Best Doll Houses Review

These days parents have more than enough options when it comes to playing items they can purchase for their children.

Of course, with increased technological influence, traditional child play accessories are continually getting replaced with tech gadgets.

In the face of all the changes, one timeless classic seems to have refused to go away. And what’s that? They are doll houses games for girls.

In this article, we will help you know everything you need to about doll house games, a detailed buying guide to help you make a purchase, best-recommended products, and answers to some frequently asked questions.

10 Best Doll Houses

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Best Lighting System
Deluxe Design
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Printed Press Finish
Creative Design
Decorative Style
Wooden Construction
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What Is a Doll House?

For starters, a barbie doll house is a toy designed to mimic a typical home. Most come in miniature sizes and are tailored to resemble conventional house designs say a mansion or penthouse and more.

Apart from the irresistible beauty and glamour, they are great for stimulating children to employ their imagination, creativity, and motor skills while playing. 

The idea is to keep them entertained, active, and happy. Perhaps the ability to stoke children’s imaginative power while supporting cognitive development explains why they remain a hit across generations.

Buyer’s Guide

Currently, the market offers dozens of alternative doll houses for consumers to purchase. From simple and complex designs to different shapes and sizes, the choice list seems limitless.


You’ll find doll houses that mirror actual house designs say Victorian, beach house, bungalows, cabin, farmhouse, cottage and more. The details of the layout, exterior appearance, and accessories vary and would naturally strike different tastes and preferences.

The best way around the numerous styles is to go for what you think your kid is familiar with or likely to appreciate.

Construction Material

As you might expect, various materials are utilized in the crafting of these little houses. Variants of wood or plastic are the most common though. Considering that each has its natural properties which influence durability and overall functionality, it vital that you pick carefully.

For instance, wood brings the authentic appeal of an actual house and is durable. On the flip side, it can be expensive or worse less safe if your kid likes throwing things around.

Plastic, which is also very common offers variety but lacks realness. Weighing the benefits and limitations of each material with your little one’s needs should settle it.

Ease of Assembly

Most doll houses come with some or all parts as separate pieces. To complete the setup, the parts need joining and fixing with one another. As most of the assembly is best handled by the child, a good product should not be a real pain to piece together.


Although doll houses generally come in miniature sizes, the dimensions do vary. Most manufacturers will rate a particular size range for certain ages with the size reducing with age. That parameter aside, while making a choice, it is also essential to consider the space available for holding the toy at home.

Also, don’t forget your child will need sufficient playing area around it. Above all, see to it that it can accommodate your child’s existing play accessories such as dolls.

Age Appropriateness

Age is a big deal when it gets to toys, and doll houses are no different. Not only because preferences vary with age but because of safety and handling considerations by manufacturers.

Usually, the manufacturer recommendation is an excellent way to nail the perfect pick. Otherwise, additional indicators of age appropriateness include bigger size for younger ages and smaller size for older children.

Safety Precautions

Obviously, you don’t want to expose your child to ever-present risk of harm during playtime. So you need to make a choice depending on the maturity of your little one.

Particularly for babies, avoid products with dangerously sharp tips or tiny components and accessories that can get swallowed easily.  Similarly, shun doll houses that can break, resulting in sharp fragments. In short, anything that has the potential to bringing harm should be an instant no.


No doll house is complete without add ons. It’s the accessories that give the setup that unique authentic touch. Again, these are what unlock the creative and imaginative skills of the kid as they try to arrange and fix all of them at their designated spot.  During selection, look out for conventional household appliances such as furniture, fixtures, and fittings.

If you can find random kid stuff such as miniature art, lights, dolls, toy cars, among other suitable attachable-the better for you, that way, you’ll have a final kick that keeps your loved one for hours of fun-filled play.


Kids can get quite rough with their toys when playing. As such, you need to pick something that can endure rough handling without giving in to the pressure.

The construction material and the overall build quality of the components are the apparent indicators you should compare alongside your needs.


Luckily, there is limitation when it comes to the cost of acquiring doll houses. However, considering that the cost in a way tells of the overall quality, it a parameter not worth ignoring. Naturally, your budget will prevail, but before then weigh what is available at each price range.

1. Toyshine DIY Doll House – Our Pick

Toyshine DIY Doll House
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If you are looking for a doll house that offers unlimited fun and active playing opportunities, the Toyshine DIY fits the bill. Made of strong plastic material, it comes ready to remain functional for long outliving typical rough child play.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect is a large number of accessories that comes with it. With over a hundred pieces, it offers kids a flexible arrangement and learning opportunities.

Young kids can keep themselves engaged with the many items allowing them to sharpen their creative skills.

Main Features
  • Comes with up to 136 pieces of accessories giving kids unlimited play and learning opportunities
  • Made of strong and environmentally-friendly plastic material to ensure longevity and long life of play
  • Has a build-up size of about 58 by 36 centimeters offering reasonable spread for a typical child
  • Has a DIY design allowing set up in different ways with the possibility of changing decorations and moving furniture
PROS (What we liked)
  • Presents unlimited fun ways to learn and play
  • Colorful and attractive
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Child-friendly and safe design
  • Easy to install
  • Aids overall child growth and development
  • Made of quality material thus lasts long
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Kids may need help to assemble given the many parts and accessories
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2. Toyzone Dream Villa – Best Lighting System

Toyzone Dream Villa
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The Toyzone Dream Villa looks fancy, thanks to the great detail and thoughtfulness put in the design. It comes fully furnished with beautiful rooms complete with cute accessories to complete the setup.

It has a parking garage with an overhead balcony and a backyard garden giving it that authentic appeal. But, perhaps the real kick lies in the handy lighting in all the rooms that adds to the glow.

And that’s not all because it can take further sticker decorations. Kids can spend several hours having fun while placing stickers on the furnishings.

Main Features
  • Has four fully furnished rooms giving it an appeal of a real dream house
  • Comes with up to four dolls and toy car packed in the garage to help keep the child active
  • Has a battery-powered lighting system covering all the four rooms
  • Comes with plenty of stickers to be stuck on the furnishing to add color and appeal 
  • Comes with a handle on the top part to allow hassle-free lifting and portability
  • Made of reliable quality plastic material to ensure long life in use
PROS (What we liked)
  • Thoughtful design
  • Perfect fit for any free space in the house
  • Multi-colored and attractive
  • Suitable for kids aged about three years
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Garage attachments can be unreliable
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3. WP Princess Doll House – Colourful

WP Princess Doll House
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The WP Princess House is another gorgeous toy designed to allow little ones to expand their creative skills through imaginative play. Coming with four rooms complete with accessories, it is colorful and will keep your princess hooked at first sight.

While it is not as big, the realistic layout makes it great for kids to sharpen their creative skills by learning how to arrange the different items around the rooms.

The overall color scheme adds to the great detail in design making in irresistible beyond the face value. All in all, it a great pick if you are looking for something modest in size but with an authentic appeal.

Main Features
  • Includes two little play dolls offering worthy playing accessories to the child
  • Features complete house set design with the main door, multiple windows, and a staircase
  • Has four rooms in total including a living room, dining room, bedroom, and bathroom
  • Includes items such as a piano, sofa, washbasin toilet suite and bathtub giving the authentic touch on an actual house
  • Made of lightweight plastic making it portable and safe
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Encourages creativity and exploration learning
  • Great design detail
  • Affordable
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Could have been better with a few more accessories
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4. Toyzone My Deluxe Doll House – Deluxe Design

Toyzone My Deluxe Doll House
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As the name suggests, My Deluxe Doll House is of exceptional quality just by looking at it. Coming neatly arranged rooms spread over two floors- it has all it takes to be the perfect playing companion for your child. It includes almost all the basic items you will find in any actual room of a typical house.

While it comes with the most part already in place, it leaves just enough elements for young ones to set into place before it’s finally ready. With up to fifty accessories, no doubt any child will find it stimulating to play with as long as it takes.

Main Features
  • Includes add ons such as parking area, a toy car, four dolls, and furniture among others allowing simulative play and learning
  • Comes with stickers which provide an ideal way to keep the kid engaged by identifying the right places to stick
  • Has a bright colored appearance that adds to its outer appeal and elegance
  • Has spacious interiors to allow accommodation of additional playing possessions
PROS (What we liked)
  • Comes with plenty of accessories
  • Suitable for training and learning
  • Easy setup
  • Great design detail
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Takes time to put the stickers in place
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5. Kritika Toys & Gifts Doll House – Most Affordable

Kritika Toys & Gifts Doll House
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A simple yet good looking dollhouse, the kritika Toys & Gifts dollhouse provides a fun playset for a contemporary kid. Featuring an easy to open and close design, accessing the interior and closing it up when you need to move, it remains a possibility in a few touches.

More importantly, this dollhouse includes vital accessories such as a bed, table, chairs, and more. The freedom to decorate the house gives it an edge because one can customize the appearance to their taste. 

To top it all, it is designed with the safety of young ones in mind. With no sharp edges and generally light build, any child remains out of harm when playing with it.

Main Features
  • Features an easy to open and close design allowing convenient handling
  • Comes fully furnished with basic accessories giving it that authentic feel for an immersive playing experience
  • Has a thoughtfully safe design to allow kids to play safety with no chances of injury
  • Boasts of a multi-colored finish to give a befitting aesthetic appeal
PROS (What we liked)
  • Offers a safe playing experience
  • Comes with vital basic accessories
  • Great aesthetic appeal
  • Impressive design detail
  • Lightweight and portable
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Size may be limiting for the recommended age
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6. Sunta H.TRF Doll House – Printed Press Finish

Sunta H.TRF Doll House
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While the Sunta H. TRF appears simple at face value, it bears great design detail for fun-finned playing experience.  A closer look reveals attractive pressed printing, which by far adds to the external appeal.

It is made of premium quality EVA product with parts fitting into each other conveniently. Beyond that, the construction is lightweight with no dangerously sharp tips hence very safe for fun child play.

The only downside might be the lack of accompanying accessories. But on the contrary, allows flexibility on the items one can choose to place inside.

Main Features
  • Made of high-quality EVA product promising lasting use
  • Features bright multi-colored finish to make it appealing for playing
  • Has a lightweight build providing allowing flexibility during handling and movement
  • Features a unique heat printing adding to the design detail
  • Designed with parts that conveniently fits into each other allowing seamless setup
PROS (What we liked)
  • Safe for child play
  • Conveniently connecting parts
  • Durable build
  • Stunning multi-colored pattern finish
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Kids may require adults to help to set it up
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7. Webby DIY Elegant Miniature Doll House – Creative Design

Webby DIY Elegant Miniature Doll House
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The Webby DIY Elegant Miniature dollhouse is a fantastic option if you are looking for something small with great detail.

Although it is not as large with multiple rooms as most picks on this list, it maximizes on the space available to include basic house accessories.

The creative design offers a great display of the interior, making it easy for any child to complete the arrangement of accessories.

Main Features
  • Made of a combination of quality material to enable endurance of rough child play
  • Has sleek, neat finish giving it an attractive aesthetic appeal
  • Comes with complete basic accessories and items giving it a touch of a real house
  • Has a well-thought-out the multi-colored finish to attract the kid’s attention
PROS (What we liked)
  • Looks cute and realistic
  • Helps build little one’s creativity and imagination
  • Good overall quality
  • Simple with great detail
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Smaller parts require patience to assemble
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8. PATPAT Miniature Dollhouse – Decorative Style

PATPAT Miniature Dollhouse
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While this dollhouse looks more like a collectible decoration, it is a perfect gift for kids. Coming with DIY design, it is easy and fun to assemble, providing a lively way to keep a toddler busy during leisure time.

It comes with ready parts for seamless fixing to say nothing of typical accessories that allows it to mirror a real house.

Good quality materials have been used to craft the components.  That added to the dustproof finishing, it is constructed to outshine typical wear and tear influences. LED lighting adds a glowing touch in the interiors.

Main Features
  • Has a striking decorative design making it a unique gift idea
  • Comes with precisely cut and high-quality furniture accessories
  • Features DIY design allowing hassle-free assembly
  • Made of good quality materials to guarantee a long life in use
PROS (What we liked)
  • Perfect for running downtime
  • Quality decorative appeal
  • Good quality construction
  • Comes with multiple high-quality accessories
  • Easy to assemble with a handy guide available
  • Ideal for kids across a wider age bracket
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Glue and batteries have to be purchased separately
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9. NEKBAL Wooden Doll House – Wooden Construction

NEKBAL Wooden Doll House
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If you want something with a natural appeal, this dollhouse made completely with wood will be worth your money.  When fully set up it features up to five compartments that can hold different accompanying accessories.

But unlike other alternatives herein, it seems to allow more flexibility on where and how you can arrange the items in the rooms. The compartments are open and easily accessible, allowing young one to move the accessories without the slightest limitation.

Main Features
  • Made of eco-friendly and certified 3mm thick Pine MDF ideal for kids toys
  • Has modest dimensions measuring 30 by 25.5 by 13.5 cm hence convenient to accommodate and move around the house
  • Has a natural color look which can be customized through painting give it a personal style
  • The whole unit comes as 69 separate wooden parts which are great for developing the motor skills of kids as they put them together
PROS (What we liked)
  • Great attention to detail
  • Easily accessible rooms
  • Attractive natural wood color
  • Seamless assembly
  • Sturdy construction
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • May not appeal to kids inclined to black colors
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10. Barbie Doll House – Our Pick from High-End Range

Barbie Doll House
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If your kid enjoys playing without feeling restricted by the space offered by their toys, then you’ll appreciate the design of the Barbie Doll.  It provides open playing space both inside and outside in effect, welcoming all kinds of accessories.

To allow flexible handling, it has a lightweight build and features a unique fold-out fold-up design to allow convenient handling as the situation demands. The rooftop doubling as a handle further facilitates near-effortless portability.

Main Features
  • Comes ready with all manner of accessories for a complete playing experience
  • Has a rooftop doubling as a handle to facilitate portability
  • Boasts of an easy fold-out and fold-up action conveniently allowing access to the interior and exterior alike
  • Weighs about 99.8 grams with dimensions measuring 13.3 by 29.8 by 46.4 cm
  • Has indoor and outdoor play features providing limitless playing opportunities
PROS (What we liked)
  • Attractive multi-colored finish
  • Comes with sufficient playing space
  • Comes complete with essential accessories
  • Elegant modern looking design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable design
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Not ideal for young babies
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best doll house to buy?

The best dollhouse should have features that would bring joy to your child. Since these toys are meant to encourage creativity and all-round development, the features and components should be stimulating and tailored to suit the specific needs of your kid.

Specifically, the best should have plenty of accessories, flexible playing possibilities, easy to assemble, safe, and durable.

2. Which is best for my child? 

The market is flooded with dozens of products tailored to suit specific needs. When making a choice, the age of the little one is vital because manufacturers consider typical developmental milestones in crafting doll houses.

The younger the child, the larger the pieces should be while older kids find the smaller alternatives more rewarding.

3. What is the best size of a good doll house?

Doll houses come in varying sizes and shapes. Like most products in the market, there is never one fit for all. As such, the selection should always consider the specific needs of the child. But ideally, the size should decrease as age increases.

4. Which is the best material for doll houses?

The most common materials used in constructing doll houses are variants of wood and plastic. Frankly speaking, each has its own advantages and limitations. For instance, while wooden doll houses are considerably more durable and eco-friendly, they aren’t ideal as for kids who like throwing things around.

To the contrary, plastics have the advantage of being light but may not hold up as much when subjected to rough handling. Therefore, the decision runs down to personal preferences, age, cost, among other aspects that you consider important to you.

5. How much should one spend on a doll house?

No amount is too little or too much to spend on a doll house or any other toy for that matter. However, for purposes of reaping back the value for money spent, it is prudent to strike a balance.

Of course, if you have a fixed budget, it will also count. Bottom line, only spend on a product that features everything to keep your child happy.

6. At what age is it suitable to purchase a doll house for your child?

Ideally, once your child displays some motor skills such as grabbing items, you can as well get them a befitting toy. In the market, there are wide-ranging alternatives suitable for kids from about one year and above. So you can make your first purchase after the baby is a month or two shy of a year and beyond.

7. Are doll houses safe?

Yes, doll houses are by far harmless. However, like many other toys, you need to ensure you judge each product based on its safety status.

When making a purchase, avoid models with sharp-pointed tips or any other features that may injure to your little one. And even with all that in mind, the only foolproof way to ensure your kid remain out of harm’s way is close monitoring.


All said and done; doll houses remain a fun way to keep little ones actively engaged and happy too. You have to be at your best in making careful considerations to nail the ultimate pick. Hopefully, with all the information we’ve provided, find your way through the selection process.

Our top picks are – Toyshine DIY Doll House, Toyzone Dream Villa, and WP Princess Doll House.

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