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Many people think that envelopes are just there to deliver content and are not worth investing in. They forget that these envelopes express your personality and enable your brand and message to stand out from the crowd. There are several beautiful envelopes that you can use for your mailing projects. From the tremendous colored, patterned, and peel and seal envelopes and other luxury range of envelopes. Below are some of the beautiful envelopes that will leave your recipient eager to open.

1. Kriwin Pack of 75 Shagun Double

These envelopes are perfect for standard gift cards. They are light in weight and small in size, which makes them fit in your pocket. These envelopes are made of paper, therefore, easy to use and seal.

One can also use them as sagan gift envelopes for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, Diwali, rakhi, and engagements. They have a perfect size of 18cmx8cm. You get 25 of each color and a total of 75 envelopes from this set.

2. Vanya creation premium golden envelopes

It is a set of 10 premium and golden coloured envelopes by Vanya creations suitable for presenting gifts with royal splendour. All the envelopes are hand-crafted and feature a 3-fold Taj design. These envelopes are designed for making your gift truly memorable and unique.

Each envelope measures 7.5″ X 3.8″ in dimensions that makes it suitable for keeping all the Indian currency notes of various denominations, including INR 50, 100, 200, 500, and 2000. You can also keep a cheque or DD easily within this envelope.

It is a high-quality envelope prepared with thick and good-quality paper for enhanced sturdiness and easy handling.

It features designer and stylish looks that make it a perfect Shagun envelope for gifting on various auspicious occasions like wedding, Diwali, rakhi, engagement, birthday, anniversaries, baby showers, etc.

3. Grasme Card Paper Sheet

Grasme card paper sheet is a perfect gifting cash envelope for all your perfect events like; marriage occasions, anniversaries, birthdays, Rakshabandhan, shagun, engagements, and cash gifts.

The envelope is made of glossy premium designer sheets. The paper sheet has beautiful floral designs with Shree Ganesha prints. You can also use this paper sheet to keep your currency notes, cheques, DD safely without any damage.

With these paper sheets, you can make your envelope in your desired design to make the occasion more memorable. The envelope has a size of 7.4×3.8 inch, which makes it exceptionally compatible with all currency notes INR 2000/500/100

4. Accuprints Envelope

Accuprint envelopes are bright, elegant, and beautiful, making you confident when mailing gifts for different occasions. These envelopes have premium materials that are efficient and long-lasting.

Accuprints envelopes are ideal for mailing cheques, invoices, letterheads, personal letters, statements, and direct mails. The envelope’s thickness is 100gsm with a matt finish.

Accuprint envelopes are also printer compatible; you can use inkjet or a laser to decorate it. Since they are in a wide range, you can use them for office, courier, and money/shagun and as gifts for weddings. These envelopes come with sticker seals.

5. Kriwin Pack of 10 Ethnic Scroll Style Shagun Envelop

This unique shagun envelope comprises a multi-color scroll that you can use as a Sagan as a gift envelope. The envelopes are perfect for gift cash or vouchers on a memorable day such as weddings, Diwali, rakhi, engagements, and many more.

This stylish envelope is delicately attached on the inside. The envelope has a golden ring that one can use to secure the scroll. They are also perfect for a gift certificate for cooperates, festivals, families, and friends.

6. Alterego Premium Craft

Alterego premium craft is perfect for letters, invitations, poetry, and greeting cards. The envelopes are made with premium craft materials that make them last longer.

You can also use this envelope to house an A5 sheet with just a single fold. The unique feature of these envelopes is that you can decorate it to your preferred color.

7. M-Tech Envelopes

You can use M-Tech envelopes for passport photos, studio, medical shop, small slips, and coins. These envelopes have an extra flap that provides the needed security so as the items inside do not fall off.

You can print the form from inside the flap and the back of the flap, and when you seal the envelope, the information is hidden. M-Tech envelopes are appealing to the eye and are very stylish.

Buyers Guide

Extra Flap

Envelopes that have extra flap should be significantly considered, especially when sending confidential messages. You can use the flaps as a form for writing your message on the inside and seal it without anyone noticing it.

Large-Sized Envelope

Envelopes of large sizes are the best for filling in your certificates; you can also use it to mail an A4 paper that you can fold only twice. Such envelopes are very convenient since they can carry more than one document at the same time.

Right Envelopes for Each Occasion

If you are a party lover and you like being stylish, go for the envelope that suits your liking. You can also use the decorated ones or the ones that you can decorate them by yourself. This type of envelope will melt the heart of the person you are gifting to and live to remember.


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