Top 10 Best Epilators

Body hair is something that every person is worried about. Whether it is of shaving the beard or waxing the leg. Apart from the tedious process of removing it, you have to worry about doing it every month. But with an increase in demand for hair removal items the companies now have introduced Epilators in the market.

Most of us are keen to get your hair grown on your face because men usually love beard and hair on their chest. But there are people who do not really love them and would be eager to get rid of them. Women in general, do not want the hair to be grown on their face, legs, and hands and find ways to get rid of them and follow the hair removal practices. The removal of hair from the body is known as Epilation and Depilation.

There are a lot of practices that people follow depending upon the duration they want to get rid of them. The temporary hair removal which lasts for only a few days is done through shaving, trimming or applying creams. The practices are done to keep them away for weeks and months are known as epilation and it can be done by waxing, tweezing, sugaring or threading.

In this article you will get information about Types of hair removalshow does epilator works, its advantagestypes of epilators and How to reduce pain while epilating. Lastly, we have also mentioned buyers guideour Top 10 recommended products and FAQ’s to help you select the best for yourself.

Top 10 Best Epilators

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
High ranged
Rechargeable Epilator
Four Extra Attachments
Senso Smart epilator
Faster tweezing discs
Micro-Oscillation Technology
2-Speed Epilator

Types of Hair Removals.


During the time of emergency and you need to quickly get rid of the facial hairs, you follow depilation which can last for only a few days. This is called depilation and is done through shaving, trimming or applying hair removal creams. In this method, hair is removed from the surface skin and not through the depth.

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Another method which is followed for hair removal is through removing the hair from its root and this method is known as epilation. It is one of the most popular methods and can be done through epilator devices, waxing, using laser technology, intense pulsed light, and electrology.

Types of Epilators

There are three main types of epilators which are available.

Spring Type Epilators

These are the oldest type of epilators that were used by users. They consist of metal coils that rotate in such a fashion that it squeezes closer so that it can grab the hair, pull them off and then open to release the hair. The metal coils which are used gets worn off and needs to get replaced. Hence, these epilators have fallen out of fashion by newer and efficient design.

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Rotating Disc Type Epilator

Due to the ancient spring technique that come out, the design of the epilators changed and replaced the metal coil with rubber discs. They work in the same way as that of the spring epilators. Instead of the metal coils, the rubber disc comes closer and then grab the hair from the skin which then pulls off the hair. These were less painful than the former epilator and proved to be a better option for epilation.

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Tweezer Type Epilator

With more refining of technology, a better version of epilators were released. These epilators consist of metal plates in its head which rotates together and pulls off the hair. This type of epilator was much less painful than the other ones which replaced it by all other ancient types.

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How Does an Epilator Work?

The epilator is an electrical device that helps people to remove their hair from the root. It pulls out the hair from the depth. The user has to slide the electrical device over your skin and the hair is pulled apart. Other epilation methods are a bit painful and can cause irritation but epilators are the best way to remove your hair without pain. It is recommended that you should use a gel or a cream while using an epilator because when the skin is dry, you may experience pain and irritation.

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Advantages of Epilating.

  • It is one of the most efficient ways to pull out your hair from the root. If you are facing the problem of hair growth and are following other practices, it is ideal to invest a single time for this device and keep using it whenever you want to.
  • It is very different from trimmers and shavers because they pull out the hair from the surface but epilators from the roots. So, the re-growth would take time and you need not to have to keep on doing it every 2 days.
  • For a large area of the body part, it is one of the ideal ways for hair removal.
  • Waxing and sugaring may often lead you to pain and irritation, but epilators are the safest way to remove your hair if you have very sensitive skin.


  • For those who people who face a little problem of hair growth, it would not be a good option to invest in a slightly expensive method.
  • Even though it does not cause pain while removing, it will cause mild irritation and reddishness to your skin.
  • It is not a good option for very small hairs.
  • It would result in ingrown hair.

How to Reduce Epilation Pain?

Epilation pain can be reduced if you follow these simple steps.

  • Take a Shower beforehand: While taking a shower a, all the pores of your skin gets opened up. This would help reduce your pain.
  • Exfoliate before epilating: Exfoliation is a step prior to epilating. During exfoliation, the dead cells are removed and you can minimize the number of ingrown hairs. It is recommended that you should exfoliate almost daily. You can use a scrub or an exfoliating glove to do the process. It is helpful because it makes the skin less oily so that hair does not become flat while epilation is done.
  • Keep the skin taut: Holding the skin tight during epilation can eventually reduce the amount of pain that you need to suffer. If you are performing the process, hold the epilator on one hand and the other hand to hold the skin taut. If you are epilating on the underarms, just stretch the hand as much as you can.
  • Use a wet and dry Epilator: With the wet and dry epilator you can easily use them under the shower and the pores open up easily which will allow hair to easily come off the roots.

Buyers Guide

  • The frequency of Use: If you face a regular problem of hair growth and the growth is more frequent, then only the epilators prove to be an efficient method, otherwise, buying an expensive product would only dent your wallet if it is not used regularly.
  • Corded/Cordless: These are the two main types of epilators that are available in the market. The corded epilators have a cord which needs to be switched on to a main. But the electrical safety of using a corded epilator is nill and risky. So, it is better to opt for a cordless one which comes with a rechargeable battery.
  • Attachments: Some of the epilators come along with caps and other attachments that allows you to use it in a customised way. Some have caps for bikini lines, face and other sensitive areas. It is better to go for options which have attachments along with it.
  • Lightings: Some epilators come along with a lighting technique that allows you to spot small hairs on your skin and other body parts.
  • Head width: Some of them have a smaller width and some have a wider head width. The wider ones can cover a lot of area at a time. This will definitely make epilation quick and easy.
  • Wet/Dry Epilators: With the wet and dry epilator you can easily use them under the shower and the pores open up easily which will allow hair to easily come off the roots.
  • Tweezers:  It is the basic component in any epilator which pulls off the hair from your skin. The speed with which it works plays a high role in the removal of that hair. If the tweezing speed is less, the pain & irritation caused would be much more. So, buy a product that has a high tweezing speed.
  • Budget: There are epilators which are costly and some others which are inexpensive. All these things depend upon the attachments it provides, the battery backup, a customised way of epilation and other small features such as lighting techniques. Figure out your requirements and see to it if you can spend that much on the epilator.

1. Braun Silk-Epil Wet & Dry Epilator – High ranged

Braun Silk-Epil Wet & Dry Epilator
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The well-known grooming products brand Braun Silk brings to the customers one of the finest epilators that is available in the market. If you use it once, you would not have to bother yourself from doing it again before a month or more. Braun Silk-Epil 9-558 leg Wet and Dry Epilator with 5 Extras comes in the high-ranged product, but the features that it offers is up to the mark and you would not complain about it. Whats a bigger advantage is that it comes with 5 extra adjustments that allow you to finely remove even the slightest of the hair present on your face.

Main Features
  • It comes with 3 extra fittingsa face epilatora high-frequency massage cap and a skin contact cap. All these adjustments help you to better the results. 
  • It is a wet & dry epilator which can be used in your regular showers as well. When your skin is wet, pores open up, and it becomes easy to remove the hair.
  • Feels lightweight when you hold it in your hands.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The 40% wider epilation face allows you to remove more hair as compared to the other epilators. This would make your job easy and efficient.
  • The cordless feature prevents you from risking yourself epilation with plugs inserted.
  • As it is wet & dry epilator, it can be used under the showers as well.
  • A facial epilator that comes along with it allows you to remove the finest hair present from the root for long lasting smooth skin.
  • The smart light feature helps you to highlight the area which needs to be epilated.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The battery runs off soon.
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2. Epilady Legend 4th Generation – Rechargeable Epilator

Epilady Legend 4th Generation
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Why would you depend on other epilation techniques such as waxing which are painful and can cause a lot of irritation to your skin? Your one-time investment into these products can benefit you a lot. Epilady Legend 4th Generation Rechargeable Epilator is one of the newest addition to the list of epilators. Though it falls under the category of high-ranged product, it offers one of the finest and precise epilations to your facial and body hair. Let us have a look at the features of this product.

Main Features
  • It is an imported product from outside India.
  • It proves to be one of the most efficient products available till now as when at full speed, the Legend epilator, with its 40 tweezer discs, creates 32,000 tweezes per minute! 
  • The ergonomic rubber touch provided at the gripping point allows you to have a firm grip while epilating your hair.
PROS (What we liked)
  • One of the most important advantages of this product is its silent operation. Even when you have the epilator close to your ears, you will not get irritated by its humming noise.
  • The wide epilating head at any angle, allows you to remove more hair at once making the procedure fast and efficient.
  • The epilator removes even the shortest and finest hair from the root leaving your skin smooth up to 4 weeks.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No such cons mentioned.
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3. Panasonic ES-ED53 Wet and Dry Cordless Epilator – Four Extra Attachments

Panasonic ES-ED53 Wet and Dry Cordless Epilator
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Epilating devices even sometimes cause pain and irritation to your skin. It is only because along with the hair, your skin also gets pulled which would eventually result in pain. Panasonic ES-ED53 Wet and Dry Cordless Epilator with Four Extra Attachments finds a solution to your problem. Falling under the category of high-ranged product, it provides you with every benefit that would suffice your needs. Apart from these, there are other features that come along with the products.

Main Features
  • The main feature that makes it stand out from the rest is the Gentle Skin Guard feature. During epilation. it often happens that the skin gets pulled along with the hair which causes pain. With this feature, the skin holds on and does not get pulled.
  • The 4 different attachments that come along with this epilator, makes it the perfect tool for the body to remove all your unwanted hair from your legs and arms.
  • It is small and lightweight which makes it easy to handle.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The 60 flexible heads follow the natural contour of the body and make it an optimum solution to give a smooth and fine skin for a long period of time.
  • If you use a foam along with it, it can make your epilation even more smooth.
  • The attachments that come along with this product makes it more efficient and easy to handle.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No such cons mentioned.
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4. Braun Silk-Epil epilator – Senso Smart epilator

Braun Silk-Epil epilator
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The Braun SIlk brand assures that the product is the world’s 1st smart epilator. Braun Silk-Epil 9 9/980 SkinSpa SensoSmart Epilator, Rose Gold is a complete 4-in-1 epilation, exfoliation, and a skin care system. The epilator comes along with a SensoSmart pressure sensor technology to guide your epilation and give a better result by making your skin smooth and free from hairs. With 13 attachments that come along with this epilating device, no other epilator can match its power. Let us have a look at the other features of the product.

Main Features
  • It comes along with 13 extra adjustments which include a shaver and trimmer cap for sensitive areas, skin contact cap, facial cap, pouch, bikini trimmer, and stand.
  • The two body exfoliation brush that adds to the set help you get rid of the ingrown hairs on your skin.
  • The SensoSmart pressure technology creates a good amount of pressure in the applied area so that more amount of hair is removed at just one stroke.
PROS (What we liked)
  • A red light signal that displays over the epilator tells you that the pressure which is applied is more and prompts you to adjust your handling to make it more efficient.
  • This Wet & Dry product can be used even under the showers.
  • The gentle exfoliation brush helps you to get rid of the ingrown hair and makes smooth and silky like never before.
  • The deep massage pad allows better blood circulation and gives your skin a good glow.
  • For areas such as knees and underarms, the pivoting head helps you a lot.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No such cons mentioned.
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5. Panasonic ES-WU41P Epilator – Faster tweezing discs

Panasonic ES-WU41P Epilator
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The colorful and elegant design of this product makes this epilator stand out from the rest. The fast working of it gives you a fast epilation and in no time you will get a smooth and silky skin. With wide and efficient tweezers of this product, it makes epilating your hairs even faster. Let us look at the other features of this product.

Main Features
  • It comes with 30% faster disc that rotates evenly on your skin and provides you with a fine result.
  • It is compact in its size which makes handling it better and the design in which it comes, makes it stand out from other epilating devices.
  • The product comes along with a long cord which helps you even if you do not have a plug near to your mirror.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The pain developed during epilation is almost negligible. This could be one of the most important advantages of this product.
  • If you are running short of time and still want to get your hair removed, the fast tweezing disc removes all the hair in no time.
  • It comes along with a 2-year warranty on the product.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The surface area of your skin which is in contact with this epilator is lesser, and so, less number of hairs could be removed at once.
  • It is a corded epilator
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6. Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator – Low-Ranged

Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator
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Epilation can sometimes prove to be painful if not done properly and if good epilators are not used. Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator, Electric Hair Removal, a cordless epilator which suffices your every need. It can be used to get rid of hair from all over the body such as your armpits, legs, bikini area and even the sensitive areas. With its ceramic tweezer, it is gentle over your skin and makes it smooth for weeks. Let us have a look at all the features of this product.

Main Features
  • The Satinelle ADvanced epilator removes hair by its root making your skin look smooth and silky for many weeks.
  • The special ceramic tweezing discs rotate quickly and remove more hairs than the normal epilators. Due to its fast motion, a lot of hair is removed at once.
  • It comes along with a rechargeable battery which is made up of lithium-ion.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The wider head can remove a lot of hair at once which makes epilation efficient, fast and easy.
  • With it’s built and working, only the hair is pulled and not the skin, which means that you would not come across pain or irritation on your skin while epilating.
  • It is built as a wet and dry epilator which allows it to be used along with the showers as well.
  • The battery backup is about 40 minutes which is long enough to epilate all your hair. The cordless feature allows you not to bother about plugging while using it.
CONS (What we didn’t like)

No such cons mentioned

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7. Philips BRE201 Satinelle Essential Epilator – Corded

Philips BRE201 Satinelle Essential Epilator
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The Philips India product offers users a product that is easy to handle and epilate. The corded epilator is easy on the go epilating device that is more efficient than any other epilation techniques such as waxing. Philips BRE201/00 Satinelle Essential Epilator (Corded) even comes along with a 2-year warranty on the product. There are many other features that come along with this product.

Main Features
  • The corded epilator can be easy and smooth on your skin making it hair-free for about 4 weeks. Thus, you do not have to do it every week.
  • The additional shaving head provides an easy on-the-go shave as well.
  • The product is easy to be handled because of its superior grip.
PROS (What we liked)
  • This epilating device can remove 4x shorter hair than waxing does. The reasons for you choosing this device is even more as it is an efficient method to remove hair.
  • It is gentle on your skin and even your delicate areas.
  • A lightweight product which is very easy to be handled.
  • Since the product is corded, you do not have to get it charged every time before the use.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • After about 10 minutes of use, the head gets a little hot which adds to the pain of epilation.
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8. Braun Face 810 Epilator – Micro-Oscillation Technology

Braun Face 810 Epilator
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The Braun brand always looks at making their customers satisfied and happy. Due to this reason, they always come along with elegant and efficient products that would cater to all the needs of the customers. Braun Face 810 – Facial Epilator and Facial Cleansing Brush with Micro-Oscillations is one other product that the brand offers which works as a facial epilator that is capable of removing even the slightest and finest of the hair present on your skin. Along with that, it works as a face cleansing brush. So with the price of one product, it offers numerous advantages together which makes it one of the best choices available in the market.

Main Features
  • It is the worlds 1st facial epilator and cleansing brush.
  • It works as a facial epilator that has a slim head for precise epilation. This feature could remove the slightest of the hair present on your face.
  • It also comes along with 10-micro openings that can remove the finest of the hair from its root.
  • For those people who are still dependent on threading for their facial hair, this product could be the best replacement for your needs.
PROS (What we liked)
  • With a fine precision, it could be sufficient to be used for your upper lips and even shape your eyebrows.
  • The product is tested by dermatologists; it uses micro-oscillation to deeply cleanse the deep pores and making your face look even more shiny and smooth.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty on the product.
  • It is sleek and powerful.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The pain developed while epilation is much more than the other products.
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9. Havells FD5050 Epilator – 2-Speed Epilator

Havells FD5050 Epilator
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The corded epilator is going to provide you with smooth and shiny skin for about four weeks at a time. Havells FD5050 Epilator (Dark Grey and Golden) looks even better with its cool and elegant design which is easy to be handled and taken care of. If you are still dependent on your traditional way of waxing to get rid of your hair, this can be a very good option for you. Let us look at the features of the product.

Main Features
  • The 2-speed operable epilator can be used in whichever speed you want to use it. The epilation does not pain you much as the skin does not get pulled off during epilation.
  • The product is designed in such a way that it reduces a lot of pain caused. The rounded tweezing discs allow you to easily get rid of the hair from its root without pulling your skin.
  • The epilator is corded. So, whenever you wish to have it done, just plug in your device. You do not have to depend on the charge remaining in your battery for using it.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The epilator is gentle on the skin without causing much pain and irritation to you.
  • Even the slightest of the hair can be get ridden off using this epilator. Most of the product does not succeed in doing so. But this product can suffice your needs.
  • The cables are long making it convenient to move along and make you comfortable for epilation.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is a dry epilator only. Do not use it in the shower or even using a moisturizer.
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10. Fit score Flawless Epilator Razor for Women– Low-Ranged

Fit score Flawless Epilator Razor for Women
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With its sleek and stylish design, Fitscore Flawless Wax Finishing Touch Hair Remover Epilator Razor for Women is also one of the choices available for the users which also falls under the category of low-ranged product. For those people who do not wish to invest a lot of money on their epilators, should definitely buy this product.

Main Features
  • The discreet and stylish facial and body hair remover looks fine and elegant and fit for use.
  • The product features a built-in-light which spots even the finest hair on your face and skin — leaving them perfectly smooth and silky.
  • It is a perfect replacement for your waxing and other epilation techniques.
  • Due to its compact size and design, you do not have to carry an extra casing pouch for it.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The pain developed due to epilation is almost nil, and it does not cause redness, irritation on your skin which often happens when you are using other epilators.
  • It is safe to be used on all types of skin, dry and oily.
  • It could be the best addition to your makeup sets as it will easily remove off the unwanted facial hair.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No such cons mentioned.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does epilation get less painful with time?

Yes, this is right. During each epilation, your skin gets used to the sensation and you would experience a lesser pain each time you epilate. But. during the first time, it would be indeed painful and may lead to reddish and irritation on the skin.

2. How often should you epilate?

You should continue to epilate every 2 weeks and keep on trimming before you epilate. After 3-4 months you will get to see that the hair growth has reduced and you can reduce the frequency of epilation thereafter.

3. Epilating vs. waxing vs. shaving which is better?

Waxing is a process of applying a soft waxy layer over your skin and the hair above it. This could be a wax strip or melted wax beans. It is applied in the direction of the hair growth which is then pulled off leaving the hair from its root. This is a painful process because the wax often sticks to your skin and pulling it apart would indeed cause you pain.

Epilating is a process done using an electrical device which pulls off the hair from the root and does not cause much pain to your skin. but mild irritation persists which will go if you get used to the epilation process and your skin gets used to the sensation.

Shaving is a process in which you have a razor or a shaver which is rolled over the hairy part. It removes the hair only from the surface of the skin and not the root. It is not at all a painful process. But you need to keep on doing it every 2-3 days because hair does not come off the root and keeps growing afterwards.

Out of these three methods, if you need to have a long term result, it is better to invest in an epilator. Though it is a little painful, you will get used to it after using it for 2-3 times. So, choose an epilator device over shaving or waxing.

4. Difference between face epilator and body epilator?

There is a slight difference between a face epilator and a body epilator. The major difference would be the size. face epilators are usually smaller in size. The head of the epilators is also small. Since the hair present on the face is too small, it becomes difficult for the body epilators to remove them off. A face epilator which has a small head and tweezer is capable of removing them as well. All the process to be followed to reduce the pain and irritation remains the same apart from the design and size.

5. How to clean epilators?

After using your epilator, hairs often get stuck on the cap and head which needs to be removed to maintain sanitization of the epilator. The cleaning method is quite easy.

  • Remove the head of the epilator. There are two buttons on the side which helps you to remove the head.
  • Brush the head. A cleaning brush comes along with the product, if it does not have a cleaning brush, you can use an old toothbrush which is not in use. Brush off the head because hair gets stuck on to it.
  • Wash the head under water. The excess hair which has not been removed gets washed off by this.
  • Swipe the head by an alcohol-soaked cotton ball. It will immediately clean any type of bacteria that is present on it.
  • Shake off the excess water from it and let it dry. Re-attach the head into your epilator.

6. How to use epilators?

  • Exfoliate before epilating the hair from your skin. This is a must thing before epilation.
  • Pull your skin taut and tight. This will reduce the pain that is generated during epilation.
  • Go slow on the process, though it would be tempting and itching while doing it for the first time, you will get used to the pain.
  • Apply a soothing gel after epilation.


Too much of hair on your body can sometimes cause irritation and itching and we need to find methods to get rid of it. As discussed above, there are many techniques and you could choose the best according to your own wish. But looking at the benefits that epilation provides, we would suggest that it is the best available method amongst all of them. Looking at all the specifications and features, we will suggest that Braun Silk-Epil 9-558 leg Wet & Dry Epilator with 5 Extras will have to be the best choice available in the amongst the high-ranged product. The brand itself is known for its grooming products and no doubt, it is one of the best product available in the market. Works as a wet & dry epilator, it can be used under the shower.

Another product that we would suggest from the mid & low-ranged together would be Braun Face 810 – Facial Epilator and Facial Cleansing Brush with Micro-Oscillations (White)It is said to be the 1st epilator which works even as a cleansing brush. Using the micro-oscillation method, it could clean all your deep pores. Its sleek and powerful design allows you to carry it with you wherever you wish to. It also comes along with a 2-year warranty. The price range is also good so that it fits in your budget.

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