Best Crafting Supplies

We live in a society where creativity is the new way of life. Everyone is coming up with unique DIY ideas to make their life easy or have fun. Crafting supplies are the tools that will help you archive your creative objective. The more crafting supplies you have your options of creating stuff increases. This article has reviewed some of the commonly used crafting supplies that you need to get started.

1. Hetvi Trend Adhesive Tape

Made from silicon rubber, this tape is designed to be efficient yet invisible. This tape can stick tightly to any smooth, non-porous, or clean surface without losing grip.

It can be used in the office to stick together files etc. This tape is designed to stick to surfaces and when peeled off, not leave any marks on that surface.

This gel tape is double-sided and perfect for a temporary quick fix. For instance, hotels use it to hold table fabric in place. It can also be used to stick house carpet in place instead of having it constantly getting displaced.

2. Faber-Castell White Glue 

This glue is designed specifically for art and craft. It can be used in the office, at school, at home, or any other place where art and craft are practised.

This glue can be used to attach things, especially those made from paper, cardboard, or photo materials. You can use this glue to make gift cards or attach photos to your favourite photo book.

3. Lakeer Glitter Foam Sheet

These sheets are made from foam and are compatible with paper. If you want to decorate space, these easy to peel sticky sheets can be used, and the creativity is limitless. For instance; you can cut the papers in shapes, letters, and numbers to write words.

At school, teachers and kids can use these sticky forms during creative and art lessons to learn shapes, colours, numbers, and any other things. These glistering papers are an ideal crafting tool to awaken creativity in your child.

4. Arishto Wooden Ice Cream Sticks

These are sticks made from natural, non-toxic wooden materials for your child to play with without fear of getting chemically harmed. The sticks are coloured differently to help your child in mastering the colours.

They are non-poisonous paints, and kids are safe while interacting with these sticks. With these sticks, the imaginative and creative brain of your child will be awakened.

They will start coming up with ways of playing with the sticks and finding fun in the game. This is why these sticks do not come with any special manual because any game the kid’s play is just fine.

5. Success Glitter Tape

With these many glitter tapes, the ideas that are likely to flow are limitless. These can be used for decoration purposes or simply for creative purposes. These can be used both by adults and kids.

If you are decorating your child’s birthday party, these sticky tapes can come in handy. They can be used to decorate other ceremonies within the house or even outside. These are like magic wands that will change the appearance of any space they touch.

Since they are waterproof, they are ideal for both indoors or outdoors. Whether it rains or it shines, these tapes will remain in place.

The tape can be repositioned if stuck at a place. This gives you room to perfect the desired outcome.

6. Pindia Lace Tape 

This is a set of 6 piece lace sets that can be attached to anything in the house or office to give it a different appearance. Whether it’s the glass jar or the flower vase in your house, these laces will surely give it a different appearance altogether.

If you are planning to give a gift, these can be used to decorate the packaging. It gives a unique touch rather than the boring, ordinary look of gift packaging.

Kids can use these laces on their books, diaries, or any other items to make them more interesting.

7. Themisto Glue Gun

This is a small and safe gun for kids to use. It produces super strong hot glue for maximum adhesion of your art. The gun comes with 10 bonus glue sticks.

It can be used on jewellery, wood, fabric, paper, or even plastic. The gun heats fast but gives you time to enable progressive creativity in your art.

The gun can be used at home or even at school with a teacher’s supervision. The tip is pointed to ensure you archive an accurate delivery of the glue to its required surface.

This pointed tip also ensures that the gun can deliver glue onto hard to access surfaces.


Creativity is an art that is developed over time. It is difficult for an adult to develop artistic and crafty abilities compared to young children.

Therefore, you should encourage your kid to get involved in crafty and artistic activities as much as possible. Besides, some of the most popular people are known just for their art.


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