Best Educational Wall Charts

Wall charts have existed for a long time. They are used all over the world in schools to help introduce subjects to school-going children. Whether it’s numbers and counting, different types of animals, shapes, colours, or even body parts, charts will effectively help children learn. This review is intended to analyze some charts in the market to help you decide on the detailed charts to get for your child.

1. Mehta Graphics Wall Chart 

This set is perfect to be used at home or at school. The charts contain different subjects that kids are curious to learn; hence these charts will be quite interesting.

The combo chart contains alphabets, animals, numbers, foodstuffs, colours, and shapes. Each day your child gets to learn a new topic right from home.

You can decide to use one chart every day to allow your kid to look at it and remember the contents. The charts will make your child learn and master the contents faster as they will repeatedly pass by the chart and learn a new thing.

When they wake up until bedtime, if the chart is hanging on the wall, they will have grasped something new.

2. Peppa Pig - First Early Learning Charts

Wonder House Books offer these fun Peppa Pig themed charts that your child will surely love.

This set contains ten charts that will teach your kid basic things like numbers, alphabets, colours and shapes in a fun way.

These charts are best suited for 1-3-year-olds. The charts have vibrant colours along with images that can help kids learn new concepts every day. The charts are A3 sized, and they are laminated for durability.

3. Om Books Good Manners Charts 

Kids are born without manners. It is up to the parents to instil morals and manners in their children. It is said that the parent is the moral compass of the child.

You don’t want your child to be the kid that everyone resents because they are rude and obnoxious. This chart seeks to smartly introduce polite, respectful, and kind words to your child.

It also comes up with a funny way of introducing acceptable behaviour to your child to make your child lovable and likeable in society. The chart introduces words like; please, sorry, excuse, thank you, etc. to your child.

It gives examples of using the word and simple instances where such a word is to be used. It introduces habits such as taking turns, queuing, following rules, not interrupting others when speaking, etc.

It is a great chart to go for.

4. Yehtta Alphabet Chart 

This alphabet chart is suitable for kids yet to join the school. This chart has several learning modes to help your child quickly master the alphabet.

It comes with a sound-producing kit to allow more fun and stimulus learning for your child. Whether you want your child to sing along, answer questions, or spell and pronounce, this chart will help you do all that.

The chart is made and designed in a colourful, attractive design to capture your child’s attention at all times. This chart is an effective home learning tool and will help transition your kid to the school learning atmosphere early.

The battery-powered learning kit will help your child develop excellent pronunciation of the alphabets and phonics with ease. This chart will boost your child’s confidence as they will be a step ahead when they start school.

5. Vantagekart Charts 

This set of charts guarantee you a long time of service as they are laminated. It also ensures that the paper retains the colour quality throughout its lifetime.

Unlike other charts that begin to fade after some time of service, this will not happen. The set provides 6 charts covering topics such as body parts, alphabets, and days of the week, months, numbers, and colours.

The charts are designed with beautiful, attractive colours to make them appealing to children. These charts will bring out the smart factor in your child and will surely make them stand out.

6. Om Books Opposites Chart

This chart teaches your child opposites of common words that they use every single day. Subsequently, these opposites will help improve your child’s communication skills and make them aware of new words.

Practical examples accompany the words to help your child understand how and when to apply these opposites.

The chart also has illustrations to create a better understanding of the concept of the opposites. The images make learning interesting and fun for kids.

7. Chaka Chaundh Charts

These colourful charts are suitable for school set up or even for homeschooling. They are designed with acid-free 300GSM paper that is recyclable and printed in long-lasting, high-quality paint to ensure that the charts don’t lose quality.

They contain different topics, such as the solar system, numbers, alphabets, animals, foods, etc. Your child will love these printed papers and will benefit greatly through learning from these educational charts.


Growing up, we gained so much information from charts. Kids these days tend to be getting the most information from electronic devices.

However, for uninterrupted learning that does not risk exposing your child to toxic information that can corrupt their minds, the wall chart still stands to be an effective tool, and you should give it a try.


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