Best Ethnic Pearl Sets

One way to enhance your looks and improve your confidence is by wearing jewelry. Beautiful earrings and necklaces will make you stand out among people and leave a lasting impression. You can also never go wrong when gifting a friend or your family members with pearl sets. You only need to ensure you purchase quality jewelry that will not cause skin irritations. In this article, we have reviewed some of the best ethnic pearl sets.

1. Sukkhi Jewelry Pear Set 

This pearl set is perfect for any woman and is a popular set among brides for that special wedding day.

The pearl set is a perfect complement for women in the Indian attire. The pearl set is lightweight and very easy to use.

It is also high-quality and skin-friendly. The pearl set is also made of non-toxic materials, so you can wear it for hours without having skin irritations or swellings.

The pearl set is a perfect gift idea for Valentine’s, birthdays and anniversaries for your friends and family.

2. Zeneme Jewellery Set

This set of long hara queen’s necklace set with earrings from Zeneme jewellery suits all your traditional outfit. The set comes with the finest quality stones and eco-friendly metals. It is safe to wear for long periods without experiencing any rash.

The set has some delicate craftsmanship that is time-consuming. The set can be worn on any occasion, such as birthdays, weddings, festivals, to lift your whole look.

3. Zaveri Pearls Gold Pearl Set

The Zaveri pearl set is made of zinc and plating. This pearl set is attractive and has an ethnic style.

The pearl set will bring out your beauty and get you more confident. With this set, you will be the center of attention during any event.

The pearl set is a perfect gift idea for your friends for occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. You can wear your necklace for weddings and other traditional events.

4. Zaveri Pearls Necklace Set

Zaveri Pearls is a well known brand with a variety of pearl sets.This pearl set is beautiful and it is the perfect accessory to go with your ethnic dress.

It consists of a long necklace and stylish earrings that is decorated with pearls to give a classy ethnic look.

The pearl set will match different clothes and with it, you can stand out among people. The pearl set can easily be cleaned with a dry and soft cloth.

To maintain the pearl set, store it in a zip lock pouch. Also, keep it away from water, perfume and other chemicals.

5. YouBella Stylish Necklace Set

The YouBella necklace sets are beautiful sets and matching them with the right clothes will enhance your looks and leave a lasting impression.

The necklace set is perfect for all occasions.This product is a perfect gift for your friends and family at events like birthdays and anniversaries.

The necklace set is plated with high-quality polish for a long-lasting finish.The set is made from non-toxic materials so it does not cause skin irritations when worn. It is also nickel-free and lead-free so it is safe for the environment.

6. YouBella Jewelry Sets for Women

The YouBella necklace has a length of 51cm and the earrings have a length of 2cm. The jewelry set is easy to maintain since but you do need to keep it away from perfumes, oils and water.

You can wear this set for any occasion. With the right clothes, and the YouBella jewelry set you will leave a lasting impression on everyone.

The set is an ideal gift idea for your friends and family on their birthdays and anniversaries. The pearl set also has a quality polish for a long-lasting finish.

This product is nickel-free and lead-free hence safe for any environment. It is also skin-friendly and does not cause any skin irritations.

7. Shining Diva Pearl Necklace Set

Shining Diva is a well known brand that specialise in imitation jewelry and create necklaces, earrings and other jewelry accessories.

The Shining Diva necklace is a beautiful traditional necklace set. The necklace set contains a pair of earrings, a short necklace, and a long necklace.

You can wear the necklaces together or separately on different occasions. This pearl set is ideal for occasions like weddings and weddings after parties.

Buying Guide


Pearl sets come in different materials and coating. Some materials are long-lasting and do not easily fade off.

Get genuine materials that will maintain the beauty of your jewelry. The coating of these sets is also a major consideration. The coating will reveal the beauty of your pearl sets.


Set Number

When choosing pearl sets, go for the sets with the most contents. Some sets will contain several pairs of earrings and different necklaces.

With a variety of necklaces, you will have a choice for different occasions.



When purchasing anything that will be in contact with your body, you need to consider their safety.

The materials need to be non-toxic and skin-friendly. Also, ensure the pearl sets are nickel-free and lead-free.

Skin irritations and acne arising from jewelry can ruin your day. Therefore, get something that is safe for everyone.



When it comes to buying necklaces and earrings, you need to consider their lengths. Some people prefer longer pearl sets.

Get to know the length of each pearl set. You can also get a set with pearls of different lengths.

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