Best Fruit Jams

Fruit jam is a quality source of nutrients that help keep you feeling full for hours. The best should have a soft and even consistency, and a texture that is easy to spread.

It should have a bright color and a good fruit flavour.

If you like having mixed fruit jams for breakfast, you need to get one that is appealing to your taste buds, healthy and nutritious.

This list displays a collection of best-mixed fruit jams you can find today.

Natureland Organics Mix Fruit Jam

Natureland offers organic fruit jams for you and your family. Its process includes pulping, cooking, sterilization, pasteurization and preservation. The process makes sure that the nutrition, aroma and health are preserved.

The jam has real fruits with unadulterated ingredients that are made with earthy recipes for a great taste. Natureland organics mixed fruit jam is a healthier option for daily consumption. It comes in a glass jar which retains the flavour for a long time. You get 250 gram worth of jam in this jar.

FOI Foods – Luke’s Mixed Fruit Jam

FOI Food’s mixed fruit jam contains zero sugar for a healthy snacking option. It is gluten-free and a vegan marmalade.

It is co-created by the super popular holistic lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho. This mixed fruit jam contains mango pulp, papaya pulp, guava pulp and litchi pulp.

It has organic jaggery for sweetness, a healthier alternative to refined sugar, making it a healthier alternative. The jam comes in a 240-gram glass jar to maintain its original taste for a longer period.

Kissan Mixed Fruit Jam

Made with 100% real fruit ingredients, this fruit jam by Kissan is not only tasty but also flavorful.

It contains flavors of 8 fruits, including banana, papaya, pear, apples, grape, mango, and orange blend into one. It is also easy to use, and you can enjoy it every morning.

With this jam, you are not limited to bread only. You can enjoy it with paratha, dosa, and roti as well.

It spreads easily with a knife or spoon and comes carefully sealed in an impermeable glass to retain the best flavor and taste.

Recommended for – People who like taking bread with jam every morning. It is made from real fruit ingredients.

Mapro Whole Strawberry Jam

This fruit jam is made from fresh and flavorful strawberries. It contains real fruit pulp and is full of Vitamin C. It is gluten-free, has low fat, zero trans-fat, and zero cholesterol.

It is deep-red with a mouth-watering taste.

This fruit jam is an excellent match with bread, chapatti, and buns as well. The unique thing about the product is that it has actual strawberry shards in it as well as the strawberry seeds.

If you love a little crunch in your jam, you’ll fall in love with it.

Recommended for – People with a sweet tooth or with kids who don’t like eating breakfast. It is too tasty that they’ll always look forward to breakfast.

DialBliss Diabetic Friendly Mixed Fruit Jam

This mixed fruit jam from DialBliss is rich in antioxidants and will help strengthen your immunity.

It has a low GI 45-49 and hence helps reduce the chances of heart diseases and weight balance as well. with it, you’ll experience the goodness of herbs.

It is made from Dialbliss herbal extracts using cinnamon, ginger, pomegranate, fenugreek, and turmeric.

The jam offers a healthy way for people with diabetes to enjoy breakfast and salads without worrying about blood sugar levels.

Although diabetic-friendly, the jam can be used by the whole family.

Recommended for – All diabetic persons who want to spice up their breakfast since it is diabetics- friendly.

Pep N Pure Mixed Fruit Jam

Made with 100% Alphonso fruit ingredients, this fruit jam is not only delicious but also flavorful.

It is a perfect combination for your waffles, toast, milkshakes, pancakes, cocktails/mocktails, and salads. To make it tastier, the jam is topped off with the right amount of spices.

A mixture of mango, strawberry, banana, pineapple, cinnamon, figs, vanilla, mint, sugar, and lemon explains for its goodness. It is also easy to spread and perfect for you to use every morning.

Recommended for – People looking for a sweet but healthy mixed fruit jam for their kids.

SPLITZ Mixed Fruit Jam

Next on the list is this fruit jam from SPLITZ with a good flavor and taste.

It is made from a mixture of the pulp of banana, oranges, berries, apples, pineapples, papaya, pear, and grapes, all blended to one lip smoking jam.

55% of the fruit pulp makes the jam have a tangy and fresh taste all through.

If looking for an economical brand, SPLITZ has you covered. The quantity of this jam is uncompromised and comes at an affordable price. It spreads easily on bread and chapatti as well.

Remember to store it in a cool and dry place after use. Also, please read the label, warnings, and directions of use before you start taking it.

Recommended for – Vegans in search of a mixed fruit jam that is a little sweet.

Buyers Guide

Sugar level

Sugar adds a sweet taste when mixed with fruit pulp. When added to the fruit jam, its density gets thicker.

When selecting a fruit jam, always look for one with the least amount of added sugar. However, it should not be too low since you don’t want to get a jam that is either too sour or tangy.

If getting one for a person with diabetes, select one with zero amount of added sugar.


The ingredients used in the making of the jam dictate its flavor and taste. Always go through the ingredients list first before paying for the product.


Always go for products with the least amount of preservatives, if possible. If you can get a mixed fruit jam without preservatives, the better.

Preservatives can trigger breathing problems like bronchitis and asthma, as well as cause problems within young kids.

Expiry date

Always check the expiry date of the mixed fruit jam before you pay for it. You don’t want to end up with a product that expires a few days later.

Moreover, most mixed fruit jams have a short shelf life because their freshness and richness don’t last long.

Colour and added flavors

Most mixed fruit jams are added artificial colors to make them more appealing as you eat them.

Get one without the combined colors and flavors. After all, added colors don’t make any taste difference.

Always go for the healthy and organic one.

Ease of use

The best fruit jam is one that you can spread with ease. It should, however, not be too runny. Ensure that you get a product that you can use comfortably and without causing messes all around your breakfast table.


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