Best Colored Pencils

Colored pencils are great writing tools; they add pigmentation and life to your drawing, calligraphy, or writing. They are loved and cherished by artists. Other than being easy to use, they are clean and neat. Whether you are just getting into the world of art or a professional, these colored pens are a great choice. They are also perfect for children and the school-going population. Looking for the best and most satisfying pencils can be difficult; hence, below are some of the best colored pencils.

1. Faber-Castell Triangular Colour Pencils

The Faber-Castell colored pencils come with smooth color-rich leads and superior bonding that offer a good sharpen ability. They are also highly break-resistant.

The colored pencils are made of phthalate-free lacquer material. They are, therefore, safe for children. They have a soft lead, and no pressure is required for coloring. The colored pencils are smooth, rich, and easy spread and provide good coverage.

2. Brustro Artists Colour Pencil Set

Brusto artist colour pencil set contains 72 rich shades. The pencils have 4mm leads that are quite thick that long last. They have soft wax-based cores that blend easily. The shades are highly pigmented.

It has unsurpassable lightfastness with rich laydown. The pencils are break-resistant and environment friendly.

3. Prismacolor Scholar Colored Pencil Set

The lightfast and richly saturated pigments of these pencils will bring life to your artwork. The soft and thick cores are perfect for shading and creating shadows.

The pencils have an ultra-smooth colour laydown which delivers vibrant colours on paper. The thick, robust leads are resistant to cracking and chipping, making them safe to use.

4. Camlin Kokuyo Colour Pencil

This set of color pencils are made of high-quality material and are easy to use. The color pencils can be used to create multiple shades that give you a better drawing experience.

They don’t get washed out and are made of durable wood material. The pencils are long-lasting and will stay with you and your drawing needs.

They can create multiple shades; hence, they are mixed and can be used to do different kinds of arts like scumbling and burnishing.

5. Aspara Color Pencils

These color pencils are exceptionally creamy and pigmented. They are perfect for professionals and beginners. They are designed to aid legibility. This set of 26 color pencils can be used cross-hatching, stippling, and embossing.

6. Staedtler Luna Coloured Pencil Set

Staedtler Luna coloured pencil set comes in a set of 48 pencils. They come in a hexagonal shape and are easy to write. Also, they come together with a sharpener inside the pack. The colored pencils turn ideas into products.

The pencils are fade-resistant and have excellent coverage. The pencils are smooth and have soft leads and are non-water soluble.

They also have break-resistant leads and are extra bonded. Their material also makes them very easy to sharpen.

7. Doms Colour Pencils

These color pencils are made of superior quality pigments and come in a safe box. This prevents them from getting misplaced. They are made of wood material and have an excellent color laydown.

8. Maped Color'Peps Duo Color Pencils

They are triangular, coloring pencils for a better grip. They come in a pack of 48 pencils. The pencils are soft and are ideal for schools and art and crafts.

The pencil colors are 2 in 1 as there are two different colors in the same pencil. They take less space in the pencil case. These colored pencils are easy and comfortable to use and are easy to sharpen.

Buying Guide


The first thing you need to consider when buying a colored pencil is the kind of task you intend to use it for. Some tasks require details and careful pencil control. While performing some tasks, you will need color saturation, and others will require complex color blending.

Therefore, you will need to choose the best color pens to suit your needs and produce the best result.



Your level of experience is a determinant when purchasing color pencils. Some of these color pencils are more user friendly than others.

For beginners, or school going learners with no experience, choose color pencils that are user friendly. The elementary-school set of colored pencils are easy to use; hence it is more preferred for beginners.

However, for more experienced users, color pencils with soft leads have great blending capacity. Some people find it cumbersome to use advanced color pencils.



When purchasing colored pens, you must consider their ability to last. Some colored pens fade away quickly. To avoid cases of your artwork getting ruined in humidity and light exposure, choose the artist grade pencils.



Consistency of the lead is one of the significant factors you need to consider when choosing colored pencils. Different brands have different textures. Some are soft, while others are hard; it all depends on the manufacturer.

The soft colored pencils are more preferred since they lay down easily and are smooth and creamy.

However, some prefer hard colored pencils since they can be sharpened to an excellent point that allows fine line and thorough work.


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