Best Fake Money for Your Kid To Play

Do you want your kids to engage in financial learning at an early age? Why not get them fake money? It’ll help them understand the value of actual money and the concept of monetary transactions. Fake money can also be used as entertainment for kids as they can play business games with it. To help you get this money for your little one with ease, we’ve come up with the list below.

1. StepsToDo Dummy Currency Class Room Kit – 240 Notes

This set of dummy currency contains 240 notes. It comes with a printed activity manual that is easy for kids to follow, even without an adult’s intervention. The notes come in Rs.2000,500,200,100,50,20,10,5,2 and 1.

This set keeps kids engaged in money handling related games and activities hence worth going for. The notes also enhance subtraction, addition and multiplication skills, therefore quite beneficial.

As a teacher, you can use this kit for classroom teaching and a sufficient number of fake Indian currency notes.

2. e shopping dummy Indian currency notes

The product contains 400 units of dummy Indian notes for the purpose of playing, entertaining, and fooling someone.

It has 100 units of 100, 200, 500, and 2000 Indian rupee note each. The notes have premium-quality printing with good quality paper and colour.

3. E-shopping Dummy Indian Currency Notes

If looking for fake Indian currency notes to engage your little one into financial learning, try these out. They are made of laminated paper to look like the real thing and make your kid satisfied.

All notes come in units of 5 of 9 notes to keep your child busy for the longest time possible. They are multicolored and come in the right size (not too small or extra-large).

The notes are for fun and enjoyment and can also be used for school assignments.

4. Imtion Combo Playing Indian Currency Notes

These currency notes from imtion will help your kid learn different math concepts and entertain them as well. The soft laminated notes come in various denominations and look like real rupees.

Your kid can learn how to count money, borrow and break it up into smaller denominations with the notes. It exposes your little one to understanding daily money transactions and how to manage it.

The money comes in 7 bundles of 20 notes each, enough to keep your kid engaged for long.

5. Dummy Notes for Children by Generic

This money comes in 7 gaddi,300 fake notes that’ll help your kid play business games and engage in financial learning as well. The notes come in a super fine look and colors to entice your little one.

The fake notes will get your kid acquainted with the Indian currency of different denominations and thus a great buy. Although fake, the money feels real hence suitable for playing.

Since the notes are made explicitly for entertainment and education purposes, avoid misusing them at all costs.

6. Wah Notion Dummy Indian Currency Notes

These notes will help your kid to learn the practical skill of money handling. The fake currency notes come in 100 units of each denomination and help your kid engage in money operations learning games.

All notes are in Indian currency and can be used for school projects. They are printed to look like real rupees and will most likely give your kid a happy memory while playing with it.

The notes are made from high-quality paper, a feature that makes them long-lasting and exciting.

Buying Guide

Paper Quality

Although fake currency is mostly used for educational and entertainment purposes, you need to ensure that you get notes made from high-quality paper. The high-quality paper makes it feel real and look like real money.

Kids are playful and can tear the notes with ease if made from low-quality paper. To avoid wasting your hard-earned money on fake dummy notes from time to time, get high-quality fakes.



The print of the dummy notes should also appear real, especially if you want to use them for educational purposes. Since you want your kid to learn simple financial transactions and get accustomed to how real money looks, you have to get notes that almost look like the original.



Ensure that you get notes that come in different denominations. For instance, you can’t get a bundle that comes with 500 rupees only, yet you want to introduce your kid to the Indian currency. Go for a set that comes with a few units with notes of different denominations.



Although fake, the notes to purchase should neither be too small or too large. Reason? Your kid will be able to tell that that isn’t real money just by glancing at it. Go for dummy notes that come in a size that is almost like that of the actual currency.



Most fake money comes with a brighter color, a feature you should look out for. Ensure that the notes you get don’t come in overly exaggerated colors, as this will make them appear different from the real thing.

Although kids like bright colors, it shouldn’t be overdone.


Activity Manual

Suppose you can get a fake money set that comes with a printed easily to follow activity manual, the better. The manual will help your kid to play business games and other activities on their own with ease.

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