Best Instant Vegetable Soup Brands

Instant soups are becoming popular in India because they are easy to make and healthy. As life has become more fast-paced, finding a quick solution to satiate hunger is a must. Whether you are at home or work, you need food that is fresh as well as healthy. Eating out regularly is a bad idea. Instant soups that are hassle-free to make and easy to carry are a very lucrative option. Some of these soups require hot water and a cup, and you have a wholesome and filling soup ready to be devoured in seconds. Here we have listed out some well known and quality vegetable instant soup options for you.

1. Saffola Mix Instant Veg Soup 

This pack of vegetable soup contains four times more protein than a bowl of regular soup. It comprises dehydrated vegetables and five plant-based superfoods – amaranth, quinoa, turmeric, moringa, and buckwheat.

It is high in fibre as well. A world-renowned chef has provided the recipe for this soup, and it combines taste and health. There are no added preservatives, artificial colours or even MSG in the soup.

This soup is 100% vegetarian with no animal extracts whatsoever.

It is easy to carry and make, as you have to empty the contents in a bowl or cup, add hot water and stir to get a bowl of nutritious and tasty soup.

2. Urban Platter Vegan Instant Golden Vegetable Cup Soup

Urban Platter brings vegan instant golden vegetable soup with a delightful taste. The soup gets ready in minutes with no hassle of chopping vegetables and cooking. It does not contain any artificial colour or MSG.

This instant soup is a perfect blend of flavours and provides the goodness of vegetables for healthy snacking. The pack contains seven sachets, and each sachet can serve one person.

3. Knorr Instant Veg Soup

This pack of soup contains natural dehydrated vegetables. You just need to add the pack to boiling water and simmer for a couple of minutes to get a bowl of steaming and delicious authentic Chinese soup.

The product contains no added preservatives or MSG. This product is processed and packed following FSSAI guidelines. You should consume the soup within 12 months from the date of packaging.

4. Batchelors Instant Vegetable Soup 

This carton box consists of four sachets. All you need to do is empty the contents of a single sachet in a mug, pour boiling water, and stir to get a really tasty and healthy mug of soup.

There is no artificial colour or preservative in the product. It is also low in fat and sugar.

You should store it in a cool and dry place and consume it before the expiry date that is mentioned on the pack.

5. Ching's Instant Veg Soup

This Chinese mixed vegetable soup is ideal for Indian palates.

It contains real vegetables, and the soup just takes a couple of minutes to make. This is a pure vegetarian product.

6. Keya Instant Vegetable Soup

This instant soup pack contains real vegetables.

There is no added colour, preservatives, harsh processing and MSG. The product is processed and packaged using FSSAI guidelines.

7. Heinz Instant Vegetable Soup

This low fat ready to eat soup is delicious and healthy. It contains no artificial colours or preservatives and hence safe for your kids too. It comes in a tin can.

All you need is to empty the contents and heat it and consume.


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