Best Iced Tea Premix Brands

A refreshing glass or cup of iced tea after a tiring day is perhaps your best friend, even better if you can just quickly make it. That is why premixed iced teas have become a new favorite among people. Also, it is an excellent alternative to bottled and flavored sodas. We have listed out the best quality ice tea premixes for you here. Read more below.

1. Nestle NESTEA Instant Iced Tea Lemon

This iced tea powder is rich in vitamin C and meets 40% of your daily vitamin C requirement. The added lemon flavor adds a tangy, refreshing feel that is suitable for vegetarians as well.

A glass of Nestea gives 41 calories (one tablespoon in 150 ml of water). A 400 g pack can make up to 30 glasses.

It contains no saturated fat and no sodium. Also, it is easy to take a teaspoon and mix with water and add ice. The product has a shelf life of 12 months.

2. VAHDAM, Mint Passion Iced Tea

Vahdam mint passion iced tea pack contains all the natural ingredients, including pomegranate kernels, candied beetroot, cardamom, cinnamon, hibiscus, apple, pineapple, cranberry, blueberry, peppermint and passion fruit extract.

All these ingredients have natural cooling effects on the body, and the minty taste leaves you feeling refreshed. You can have it with hot water or cold water, with or without sugar.

3. Floetea Zero Instant Iced Tea

Are you looking for a delicious healthy drink for your family? Try Floetea instant iced tea that contains zero carbohydrates, zero added sugar, and very low calories.

Floetea contains stevia powder which is a natural sweetener typically found in plants and fruits. It is a light brew of tea with the tangy and fresh taste of ginger and lemon.

The iced tea doesn’t affect blood glucose level and thus suitable for you if you are cautious about your blood sugar level. It also contains natural antioxidants and micronutrients that boost immunity.

4. TE-A-ME Ice Brews Cold Brew Ice Tea

It is not powder, but actual lemon flavored black tea in 18 pyramid tea bags bound to refresh you any time. There is no added sugar, and the product is GMO-free. It also has no artificial color.

This 100% natural tea is gluten-free and safe for people who have celiac disease as well. It gets its citrusy flavor from lemongrass and lemon. As it is made with natural tea, it has some health benefits as it serves as an antiseptic.

This is an excellent alternative for sugary sodas. The tea bags are stapler free, which means no contamination in your tea. The pyramid shape of the tea bags helps the tea infuse better.

5. Georgia Lemon/ Iced Tea Premix

This Georgia lemon tea is a product of coca-cola. This lemon iced tea premix provides 43 kcal per serving. The packet serves 8 liters of tea. The tea can be had hot or cold as per your preference.

It is made with tea solids and has a shelf life of 9 months. Per 100 grams serving, it has 96 g carbohydrate, 96 g sugar, and has zero fat.

6. TGL Co. Mogo Mogo

This unique tea premix can be had both hot and cold. It is excellent for iced tea mocktails and cocktails. It contains green Sencha tea, banana, mango, melon, passionflower leaves, sunflowers, guava, and cornflowers. It has a whole leaf tea that is 100% natural.

As it is made with real green tea leaves, it has all the benefits like improves eye health, alleviates insomnia, and improves digestion.

There is no added sugar and no saturated fats. To get the best flavor, steep it for 3 to 5 minutes.

Buying Guide

Oxalic acid

In some amounts, oxalic acid is good for you, but an excess of it can impact your kidney. Iced tea has oxalic acid, and excess of it interferes with your kidney’s functioning, preventing it from removing waste from the blood.

On average, between 150 and 500 milligrams of oxalate each day is sufficient. However, if you already have pre-existing kidney disease, then avoid it altogether.



Sugar is one of the silent killers in modern diets. Most powdered premixes contain only 2% to 5% of tea solids or tea extract, and the remaining ingredients are just sugar and artificial flavors.

Go for the actual tea leaves that can be brewed hot and cold and have no added sugar. You may also come across brands that replace corn syrup with honey or cane sugar. But that too is added sugar.



You would assume that tea is plant-based, so the iced tea premixes are vegan. But the powdered varieties available in the market sometimes contain milk solids to give it more texture and flavor. So check the labels before you purchase.


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