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A hanging cradle provides optimal comfort to your little one when sleeping. Its rocking motion triggers a calming effect and slows down kids’ heartbeat as well. If you have limited space, a hanging cradle works just fine. You can suspend it wherever you want and therefore quite convenient. To help you get the best hanging cradle for your little one, we’ve compiled the list below.

1. 132 Baby’s Hanging Swing Cradle – Large, Blue

If you can detach with ease in search of a comfortable hanging cradle, try this swing cradle from 132 stores. It comes with adjustable pillows for comfort that you can use outside the crib as well.

The cradle comes with a spring with a hook that allows the smooth swinging action that helps reduce the risk of choking. It also creates a calming effect enabling your little one to fall asleep fast and peacefully.

The cradle is lightweight, easy to carry, easy to wash and dry, and comes with a soft, see-through net that allows enough air to flow. The net protects your kid from mosquito bites as well.

2. BAYBEE Cotton Randy Hanging Swing Cradle

The product is made from cotton and is portable. It is EN71 certified as safe for 0-12-month-old babies.

It has a strong spring for support. The package includes a mosquito net, hanging cradle, a spring set. It is easy to assemble and carry. The swing cradle can be used with or without the mosquito net.

The item is a space saver as it can be kept away when not in use. It can also be carried outside to backyards.

It can take up to 15 kg of weight. The swing cum cradle is machine washable and detachable. It ensures the safe and restful sleep of the baby.

3. VParents King Baby Cradle with Bed and Pillow

This cradle will help you keep your baby within reach at all times. It is stylish, and you can easily move it from one room to another within your household.

The cradle represents a fusion of Indian traditional and modern design. It is equipped with a mosquito net and crafted with your child’s comfort and safety in mind.

The cradle comes with an attached soft bed to give your baby the feeling of warmth and comfort. The zip closure net allows enough airflow enabling your little one to breathe comfortably. The net is tailor-made to suit the cradle hence highly effective.

4. Baybee Bubbles Hanging Cradle for Newborn Baby, with Net and Spring

This cradle by Baybee is crafted from lightweight but heavy-duty materials that can withstand the test of time. It has been tested to meet all safety conditions and, thus, safe for your baby’s use.

This cradle provides you with a safe and secure bedside crib for your baby. It comes with a secure mosquito canopy that keeps mosquitos and other insects away. As a result, your baby gets to sleep comfortably at all times.

It has a hanging spring system that keeps the cradle safe and secure. The hanging belts are adjustable and strong enough to withstand the weight of your baby.

5. Patiofy Newborn Baby Hanging Cradle for Outdoor Indoor Use

If looking for a bed sleeper for your little one, this cradle swing might turn out to be your best choice. It has rounded corners to protect your little one from getting bruised and, therefore, quite comfy.

The cradle has soft cotton ropes and is made from high-quality wooden frames, making it strong and durable. It is easy to install, and you can also hang it in countless places. You can suspend it from the ceiling, strong beam on your porch, among other places.

Buying Guide


The first thing you need to consider before you get a hanging cradle for your little is its safety? Is it made from materials that are safe enough for your kid?

Ensure that it’s made from toxic-free materials to protect your baby from allergic reactions. You also need to ensure that it doesn’t have sharp corners that can harm your baby’s delicate skin.



The hanging cradle needs to be comfortable enough for your baby if you can get one that’s made from purely cotton materials, the better.

Some cradles even with pillows and soft beds to ensure that your kid enjoys the warmth and comfort they deserve.



Ensure that you get a cradle that lasts for the longest time possible. This way, you won’t have to keep spending your money on the same product from time to time.

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