  • Night vision is brilliant.
  • Can be well hidden.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Setup of the camera is not easy.
  • Sometimes the app does not work after a limited distance.
  • Cannot be used outdoor.
  • There might be connectivity problems sometimes
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4. Smiledrive Cleverdog 

Smiledrive Cleverdog
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SmileDrive brings you the most convenient and user-friendly IP camera. Cleverdog is easiest to install and setup. It can be regulated, even without internet connection and can offer live footage. Covers a great range and has high accurate graphics.

Main Features
  • Installation can be done within 10 minutes with common mobile phone knowledge.
  • In-built SD card slot with up to 32GB storage.
  • Does not require wire or expensive DVR’s
  • Motion Sensing also comes with bark features.
  • IR Night vision with a photographic lens.
  • Recording can be monitored even without SD card.
  • Display resolution 1.2MPs.
  • Resolution is 720×576 with frame speed 15fps.
  • Two-way audio set up.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Live footage can be seen from mobile from anywhere.
  • Motion Detection comes with bark and app notification.
  • History checking using the Smiledrive app.
  • Does not require an Internet connection to record videos.
  • Has a wide angle lens.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Only one mobile can i.e., the host can see the history.
  • If the video is shared one person can see it at a time.
  • Storage is limited.
  • Initial motion detection takes time.
  • Has the chance to be stolen.
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5. D-Link DCS-933L 

D-Link DCS-933L
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D-Link is the global leader in connectivity. It has recently expanded in home security. The DCS-933L has zero-configuration installation routine. It just needs to be plugged and connected to router or ethernet. It acts as a Wifi extender which is its unique feature.

Main Features
  • The only camera that does not require any special software or hardware.
  • Extends the Wifi connection.
  • Smart Motion and Audio detection.
  • Through the mydlink app, the camera sends push notifications, if any suspicious act is detected.
  • IR Night vision.
  • Photographic lens for accuracy.
  • Two-way audio setup.
  • 640×480 with 30fps resolution.
  • Upto 4x digital zoom.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Remote control up to 32 cameras.
  • Installation is very easy.
  • VGA 1/5 CMOS sensor.
  • Small in size and portable.
  • Saves data in local storage or cloud storage.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Resolution is not HD.
  • Not easy to operate if multiple cameras are used.
  • A single host can control the IP cameras.
  • Changing lens may be a problem sometimes.
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6. D3D Wireless HD 

D3D Wireless HD
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D3D has the worlds’ best Wireless IP cameras. It has a stable market in India with reliable sales and services centers. The Wireless HD is specifically build to deliver the best display graphics a security camera can deliver.

Also, there is no requirement of wire or ethernets.

Main Features
  • Full 1080p HD graphics.
  • 360º rotation.
  • Can be operated through mobile from anywhere.
  • 1/4 CMOS sensor.
  • 1 MP resolution.
  • IR Night vision.
  • Two-way audio.
  • Dynamic motion detection and alarm function.
  • SD card slot with 128GB storage capacity.
  • Complete Wireless solution.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy setup and user-friendly.
  • Completely wireless. Just requires plug-in with a power source.
  • Service centers are present in India.
  • Separate DVR is not required.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Connectivity has to uniformly stable.
  • Sometimes the camera cannot be operated from mobile.
  • Image fps needs a bit improvement.
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7. Sricam SP017 

Sricam SP017
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Sricam SP107 is another fine product of the SP series. This is equally good with the SP005 series. With complete surround monitoring and night vision, it gives much reliability.

Main Features
  • Network connection no need of PC.
  • SD card support up to 128GB.
  • Point to Point(P2P) support.
  • Complete 360º rotation available.
  • 1 MP Display resolution.
  • 1280×720 HD graphics with 60fps.
  • IR Night Vision.
  • A mobile remote allows controlling the camera from anywhere.
  • Motion detection and alarm signal through email.
  • Two-way audio.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Excellent graphics and image framing is fastest.
  • Portable and efficient.
  • Night vision is good.
  • Compatible with third-party ONVIF platform software.
  • You can easily realize all the function via the app.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A Wifi connection may falter sometimes.
  • Setup is a bit complicated.
  • App monitoring might be restricted after a certain distance.
  • Doest not support multiple platforms simultaneously.
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8. D3D Wireless Fisheye Vision 360° 

D3D Wireless Fisheye Vision 360°
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D3D Wireless Fisheye Vision 360° is famous for its uniqueness. This covers 360º panoramic vision and has no blind spot. Also, multiple cameras are not required. Only one Fisheye can cover the whole room.

Main Features
  • 3D vision with a 360º panoramic view.
  • A multi-view system to monitor every corner.
  • Remote control from an app from mobiles.
  • Wireless technology.
  • IR dual -filter Night vision.
  • SD card storage upto 128GB.
  • Motion detection and alerting via a notification on the app.
  • 1.3 MP display resolution.
  • 1280×960 full HD graphics.
  • Two-way audio.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Panoramic and Multi-view facility every corner can be monitored.
  • Full HD graphics.
  • Live monitoring is available.
  • Service centers are present in India.
  • 1-year warranty
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Completely dependent on Wifi.
  • The owner has to keep stable and fast internet connection.
  • Easily detected.
  • Setup is complicated.
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9. Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-IRP 

Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-IRP
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Hikvision has most of its products related to surveillance cameras. It provides outdoor monitoring better than indoor surveillance. The DS-2CE16D0T-IRP is the best outdoor security camera out there. It is also greatly weatherproof and has durability.

Main Features
  • 2MP Display resolution.
  • 1080P HD graphics with 25fps.
  • Smart IR Night vision.
  • Infrared can cover upto 20 meters.
  • IP66 Weatherproof.
  • Has a 360º vision.
  • Wired connection.
PROS (What we liked)


  • Wired connection makes it stable.
  • Weatherproof in harsh conditions.
  • High infrared zooming.
  • Internal synchronization.
  • Comes with 2-year warranty.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Can be identified easily because of its bullet shape.
  • Has few blindspots.
  • Does not have any app to control it.
  • Wifi connection is not available.
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10. Sricam SP009b 

Sricam SP009b
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Sricam SP009b is the smallest security camera under the SP series. It can easily fit in any place and is absolutely wireless. It can easily be kept hidden alongside keeping the guard on. Specifically, build for indoor security.

Main Features
  • Network connection via an app.
  • Supports micro SD card upto 128GB.
  • P2P support.
  • 1 MP CMOS sensor.
  • 1280×720 graphics with 25fps.
  • IR Night vision.
  • Motion detection and alarm through email or notification in the app.
  • Control through the app.
  • Two-way audio system.
PROS (What we liked)
  • All setup via a phone app.
  • Linked through Wifi, hence no port mapping complications.
  • Light weight and portable.
  • Korean IR cut filter for better low light configuration.
  • Can have a maximum of 10 visitors in LAN.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Does not support ethernet.
  • Connectivity may not be stable due to a Wifi connection.
  • Has a fixed tilt of 70º.
  • Service centers are rare in India.
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11. Finicky World CCTV Dome Camera 

Finicky World CCTV Dome Camera
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Finicky World brings you worlds most used IP camera specially or office or industrial purpose. This CCTV Dome camera can cover good distance monitoring and central control functions every camera allocated in the premises.

Main Features
  • Wired connection with 5 meter AV cable.
  • Central monitoring and recording can be done simultaneously.
  • SD card slot upto 32GB capacity.
  • Does Cycle recording, i.e., overwrites old footage over new on the SD card.
  • 1/4 CMOS sensor.
  • 640×480 graphics.
  • P2P setup with inbuilt DVR.
  • One way audio with excellent audio recording.
  • IR Night Vision
PROS (What we liked)
  • Wired and stable connection.
  • The complete recording is done centrally.
  • On inserting an SD card, automatic recording starts.
  • Dome camera, so it can be well hidden.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Night Vision is not upto the mark.
  • Cycle recording may overwrite the important footage.
  • Cannot be controlled through Wifi.
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12. Foscam C1 Indoor HD 720P 

Foscam C1 Indoor HD 720P
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Foscam is the latest company to introduce IP cameras. The C1 is the best indoor security camera that Foscam has introduced. It packs itself with high definition graphics and inbuilt server for connecting from anywhere. Though new in the market it has taken quite some liking over the likes of stereotypes.

Main Features
  • 1280x720P HD graphics with 23fps.
  • 1MP Display resolution.
  • Can be monitored from anywhere via FOSCAM app.
  • IR Night Vision.
  • 115º super wide viewing angle.
  • P2P support with QR code scanning for mobiles.
  • Motion Detection and alert through a mobile app.
  • Two-way audio.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Supports both ethernet and Wifi connections.
  • High Definition color CMOS sensor.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Light weighted and portable.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Setup is not easy.
  • Sometimes problem persists with QR code.
  • Has only 8 meters IR visual range.
  • The tilt angle is only 180º.
  • Storage capacity in micro SD card is less compared to others.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the use of an IP camera?

An IP camera is a type of digital video camera used for surveillance. It stands for an Internet Protocol Camera. IP cameras can send and receive data via a computer network.

2. What is the difference between IP camera and Analog camera?

The difference between the IP camera and the analog camera is the way each delivers videos. The analog camera turns video signal into a format which can be viewed on TV or any monitor. Whereas an IP camera digitizes the video signal using a special encoder.

3. How does IP camera work?

IP cameras capture images same as a digital camera and then compressed the files and transmit over the network.

4. What is the difference between IP camera and CCTV camera?

The main difference between IP camera is that IP camera works within your LAN network, it can be wired or wireless. And the CCTV cameras work on their system connected to DVR with cable.

5. Does IP camera need internet?

Yes, IP camera requires internet access. Some IP cameras require a physical cable connection; others are wireless. Transmitting via radio frequency or over a local WiFi network.


At the end, we can say IP cameras have dramatically increased our security solutions. The above-listed IP cameras have versatility and are most popular.

The Royallite Wireless HD IP Wifi can be used in multiple areas. They can be used in Halls, Office and most importantly for residential use.

The SmileDrive CleverdogD-Link DCS-933L, and Sricam SP009b can specifically be used for residential purpose.

IFITech IFIPT1 Indoor HD 720P Wireless Camera is built for outdoor safety and monitoring. It is absolutely reliable for someone to check who is at your front door.

Finicky World CCTV Dome Camera is specifically build to use in industrial purpose where multiple cameras have to be used. With variety, you can choose the camera which you need. The above specifications will help you to choose more clinically.

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