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Play time-both indoors and outdoors- is a fun and healthy activity. It has numerous advantages to your kid’s general health. It replaces boredom with fun and relieves your kid from stress. It promotes their mental and physical health. Ensuring that your kid gets enough outdoor playtime can be challenging especially on days with bad weather. It can be rainy days, freezing winter days, or summer days that are crazy hot. Below we have prepared you a list of fun games that your kid can enjoy either alone, with siblings, or even with you

1. Magic Hover Indoor Hand Bowling Toy

The package contains 6 pins, 1 hand paddle, and 1 sliding puck. This game requires no batteries or recharge making it quite easy for your child to play anytime.

Set up can be done either on a marble floor or a tile floor. It is a strictly indoor game and taking it outside can damage the set. It is interactive in that it can be played by one or more kids at once.

2. Popsugar Finger Basketball Toy for Kids

This basketball toy includes 10 mini basketballs and 2 finger shooters. It is EN-certified and thus safe for your little one to use at all times.
It is perfect for indoor play and requires 1 or 2 players. It aims at developing your kid’s ability in different ways and makes a great gift.
It’ll improve your little one’s visual development and keep them engaged for hours.

3. Click and Catch Twin Ball Game 

This game is manufactured from recyclable plastic material and it comes in many beautiful colors. Anyone from the age of 3 years upwards can play this game. Meaning you can enjoy playing with your kids in the house.

Its packaging includes; 2plastic balls, 2 cup holders for catching the balls when you play. All these are made of recyclable plastic material.

4. 100 Pieces Dominoes Blocks Set Wooden Toy

This is an interesting game as it comes in 12 different beautiful colors. This stacking game can act not only as a game but as a way of learning different colors.

You can play a counting game with your kids to help them learn how to count by way of adding, subtraction, etc. The basic game you can play with this set is the dominoes chain effect.

The blocks are made from linden wood (environmentally friendly wood) and painted in non-toxic paint to ensure your child is safe while playing with them.

These games will help develop your child’s imagination, creativity, and confidence. It also provides room for you to bond with your child.

5. 2 in1 Basketball Set with Adjustable Stand and Magnetic Dart

It is a 2 in 1 game. You get to play basketball and darts from the same board. The stand is adjustable to allow you to set it low for young kids and high for your big kids.

The packaging contains; 3 magnetic darts (safe for kids), 4 connecting poles, 3 connectors, 1 2in 1board, 1 ring and net, 1rubber basketball and an air pin, and finally the base.

It is quite easy to disassemble and assemble the game, making it ideal for indoor as well as outdoor playtime. It can be fixed by the pool, in the gym, in the backyard, or any other places that you see fit.

For maximum stability, fill the base with water or sand.

6. Foldable Baby Garden Slide 

This slide is a perfect game for your child. It helps your kid to improve on their balancing capacity, and positively impact their coordination skills. By finding tactical ways up and down the slide, your kid develops a creative mind.

It can hold a maximum weight of 20kgs and it is made of non-toxic PE material making it durable and safe for your child to play on. It lacks sharp and rough edges.

The steps and slides are made in a way that it’s safe for your child to get up and slide down without harm.

You can fold it easily and transfer it to your house during harsh weather outdoors. Which means that it can be enjoyed indoors as well. So, the fun goes on!

7. Hopscotch Foam Mat Puzzle 

It is usable both indoors and outdoors. Also, it is easy to master making it ideal for kids from the age of 3 years upwards.

It is an interesting game that teaches your child two things at once. While assembling the game, your child gets to learn counting numbers as the tiles are numbered. They also get to learn different colors as it is multicolored.

The game is safe to use as surfaces are made of non-slip textures and 100% safe to use materials. It is made of water-resistant and heavy-duty material making it durable as well as easy to clean.

Apart from the fact that it keeps your child entertained and educated, it also plays an important role in their physical health as it keeps them active. The game can be played interactively by several kids or even one kid.

Buyers Guide


So many games exist and more are invented every day. When you are buying, the safety of your child should be a priority. Avoid games with sharp edges, pointed accessories or slippery surfaces, or games with toxic paint as these can be dangerous to children.


Durability and Efficiency

You do not want a game that will break down easily after a few uses. Therefore go for quality products only that will be worth the money you pay.


Multi- Functionality

The focus is games that can be played indoors; however what’s the harm if that game can be used outside too?


With this information, you now are well prepared for when the weather does not allow outside playtime. Don’t allow your child to be overwhelmed by boredom in the house or be glued to the phone. They can have some fun!

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