Best Compost Bins

Compost bins are a must if you are foraying into composting. It leaves you with less garbage in your kitchen. You can deposit all your biodegradable kitchen waste such as left-overs, eggshells, fruit scraps, wilted vegetables, tea & coffee grounds, etc., in your compost bin. It does away with the needs of emptying your trash frequently. As the compost bin consumes the bad-smelling organic kitchen wastes, your kitchen will no longer have a foul smell from wet garbage. This article reviews the best compost bins that convert organic waste into compost at your home to use it as fertilizer.

1. Trust Basket Trustbin -Indoor Compost Bin 

This compost kit by TrustBasket comprises two 14 liters compost bins, a bokashi compost maker, and a user manual with detailed composting instructions. It is a complete indoor composter that features EM+ technology.

This compost bin has a sleek and attractive design that enhances the décor of your kitchen. It provides a simple and effective way of composting. This bin is designed to fit comfortably under your kitchen sink.

It occupies very little space, which is useful in small apartments or rooms. You can also stack these compost bins one on top of another for saving more space. This reusable and durable compost bin provides long-lasting usage of up to 10 years with good maintenance.

This compost bin uses an anaerobic process, and hence it does not produce any odor and keeps your kitchen free from foul smells.

It can be used to compost all types of organic food wastes, including wilted fruits and vegetables, prepared oily, spicy, or citrus food, cheese, eggs, bread, cooked and uncooked meats, fish, coffee grinds, tea bags, wilted flowers, etc.

This does not work with liquids such as milk, fruit juice, or any other liquid food wastes. This bin does not require any set-up. You need to follow simple instructions for recycling your food wastes. It is prepared from BPA-free plastics.

This compost bin comes with a tap that allows you to extract liquid fertilizer every three days over 15 days, once the indoor compost bin is filled and closed.

This liquid fertilizer can be diluted with water for using it as a natural fertilizer. You can also use undiluted liquid fertilizer for preventing sludge and cleaning drains in your septic systems.

The fermented waste in the compost bin can be used as fertilizer and organic manure for flowering plants and common vegetables in your garden.

2. Green Gardenia Green Bin

Green gardenia green bin has a composting capacity of 10 kg. It is made from high-quality grade 201 GI metal for durability. It has a sturdy, stylish and durable compost bin that you can use daily. To maintain hygiene, you can simply wash it with soapy water.

Simply putting waste food in the compost bin, you can enjoy highly nutritious soil to plant fruits and vegetables. The soil is naturally fertilized, avoiding the need to use any chemicals. It has a unique light-lift lid feature that allows you to pour all the kitchen waste without handling any lock or clasp.

3. Organic Waste Composting Bin-Compost

Composting is a complex and tedious process that often requires special equipment. But, with the help of this composting bin, you can easily do it at your home. The bin is designed to make the composting process easier and convenient.

The bin comes with a leaching plate that allows you to drain the liquid leach via a tap at the bottom. This leaves you with pure compost manure. The bin has handles on the side so you can lift it without having to touch the lid.

It is lightweight and has a compact size. It can fit under the kitchen sink in place of your regular dustbin.

4. GreenTech Life Smart Bin Air/ Compost Bin Set

This compost bin by Greentech Life features a cool and trendy design that enhances your kitchen aesthetics. It provides a simple and smart way of transforming your food waste into organic fertilizer.

This compost bin offers efficient garbage disposal and food waste management at your home. It keeps your trash bin nearly empty and odor-free. It contributes to reducing landfills, air pollution, and groundwater pollution.

It is an optimal compost bin for individuals who are busy and need clean, hassle-free, and odor-free composting. It is designed to provide high-quality organic manure or compost for all types of vegetables, flowering, and ornamental plants.

This compost bin comes with a tap that allows you to drain smart brew, a best-in-class liquid organic fertilizer. This liquid fertilizer works as an effective cleanser for cleaning drains and toilets.

With this compost bin, you are not required to use any dry leaves or sawdust for preparing compost. It does not need any mixing or turning. It does not attract maggots, insects, or flies as it prevents the waste from rotting and converts it into high-grade compost.

It comes with a large-sized 20 liters capacity that allows you to prevent over 1.5 tons of family’s food waste from going into landfills.

This compost bin provides three easy steps for converting food wastes into organic manure. You need to add your food wastes to the compost bin, layer it with super-powered bio bloom air microbes and simply close the lid.

The compost bin set comprises two smart bin air (20L) bins, one pair of rubber gloves, 4 stage ii curing bags, 3 kgs of bio bloom air, two packets of camphor tablets, two taps, two strainers, and two stands.

5. Daily Dump Chomp Triple - Set of 3 Smart Compost Bins With Stand

It is a set of 3 smart chomps or compost bins designed to convert all types of kitchen food wastes into organic manure. It serves well for a family of 5-6 members.

These chomps are suitable for using as row composters, and they need to be placed at some outdoor space or balcony in your homes. These chomps provide smell-free and flawless composting.

It involves a one-step aerobic process, and you are not required to use any separate curing bags for storing compost pickles.

This chomp features a built-in handle that makes it easy to lift and carry. Every chomp has its stand that keeps it at a comfortable height from the floor. You can also decorate these chomps with your favorite stickers.

It comes with light-weighted ventilated units to ensure excellent composting. This sort of row composting is suitable for elders who face difficulty in lifting stack composter units.

You can line these chomps and begin to fill one chomp at a time by layering your kitchen wastes daily with remix powder. Once your first chomp is filled, you can move on to the next one. By the time your last chomp gets filled, your first chomp will be ready for harvest.

With these chomps, you can prevent 1800 kgs of organic waste from going out to landfills every year.

This compost bin kit comprises three 20 liters compost smart bins with a lid, a pair of gloves, 2kg compost maker powder, 3 Taps, and 3 Stands.

6. Bokashi Bucket Indoor Composer 30 liters (White and Green)

It is an elegantly designed bokashi bucket by Bio Drops that features advanced Bio Em technology for efficient indoor composting. The bokashi bin kit comprises a 30 liters bokashi bucket, compost maker powder, presser, jaggery, and filter.

This compost bin does not produce foul odors and keeps away worms and pests. This bokashi bucket is prepared from unbreakable and food-grade plastics. It features high-durability for long-lasting usage.

It is prepared from virgin materials and looks trendy and stylish. It is an easy-to-handle bucket that comes with a handle for easy lifting and carrying.

You can fill this compost bin with most kitchen food wastes, including wilted fruit and vegetables, prepared foods like rice, chapati, bread, idly, and dosa, cooked and uncooked meats or vegetables, eggshells, fish, cheese, plantain peel, coffee grinds, tea bags, etc.

You must avoid filling this bucket with hot food, curry, sambar, rasam, liquid foods, plastic, paper, glass, etc.

This bokashi bin features a large capacity of 30 liters. This eco-bin converts food wastes through an anaerobic fermentation and helps inefficient management of food wastes by keeping them out of landfills.

It comes with an elegantly designed thread type tap that allows you to extract liquid fertilizer (bokashi tea) every three days, once the bucket is full and the lid is tightly closed for the next 15 days.

You can collect this bokashi tea and dilute it with water for using it as fertilizer for your plants. The undiluted bokashi tea works as an excellent natural cleaning agent as it can be used for cleaning drains and toilets.

7. Biocare India Pvt. Ltd Biozap Plastic 35 L Home Composter

This kitchen compost bin by Biocare India provides fast composting by converting your kitchen garbage into organic manure within 30 days.

The compost bin set comprises two 35 liters buckets, a stirrer, and a pair of reusable gloves for easy and efficient composting.

It is an easy-to-use compost bin that requires you to cut down the kitchen waste into small pieces and then dump them into the bucket. You need to add a waste decomposer to the bucket and leave it for 30 days for obtaining nutrient-rich organic manure.

This Biozap’s composter is designed for providing a scientific odorless composting with the help of a micro-organism based product. This product eliminates the foul odor, increases the nutrients, and accelerates the composting process.

The compost bucket features a series of holes that provide efficient air circulation. This aeration ensures sufficient availability of oxygen for aerobic composting inside the bucket.

The bucket features a tap at its bottom that allows you to collect the liquid fertilizer once the bucket is full, and the lid is tightly closed for 15 days. When it is diluted, it can be used as fertilizer, and its undiluted form works as a natural cleansing agent.

Once your compost is ready, you can add a bio zip activator to improve the quality of compost and obtain high-grade compost.


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