Best Gel Pens

There are many reasons why gel pens are more preferred to the traditional ballpoints. If you take notes and write regularly, then gel pens are the right option for you. They offer thin and elegant writing lines in addition to making your handwriting look neat. The pens are perfect for the school-going population, who can use them to sign documents, write exams, and mark. Over time, companies have come up with different gel pens, hence finding the right pen can be difficult. We have reviewed some of the best gel pens.

1. Nataraj Itip Gel Pen

The product comes in a package consisting of ten pens. It is quick-drying and waterproof. Hence you don’t have to worry about work getting spoiled. It has a rubber grip for comfortable writing. The tip is soft, which lets you write without applying much pressure.

2. Cello Deco Gel Pen Jar

Cello Deco gel pen is a reliable pen that you need to finish your notes. The ink is waterproof as well as smudge-proof, keeping your notes secured. It offers smooth writing, complementing your handwriting style.

The gel pen comes with fine writing 0.6mm tip. The pens are designed for fast and effortless writing and to avoid blotting. The pack comes with 25 pens so that you never run out of ink to write.

3. AmazonBasics Retractable Gel Ink Pens

The AmazonBasics gel pens use a special quick-dry ink that delivers smooth, smear-proof results. It flows evenly and consistently for silky smooth lines and writing. The pens have a fine point writing tip of 0.7 mm thickness.

The contoured rubber grip provides superior control and comfort while writing. This ensures that you do not feel fatigued after writing for a long time. The pocket clip can be used to attach the pen to notebooks or your bag.

The retractable mechanism provides a simple one-click operation and prevents unwanted marks when it is not being used.

4. Linc Pentonic Gel Pen

The gel pen has a tip size of 0.6mm and comes in a pack of ten. These pens come with waterproof gel ink and German ink technology, thus providing swift writing. The gel also dries in seconds, preventing smudging and smearing hence delivering neat results.

The gel pen has a sleek finish body with a feather-lite feel. It is, therefore, lightweight and extremely reliable and comfortable to use.

It offers a smooth and skip-free writing experience. Your lines won’t skip or bleed; hence your documents remain smudge-free. It also has a unique clip-less design.

The gel pen also features a smooth grip for supreme comfort. Its unique flow system ensures a continuous write with the same thickness to the very last drop of ink.

5. Reynolds Trimax Liquid Gel Pen

The gel pen has advanced ink technology for super-smooth writing. These gel ink pens have a refillable fluid ink system. They come with a fine 0.5mm tip that gives you incredible precision, whether you are writing or illustrating.

The gel pen comes with waterproof ink that protects against spills and increases document security. The gel pen also comes in a stylish pocketable design. With the pocketable design, you can write as you go. It also features an attractive silver clip for securing your pen to pockets.

6. Classmate GSM Octane Gel Pen

The Classmate’s gel pen comes in a pack of ten pens. The pen is made of waterproof Japanese ink technology that protects against spillage and keeps your documents neat. It has a smooth and soft grip that gives ultimate comfort.

7. Pentel EnerGel Click Roller Gel Pen

The Pentel energel pen comes with high-performance ink technology. It combines the best qualities of liquids and gel ink for a super-smooth writing experience.

The gel pen has a 0.7mm metal tip that enhances ultra-smooth writing. It has quick-drying ink, making it easy for even the left-handed writers to use. It ensures there are no smears, smudges, or globes.

It comes with an advanced ABS body and a textured grip for better writing experience and maximum comfort and control.

Buying Guide


The ink type and quality is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a gel pen. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, opt for ordinary and non-fading ink.


Line Appearance

When buying a gel pen, you must consider the line thickness that the gel pen makes. It would be best if you decided on a standard thickness that you can easily maintain when writing. From there, you can check out the different gel pens available to see which of them meets your desired standards.

Some pens write in smooth and fine lines while others give a bold print. The pen you choose should write with a solid and consistent flowing mark.

Whether you choose the bold writing pens or the fine line pens, make sure that the gel pens have a constant thickness.



When purchasing a gel pen, it’s essential you choose one that is easy and comfortable to use. Consider a gel pen that helps you write comfortably and does not make it difficult for you to grip.

Otherwise, you can go for gel pens that come with rubber grips. Gel pens with rubber grips ensure your fingers are not blistered no matter how much you write. Additionally, it provides a full super-smooth writing experience.



When purchasing a gel pen, it is essential to consider the reason why you need a pen. Most gel pens will not get the job done if it’s not suited for what you need.

You must know the different types of gel pens and the person who’ll use the gel pen. The pen used by professionals cannot be the same as one used by the school-going population.


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