Best Folding Beds in India

Embracing the space-saving design is becoming increasingly popular as part of improving contemporary home décor. Crafted using the same design principle, a folding bed maximizes your space utilization and gives your room a clutter-free appearance.

While you may have a large and open heart for hosting your friends or relatives at your place frequently, you may struggle with the limited space for beds on offer. A folding bed comes to the rescue as it helps you create beds out of nowhere and fold them when not in use.

To help you pick the best folding beds, we have compiled the benefits of folding beds, a Buyer’s guide, top reviews of the 4 best folding beds, and FAQs; so that you can make the best purchasing decision effortlessly.

Top 4 Folding Beds in India

Benefits of Using Folding Beds

Saves Space

A folding bed helps you to save space and organize your living area efficiently. You can readily fold it when not in use and keep the space free for other activities. It makes your room appear spacious and improves the room interiors by keeping it less messy.

Provides Sturdy Support

A folding bed comes equipped with a robust frame and thick mattress for providing sturdy support for your back during sleeping. It can easily withstand your body weight, and little kids can also enjoy jumping over it.

Ensures Enhanced Comfort for Guests

With folding beds by your side, you don’t have to think twice before hosting guests for an overnight stay. You can easily create beds for your guests by spreading the folding beds in your living room, study room, etc.

It helps you do away with the need to set up a dedicated guest room that remains unoccupied most of the time. You can ensure a comfortable and luxurious stay for your guests and relatives even when you are short of living space by using these folding beds.

Affordable Sleeping Solution

The foldable beds provide an affordable sleeping solution rather than purchasing expensive regular beds. That doesn’t mean these beds score less on convenience. These provide sound sleep for your guests.

The folding beds are designed for easily accommodating individuals irrespective of age or weight.


The folding beds provide improved portability as you can fold and easily carry them from one place to another. Whether you would like to install them in your garden, porch, or terrace, you can readily do so within a few minutes.

Moreover, the foldable design makes it easy to transport if you are relocating to another place.

Buyer’s Guide

Frame Quality

The frame of the folding bed is prepared from a metallic material. Ensure that your selected folding bed has a high-quality frame that can withstand the daily rigours of folding and unfolding.


A high-quality foldable bed is prepared from strong and sturdy components that add to its durability. Ensure to pick a foldable bed with superior screws, foldable frame components and other hardware fittings that ensure its long-lasting usage.

A durable folding bed does not buckle or snap under pressure and provides effective resistance against weather elements.

Dual Locking Caster Wheels

Choose a folding bed that comes with dual-locking caster wheels. These wheels enable you to roll your bed anywhere conveniently.

The presence of a dual lock mechanism ensures that the folding bed stays in its place without any movement while somebody is sleeping on it.


Nowadays, the folding beds come fitted with spongy and thick mattresses. Ensure that the mattress of your bed is stuffed with high-quality and comfortable foam material.

This results in improved body posture and spinal curvature during sleeping. It not only helps in providing enhanced sleeping comfort but also alleviates back pain.

Easy to Assemble and Install

Always choose folding beds that are easy to assemble. Look out for the designs that provide quick unfolding and folding within minutes. The leading brands of folding beds provide clear and easy-to-read DIY instruction manuals.

A well-designed folding bed provides easy assembly, saves your time, and converts it into a sleeping position effortlessly.

Best Folding Beds in India

1. Springtek Rollaway Folding Bed

Springtek is a renowned Indian brand that had commenced its operations in 2010. It is dedicated to providing high-quality sleeping and furniture products such as mattresses, folding beds, toppers, pet beds, tables, chairs, pillows, bed-sheets, comforters, protectors, etc.

Springtek rollaway folding bed is an awesome sleeping solution that provides additional space for sleeping and relaxation at home, hotels, hostels, etc.

It works great for providing comfortable sleeping experiences for guests and meeting your daily sleeping requirements with its foldable design in limited space.

Main Features
  • Comes with a tool-free installation that provides quick rollaway of your bed within minutes
  • Features sturdy caster wheels that provide smooth rolling motion for setting your sleeping bed anywhere
  • The presence of a dual-locking feature ensures that your bed remain fixed in its place
  • Provides convenient storage in compact spaces by folding and rolling it over the desired storage area
  • Overbuilt and counter-weighted construction with stabilizing legs provide enhanced safety even if you toss or turn
  • Features 6? thick folding foam mattress that ensures luxurious and sound sleep
  • Prepared from hardened and cold-rolled iron that shows effective corrosion-resistance due to its epoxy coating
  • Measures 191 x 91 x 15 cm when completely unfolded
PROS (What we liked)
  • It keeps you ever-ready for welcoming unexpected houseguests and hosting them overnight at your home for enjoying quality time together
  • It features a compact footprint that saves you the trouble of rearranging your storage space every time you try to store your bed
  • It provides optimal comfort and long-lasting usage due to its durable construction
  • It is simple to use a folding bed that can be easily folded or opened
  • Its small and compact design makes it convenient to store in almost any closet
  • It is ideally suitable for vacation homes, storm shelters, makeshift hospitals, etc
  • It provides multiple usages as it can be used as a lounger, kid’s bed, guest bed, extra-bed, etc
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The iron frames require more sturdiness

2. Artemist Portable Single Folding Bed

Artemist single folding bed is a synthetic niwar bed that features a minimalistic design and classical lines. It is designed for providing a comfortable sleeping solution for you and your guests. It easily fits in a compact storage space upon folding.

This simple yet classic looking folding bed is a good choice for children. It can be used in your home, but you can also easily take it out for camping trips due to its lightweight.

Main Features
  • This one is a portable and a light-weight folding bed that weighs 7Kgs and 900 grams
  • Delivered in a pre-assembled stage that requires the tools-free installation and provides convenient set-up
  • Features space-saving bed design that features a headboard and footboard
  • Designed for easily withstanding up to 150 Kgs weight
  • A durable and stable metallic bed frame that comprises 6 floor-supporting legs, 3 supporting middle rods, and 2 supporting side rods
  • Features synthetic nylon niwar that provides more strength than virgin niwar
  • Measures 73”(6 feet) in length, 35”(3 feet) in width, and 17”(1.4 feet) in height in unfolded state and 35”(3 feet) in length, 35”(3 feet) in width, and 5” in height in a folded state
PROS (What we liked)
  • This folding bed features a classical design that provides a warm and elegant feel to your home interiors. It adds style and elegance to kids or guest bedrooms
  • It is constructed using a high-quality metal tube with an anti-rust coating for providing long-lasting usage
  • The legs have a plastic covering that prevents scratches on the floor
  • It comes with extra support for preventing scratches while folding
  • This foldable bed frame combines the elements of strength, comfort, simplicity, durability, and convenience
  • It is a queen size bed frame that provides ample room underneath for keeping your storage boxes
  • It is ideally suitable for comfortable sleeping, outdoor camping, and space-savings ideas in your home
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The straps could be stronger

3. Parvesh Smart Niwar Folding Bed

Parvesh Smart is a generic make-in-India brand that supplies various types of high-quality folding beds. This niwar folding bed is prepared from top-notch material for ensuring robust support and enhanced comfort while sleeping.

This sleek and stylish looking bed can be used conveniently both indoors and outdoors. It is comfortable and comes with a bedhead board for extra pillow support.

Main Features
  • The mainframe of this folding bed is constructed from heavy iron pipe
  • The frame is painted using Asian paints that ensures rust-free coating and smooth finishing
  • Features lamination on the bedhead board from both sides
  • Weight-bearing capacity up to 180-200 kgs
  • Measures 72? in length, 36” in width, and 16” in height in an unfolded state
PROS (What we liked)
  • This foldable bed provides excellent space-saving sleeping solutions for your bedrooms, living rooms, guest room, study room, and kids’ room
  • This folding bed comes with a simple mechanism for convenient folding and unfolding
  • Individuals across all age groups can use it
  • Its portable design ensures that it can be used anywhere including indoors and outdoors locations
  • It improves the décor of your bedroom and living room with its elegant design
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Screws get loose after using for a few days

4. Prestige Furniture Single Cot Folding Bed

Prestige furniture is a generic brand that manufactures and supplies single cot metallic folding beds. It is a strong and sturdy folding bed that ensures excellent and firm back support for sound sleep and enhanced relaxation.

This bed requires no storage and can be easily placed anywhere in your home. It can be easily folded up and kept out of the way when it is not in use.

Main Features
  • Comes in an attractive glossy finish that boosts your living room and bedroom décor
  • Features robust metallic frame and sturdy legs that provides enhanced durability and stability
  • Comes in black colour that provides effective resistance against corrosion
  • Features wenge furniture finishing on the plywood
  • Measures 182.9 x 76.2 x 45.7 cm in dimensions and weighs 10 kgs
  • It has an impressive weight-bearing capacity of 180 Kgs
  • A single cot that comes in the pre-assembled stage and does not require any settings
  • A simple and easy mechanism for folding and unfolding the bed
PROS (What we liked)
  • This folding bed features excellent plyboard furniture with a strong frame structure
  • It can be easily folded and stored in your closet when not used
  • It helps in keeping your back straight and maintains improved spinal postures during sleep
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It makes a slight creaking noise


1. What is the best folding bed? 

The best folding beds available in India is:

2. Which is the best type of folding bed?

There are different types of folding beds available. Choose a specific type of folding bed that fulfils your sleeping requirements flawlessly.

For example, if you are looking for a foldable bed for your guest room or sleepovers, then a stowaway folding bed is best suited due to its enhanced convenience and comfort.

Similarly, if you want a smaller bed in your study room or studio apartment, then a sofa sleeper works great for you.

3. How can I ensure that the foldable bed is comfortable enough?

The comfort levels of a folding bed are determined by a good frame and a good mattress. Ensure that your folding bed has a strong and sturdy frame along with a firm and thick mattress.

Moreover, give a thought about the dimensions of the bed and choose the bed’s size that matches your height.

4. Are folding beds good?

Yes. Folding beds provide a wide range of benefits like savings space, providing sturdy support, portability, etc. These are ideally suitable for preparing beds for guests.

You can use them in small spaces at night and fold them for convenient storage when not required.

5. Is it safe to sleep on a folding bed?

Yes. The folding beds are prepared using a strong metallic frame and durable components that provide incredible sturdiness for supporting a large adult person’s weight. It provides complete safety for sleeping as long as you are not jumping on it.


Don’t you remember sleeping on a folding bed during summer nights on your terrace? The folding beds enable you to fold and carry them upstairs easily. It helps you convert your terrace into a makeshift bedroom to enjoy the pleasures of sleeping under the stars.

Moreover, the sleeping beds allow you to lie down in your garden or porch for experiencing the warmth of the winter sun. Thus, due to their immense portability and foldability, the folding beds can be easily used indoors and outdoors.

The folding beds require less maintenance and provide convenient storage. With a large variety of folding beds flooding the market, you would be spoilt for choices. Don’t worry; we have got you covered with our buyer’s guide and reviews.

We recommend Springtek Rollaway Folding Bed as our pick due to its sturdy design, high-quality foam mattress, and lockable wheels.


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