9 Best Guitar Accessories

Playing the guitar is a fun activity for beginners and pros. It is one of the easiest instruments to learn and is very popular. Who doesn’t feel cool playing the guitar at a gig or in front of friends and family?

Although playing the guitar may look easy, there is more to it. You need to take proper care of your musical instrument to make sure it will always sound good and last long.

There are many accessories that can help maintain the care of your guitar and make playing easier. These include capos, picks, tuners and cleaners.

In this review, you will read about how music affects our life, the benefits of guitars, buyers guide, top 9 recommended products and some FAQs.

Top 9 Guitar Accessories in India

Product (Best Brands)Average User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Strong and Sturdy
High Durability
Handy and Sleek
Best for Strumming
No Damage on Fretboards of pressure
Great for Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Great Quality
Useful Kit for Musicians

How Music Affects Our Life

One of the integral parts of life is the sound of music. An acute way of expressing your ideas and emotions is through music. Using the elements of rhythm and melody both by instruments and voice, we can express our ideas and thoughts.

One of the best things that make us feel calm and peaceful is listening to music in our spare time. A child at an early age is advised to listen to soft music as it helps in improving their communication skills.

The power of music is brilliant because in times of depression and anxiety, it can lift your mood and soothe your mind.

Playing the Guitar and Its Benefits

Guitar playing has a number of benefits, just like any other instrument. When you pick up your guitar, you will feel instantly cooler. Those who have a taste for playing this instrument would feel good playing and listening to it.

  • You feel stress relieved: Playing the guitar for a while makes you feel relieved. This happens because it shifts your focus towards the strings and rhythm, and you forget all that makes you stressful.
  • Stimulates your brain: While you focus on the chords, strings, and lessons, you need to focus. You have to pay more attention to details about making corrections and adjustments. It will surely help stimulate your brain.
  • It soothes your heart: The rhythm, tone, and sound that the guitar creates makes you feel relaxed and soothes your heart. It can even lower your blood pressure.


Buyer’s Guide

Now, if you are a beginner and learning to play the guitar, some accessories are a must-have so that it removes frustration and makes your life a little bit easier while learning. There are a lot of accessories that are important while playing the guitar.

1. Guitar Tuner

This is considered one of the most important accessories that one must have if he wishes to play the guitar. Off-tuned strings always cause a disturbance to your ears, and it would not at all sound good.

As you learn guitar, your ears try to distinguish between what sounds good and what sounds bad.

Most of the modern guitars that are available in the market have an in-built guitar tuner. The preferable choice is to buy a guitar tuner that is easy to operate and helps tune the strings.

Buying an inaccurate and cheap tuner does not benefit you, so it is better to buy a good tuner that helps you develop as a guitarist.

Image result for guitar tuner

  • Type: Clip-on or Headstock Tuners

Clip-on or headstock tuners can clip on to the top of your guitar to detect each string’s tone through the vibrations. It also has a microphone attached to it which helps in detecting the sound.

The swivel on the tuners helps players to detect the tuning. Pedal tuners are built into a case that can be placed at your feet to look inconspicuous.

  • Displays/Meters

While tuning your guitar, the meter should be easily visible, or even if you are performing in a dark area, you must be able to read the meter easily.

  • Auto-Detecting Pitch

If the tuner’s quality is good, it can easily detect the pitch of the played tone and thus shows its relation with the true pitch.

  • Microphones

Tuners attached to a microphone can easily detect the sound of the strings played and easily tune your guitars.

2. Capo

You must have a capo with you at any point because it helps you play specific songs easier. Some of the songs which are played on the guitar have chords that are difficult to be played.

A capo is basically a clamp placed on the guitar’s frets, which allows you to play songs higher up the neck.

When you are getting started, you must start placing your fingers in the right place, but this cannot happen all of a sudden. Chords that are difficult to be played are made easy with the help of a capo.

Image result for capo

The capos come in different types based on their design, such as:

  • Cloth & Toggle Capos

These have a toggle made up of wood, hard rubber or metal, which lies against the fretboard. A strap of nylon cloth wraps around the back of the neck.

  • Spring Loaded Capos

These are some of the most popular ones which are used nowadays. The clamps are spring-loaded, which needs to be pressed in order to fix it against the fretboard. You have the freedom to clamp it either on the top or at the bottom.

  • C-Clamp Capos

There is no spring between the clamp in such capos, and instead, there is a thumbscrew that can be adjusted as you rotate it. This will avoid unwanted fret buzz.

  • Roller & Glider Capos

This is one of the newer variants available in the market, which has a toggle across the fretboard with a string on the top and at the bottom, it has a cylinder that rests on the back of the neck.

3. Strings

After using guitars for a long time, the strings get rusted and obviously, it does not sound good. Buying a bad quality string is not a sensible thing as it gets worn out or rusted easily after using it for a few months.

It is suggested that you change your guitar strings after using them for a year or so, else you would find them getting noisy and harsh.


Image result for strings on guitar

  • Size of the instrument

If you are playing a small-sized guitar, it would sound better to go with the lighter gauge strings. If you are playing a larger guitar, go for the medium or heavy gauge strings to produce the perfect sound.

  • Tone

The heavy and medium gauge strings emphasise the lower end of the guitar’s tonal spectrum. The lighter ones have a trebly and sweet tone.

  • Playing Style

If you are a heavy strummer, then you should always go for a heavier gauge string. The lighter ones are easier on the fingertips for pickers.

  • Instrument Age

If you have an old guitar with you, be careful while fitting a heavier string as it produces more tension on the neck.

  • Material

The string tone and longevity of the string are affected by the material with which it is made.

Bronze Strings produce a clear and bright ringing tone mainly because of the material’s ability to oxidize.

Phosphor Bronze strings are bronze strings with phosphor added to them, due to which the longevity of the string increases.

Brass Strings sounds metallic.

Silk and Steel Strings are capable of producing mellows and sweet sound. They are less durable than the others but easier to play with.

4. Slide

A slide or bottleneck is an accessory that is worn on the fingers and made up of glass or ceramic materials. This accessory gives a sliding motion to the strings of the guitar.

By wearing these slides on your fingers and pressing them against the string, you are altering the strings’ pitch. Without lifting the slide, it can continuously create alterations in pitch.

Image result for slides on guitar

  • Mass

The mass of the slides is a very important thing to consider. If you have an electric guitar, it is recommended that you go for a lighter slide because the amplifiers are doing much of the heavy lifting.

If you own an acoustic guitar, you must go for a heavy one because thicker slides will isolate your fingers’ damping effect from the string, thus producing a better sound.

  • Material

Heavy-walled glass, porcelain, and brass slides are among the best-recommended options for the users as it produces enough sound to give a good sound to work with.

  • Hardness

The tone and control of the string noise will greatly depend upon the material’s hardness with which the slides are made of.

5. Picks

It is the most bought accessory along with guitars because they get lost easily. There are different materials with which picks are made, and traditional picks were made up of plastic and metals.

The shape, strength, material and size of the picks should be considered while buying a pick.

How hard the pick should be, depends upon the thickness of your strings. If you have hard strings, you should go for a thicker pick. The shape of the pick is determined by the type of playing you do on your guitar.

If you are a lead player, you should have a blunter and larger pick, while those rhythm guitarists should go for pointed picks.

Image result for picks on guitar

  • Material

The material with which your guitar pick is made determines the type of tone you get while using it.

Nylon picks are smooth in surface and suitable for strumming styles.

Matt celluloid picks have a structured surface that adds grip, and it also produces a warm sound.

Embossed picks have a slightly raised area that adds the grip to the pick.

Stubby Picks are rigid material that is suitable for playing single-note lead styles.

  • Thickness/Hardness

Picks also come in varying thickness. Each of them is suitable for their own styles.

The light gauge picks are quite bendy and suitable for strumming style. The sound produces by them is nice and bright. It is recommendable for beginners as it offers less resistance.

Medium gauge picks are suitable for solo playing or single note to produce a beefier strumming tone.

Heavy gauge picks are not at all suitable for strumming styles. They can be best used for rock rhythm playing, soloing styles and bass playing.

  • Size/Shape

Guitar picks come in several different shapes and size. It is totally up to the users on which shape/size to choose. If you are using it for strumming styles, it is recommended that you go for the normal-sized pick. If you want to play the lead note, the picks should be pointed at the end.

  • Colour

If the colour of the pick you choose matches your guitar’s colour, it will look nice and stylish.

6. Guitar Strap

While playing the guitar, it is very important that you feel as comfortable as possible. There are many possible things that make you comfortable while playing.

Apart from picks and strings, guitar straps also play an important role in making you comfortable. The adjustable strap that you buy allows you to buckle up the guitar to your own comfortable height easily.

Obviously, there are pain-related issues that arise when you play for a longer time, so it is very important that whenever you buy a strap, it should suit you and be adjustable.

Image result for guitar strap

  • Material

The material with which the strap is made should not cause pain to your shoulders.

  • Length

The length of the strap should be easily adjustable. Each user has their own comfort and height in which they would feel comfortable. The length must be easily increased or decreased.

  • Shoulder Pad

A pad on the shoulder would allow users to play comfortably without pain.

  • Thickness

Always go for a thicker strap. Thinner straps are difficult to use as they can cause more pain to your shoulders.

  • Colour

There are a variety of colour combinations of straps. Choose a strap that matches the colour of your guitar.

7. Guitar Stands

You must be able to place your guitar when it is not in use easily. If you recklessly place your instrument on the table or somewhere else, there is always a risk of the body getting damaged.

If you are not careful in placing your instruments, the strings’ stress can also cause them to break. So, it is recommended that you place your guitar on a proper stand.

Image result for guitar stand

  • A-Frame Stand

 You may find these stands unstable to place your guitars, but the fact is that they are the most stable stands available for placing your guitar. If they are fully collapsed, they are small enough to be packed and carried along with you anywhere you go.

  • Tubular Stand

They are the most popular ones at the moment. As compared to the A-frame stands, they have an additional hold for the neck, providing better stability.

  • Wall-Hanging Stand

These are confined to an individual room. These are fixed onto the wall, so you can not carry these guitar stands around with you. They are good for when there is limited floor space.


8. Clean and Care

In addition to the maintenance kit, you need to have cleaning products to clean the fretboard. Over time, the fretboard develops grime and gunk around the frets, which need to be removed.

While changing your strings, it is a good habit to clean up your fretboards. Cleaning your strings is also necessary to prevent them from degrading.

While playing the guitar, your fingers’ oil would corrode the string, which will degrade the voice quality. It only takes a few minutes to wipe your strings; in return, it can make a big difference to the tone.

Image result for clean and care for guitar

The cleaning oil you use must protect the shine of the guitar and make it look glossy. The strings must get rusted if exposed to open air for a long time. The clean & care product must be able to remove that too.

Top 10 Guitar Accessories

1. Juarez Capo

Juarez JRZ250 Trigger Guitar
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Chords that are difficult to be played are made easy with the help of a capo. When you feel pain in your fingers while playing an open chord, the capo removes that pain by making it easier for your fingers.

Juarez JRZ250 One Handed Trigger Guitar Metal Capo is one such product that helps you to improve your guitar playing sessions.

Due to its lightweight quality, you can easily carry it wherever you want to.

Main Features
  • The product is made up of zinc alloy, which makes it lightweight and easy to carry
  • They are tight on the string without producing more fret buzz, which increases the performance 
  • The guitar capo is versatile as it can be used along with electric and acoustic guitars, ukulele, banjo, bass, folk guitars and mandolin
PROS (What we liked)
  • The clamps are well-designed as it is super fast to change between the frets quickly and easily without disturbing the tuning of the guitar
  • To protect against the damage to the frets, it comes along with a silicone pad that rests easily and safely on the frets
  • They are a strong and sturdy product
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The springs of the capo may become loose after a while
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2. Kadence Acoustic Guitar E String

Kadence Acoustic Guitar
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It often happens that when you are playing your guitar, the strings get broken, and this is very annoying.

Kadence Acoustic Guitar Single 1st E String STRA-1ST Pack of 3 is a product that provides a set of individual E strings which helps you replace the broken strings.

Most single strings that are available get broken easily and cannot be trusted to be bought. These strings serve their purpose and provide the best quality.

Main Features
  • The string has high durability and produces a good high-pitched sound
  • They do not get broken easily
  • It comes in a pack of three
PROS (What we liked)
  • It produces good sound even after a long time
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed
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3. Planet Waves Guitar Tuner 

Planet Waves Guitar Tuner
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This is considered one of the most important accessories that one must have if he wishes to buy a guitar. Off-tuned strings always cause a disturbance to your ears, and it would not at all sound good while playing it.

Most beginners do not know about this product. As you learn guitar, your ears try to distinguish between what sounds good and what sounds bad.

Planet Waves PW-CT-17YL Guitar Tuner (Yellow) is a product that serves the purpose of tuning your guitar easily without much effort. Let us look at the features of this product.

Main Features
  • Easy to read full-colour display
  • The tuner calibration from 430 to 450Hz
  • The multi-swivel design allows you to turn it in any direction
  • Available in many different colours
PROS (What we liked)
  • The product is handy and sleek, which allows it to be carried anywhere
  • It picks up the low frequency of bass guitars even in a noisy environment
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • May stop working after a while
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4. Blue Panther Thin Guitar Picks 

Blue Panther Thin Guitar Picks
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To produce better sound quality from the string, you should use a guitar pick for playing it. Blue Panther 0.46 mm Thin Guitar Picks comes in a set of 5 guitar picks that will help you play the guitar.

Using this pick will also reduce the pain which is caused by continuous strumming of the strings. Let us look at all the features of the product.

Main Features
  • The set of 5 picks is made up of celluloid material that adds to the grip 
  • The thickness of each pick is 0.46 mm & Size: 3 x 2.6 cm (height x width) approx.
  • The product is best for those instrumentalists who are more into strumming and rhythmic playing
PROS (What we liked)
  • It comes in a variety of colours that adds style to the guitar
  • The comfortable grippings allow you to hold them easily
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Low quality and may break
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5. Music Nomad Fret Polishing Kit 

Music Nomad MN124 Polishing Kit
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To extend your instruments’ lifetime, you must take care of them properly. If you are using a guitar, the fret gets dirty and greasy, accumulation of grime and gunk on the fretboards occurs.

Music Nomad MN124 FRINE Fret Polishing Kit finds a solution to these problems by cleaning all your fretboards easily.

Main Features
  • The revolutionary product is petroleum-free and can easily clean up your fretboards 
  • It comes along with 3 grip fretboard guards which can clean your small, medium and jumbo-sized frets
  • A microfiber suede cloth that comes along with this kit can be easily washed and is specially designed to work with the polish
PROS (What we liked)
  • With little effort, you can get all your frets free from grease and grime easily
  • The fretboard guard makes sure that if you apply too much pressure, you do not damage the fretboard
  • After applying this polish, the frets will look shiny and clean
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The guards may not fit properly on some guitars
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6. Pennycreek Guitar Wall Mount 

PENNYCREEK Guitar Wall Mount
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If we place the guitars recklessly anywhere, it can cause damage. Often we find that strings get broken due to the strain created on them if they get banged against something.

To prevent these cases, it is recommended that you place your guitar on a proper stand. Pennycreek Guitar Wall Mount is one such product that allows you to place the guitar on your wall in a fixed manner. Let us look at the features of the product.

Main Features
  • It is a wall-mounted stand that allows you to hang your guitars on the wall easily
  • It is a great product for electric and acoustic guitars
  • It is a tough and sturdy stand that would prevent your guitar from falling and causing damage
PROS (What we liked)
  • The holes on the mounts are well aligned, which perfectly fits on the wall
  • It prevents your guitar from any physical damage
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The product is a bit flimsy
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7. Magideal Adjustable Guitar Strap

Magideal Adjustable Guitar Strap
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While you are performing, you can’t manage both playing the guitar and holding it for long. You need something so that you can easily hold your guitar.

A guitar strap allows you to comfortably hold it on your shoulders without causing much pain. Magideal Adjustable Guitar Strap with PU Leather Ends is an adjustable guitar strap that allows you to hold your instrument in the right place while playing.

It is one of the guitar accessories that is a must-have when you buy a guitar. Let us look at the features of this product.

Main Features
  • The product is made up of cotton and PU leather 
  • For easy installation, the strap comes along with a buckle that allows you to fit it as needed
  • Avoid contact with water to make it last longer
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is one of the best products that help you during your practice and performance
  • It does not cause pain on your shoulders while in use
  • Due to its material, it lasts longer and is very durable
  • These straps have adjustable belts which allow you to increase/decrease the length as needed 
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Due to its slippery texture, it may slide down
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8. Fender Ounce Custom Shop Guitar Cleaner 

Fender Ounce Custom Shop Guitar Cleaner
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In addition to all your guitar accessories, it is important that you should have a product that will help you remove dirt and grime around the frets, which makes way for bad sound quality while playing.

Fender 2 Ounce Custom Shop Guitar Cleaner is a product that helps you easily remove the grime and dirt stuck around the fretboard.

Main Features
  • It comes in a 2-ounce bottle
  • It does not contain any silicones, resins or alcohol that could damage your guitar
  • It provides a shiny glossy look after applying it
PROS (What we liked)
  • It improves the life of your guitar by keeping it clean
  • It does a great job in getting rid of all the grime
  • It is a quick clean cleaner that will easily remove fingerprints, wax, haze and smudges
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is a little sticky
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9. Winomo Guitar Repair and Accessories Kit

WINOMO Guitar Repair and Accessories Kit
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When you are buying a guitar, it is obvious that there might be some repair and replacement to be taken place in case of string replacement, etc.

You need to have a separate toolset which is made especially for repairing your guitars. Winomo Guitar Repair and Maintenance Accessories Kit is such a product that would help you when you want to get your strings replaced or cut.

Main Features
  • The product is designed to perform activities such as change strings, set intonation, adjust action, check string height and so on
  • The product is a 3-in-1 guitar winder/ string cutter/ pin puller to match your different requirements. You can easily cut away the extra strings effortlessly
  • It is not only designed for guitars but also Bass/ Mandolin/ Banjo/ Ukulele, etc.
  • It comes along with three different hexagon wrenches in sizes 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, fit for most guitars
  • The product also comes with a string action ruler, which helps in the tasks such as string height, bridge saddle height, saddle slot depth, pickup polepiece height, fret slot depth and nut height.
PROS (What we liked)
  •  The toolset comes with a bag for easy carrying 
  • Useful for beginners and pros
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The tools provided could be of a bit better quality
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best weather conditions to keep my guitar in?

You should not place your guitar and its accessories in either too hot conditions or too cold conditions.

If it is too cold weather, it can cause the wood to crack, and the joints may separate. If that happens, leave your getter inside the case for at least 20 minutes before opening it.

Even placing your guitar in too hot weather, such as the trunk of your car, can cause the wood to crack and joints to open.

Keep your guitar in a cool area where it is protected from harsh weather conditions.

2. Is it advisable to replace a nylon-string with a steel string?

No. Guitars are specially designed for specific strings. It is not advisable to replace those nylon-strings with your steel strings. It can cause a bad impact on your guitar.


It is important for you to take care of your guitar so that it will last for a longer time. It is not smart to use low-grade products to maintain your guitar.

Any of the products mentioned on our list will add to the ease of playing and maintaining your guitar. Remember to treat your guitar with respect and not leave it lying around or collect dust.

Our top picks for you are Juarez Capo, Kadence Acoustic Guitar E String, Blue Panther Thin Guitar Picks and Planet Waves Guitar Tuner

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